Receive what man has never got before. Your church will see the flaming fire coming in. They will ask where you come from. You will be filled with joy. The forefathers are the one that God spoke of in the burning bush when He said, ‘I am the God of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob’.

You are no longer of this world. You are in the resurrected state. If you receive these little ones of mine, you have received me. People will fail to welcome you as a Christ and say you are not God but you are who Christ made you to be, like Him.

Apostle Paul says to Timothy, ‘I yearn to see you, so that I can get joy’. What is the joy all about? There is no longer the removing of shoes but he is in the same level with Apostle Paul.

The grandmother is mentioned without the grandfather. Where was the grandfather?

The mother and grandmother, they carried the abundance. Let’s go to the burning bush. I remind you to rekindle and fan to flame the gracious gift of God, the inner fire that is in you

Rekindle it and fan to flame. Who will be in the midst? God will be in the midst. That is why the angel will appear looking like you while it is Christ Himself. [Luke 20] said and they will be like angels.

After resurrecting, Jesus told Mary not to touch him. He was going to the Terbanacle not made with human hands. Remember when Thomas said, let me see those holes and the side when He was pierced. He told them I still need to go to my father.

In the resurrected state, there is no giving in marriage. You don’t even take off your shoes. He is the God of the living. These are the matters of the kingdom.

Son, do not forget to fan to flame. Next time when I see you, I will rejoice because the burning bush is busy burning. In the book of Philippians, Paul said, ‘I found no one like Timothy’. Do not neglect to fan that bush.

As He is in heaven so are we here on earth.

Some postponed their blessing. They counted on that 7 steps of grace. But [Revelation21] says, “I saw the new heaven and the former earth. Behold the dwelling of God is now with God”. You are an accommodation for God. He lives in you.

Timothy put his absolute trust in the power God and His promises.

“That I may know him and the power of resurrection”

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthen Me”.

Here is the burning bush in [2 Timothy 1]. The flame is burning and there is joy. The father is pleased in the son.

Let us move with this power from above. In the resurrected state, you will not write like any and speak like any. Even those who are from theology they will confirm that our syllabus will not cover this.

[2 peter 3]

Many tried to teach this teaching but they are in error. Never find yourself teaching what is not of God. Only teach what you understand. Be faithful with the little and God will trust you with greater things.

God said in that bush,

I am the God of Isaac. I am God of the living. Apostle Paul said, ‘I thank God whom I serve just as my forefathers did. There are people quoting the dead but Paul quotes the living.

[Matthew 10 & 16]

Lose your lower life and gain the higher life. The moment God took me away to heaven, I lost the sense of being here on earth and I cried when I came back. He said to me, remain in this body. We are not in a hurry to go heaven. Rejoice, for you are in this body yet at home with the Lord. He had made His permanent home in us. [Revelation 21] says the the dwelling of God is now with man – the burning bush

The people of this world never understood the resurrected state.

Timothy must have been the most blessed person to be raised by Paul. He submitted with obedience. It means he remained under certain authority. A student is not better that his teacher but it is enough for the student to be like the teacher. The teacher will want you to be like Him. So God wants you to be like Him.

When that flame has been rekindled, no one on earth will ever put you down. No one can put your flame off. The bush will continue to burn. God cannot cast Himself out. They will try to put it down on their pulpit but can never be done.

Timothy was far away from the Sadducees and Pharisees. There is no one like Timothy. God opened the eyes of Paul to see Timothy to that there was no one like him. Grace, resurrection

[Zechariah 4]

The people shouted grace, for it is not by might nor power but by His spirit. Continue to serve him  with your spirit. Serve Him, not because of your gift, but serve Him with you pure spirit. Even the evil people can use the gift.




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