For all of us here and blessed viewers all of the world I permitted this to be read in the house of God Live, permitted this to be known because it is not news that are treading about us. It is not only about us, I cry for men of God who goes through persecutions but the main reason I permit this to be read live and made know to everyone, it’s because it’s like sickness taken from one person and given to everybody. If one person begins to write a story which is a lie, he is actually borrowing his mind to everyone reading, listening or watching his story. So at the end people no longer live their live they live that individual’s life.


My advice goes to everyone including the pastors and everyone, lead a quiet life and mind your business. You can be with a brother or a fellow pastor and laughing with them yet at the same time they would be friend with people who write newspapers, who present on TV’s and others with wrong motives. Whilst they are saying destroy that person, write this fake story about them, the main thing is people.


I am saying this boldly, let us stop loving people, let us love Christ Jesus, and let us love the Christ. If you love Jesus Christ, you will know how to feed HIs people. This is not feeding people, this is giving people a lie, and this is contaminating their bodies and soul. The main thing is to draw people to church. I am not going to say anymore the one who says they brought people and those people were prayed for…..


I love our Zambian brothers and sisters and as I speak right now, I pray for you and I say may God deliver everyone including everyone all over the world who read the story, May He deliver you from the one who wrote the story, May he deliver you from the mind of one person who wrote this stories. We still going to read more because the story keeps on trending, it comes then the next time it comes with another version and it’s not only this story. I am talking to everybody who has been saying a lot on our national television, I can name them. They have been saying a lot on their private programs, they have been saying a lot about this ministry.


You have never been with me in this church or sat down with me. If you can come and know the truth and hear from a genuine Father from above. We have God as our Father and anybody who does not speak like God our Father, he has a father. As Jesus spoke He say, their father is the devil, when he lies he speak his own native language. He has been a liar from the beginning. As I said the main reason for me to permit this to shown or to be make known even the more, it is the story that is trending. It is not only this story it’s a lot of stories from 2014 up till now.


Many lies have been spoken, if people feel they should write something it’s all about us. But I am crying for people who believe these stories because it is not believing God, it’s believing an individual.


If one says I am not of God, listen I am not defending myself. I don’t depend on people to approve me as a man of God, I don’t depend on how people view me as a man of God. I depend on the approval of God as the word says God permitting. I depend on the approval of God to say, you are my son. I actually enjoy it because I am where I am because what they wrote about, what they spoke all the persecutions.


I am better because of them. I am where I am because these afflictions produce for me an internal weight of glory. Such glory that I have, the mysteries that is see all the time it’s because the spirit raises the standard as the people try to discredit what is in me. But what I am saying is crying for the people who read these stories, who hear these stories. Crying for them I still say they are being borrowed minds but now my prayer goes to you as I speak to you right now, I am still going to speak, and we are still going to read here. I Pray right now for everybody who heard all these stories, it can be from our national television, it can from different Tv stations in our country and out of the country. It can be anywhere from any media and I would like to remind you, remember one thing blessed view God is not media, God is not a presenter on TV, God is not an authority. God is the author of everything.


So, I would like to pray for everyone who is watching me right now. Those who have heard these stories, my heart goes out to you. I don’t care how much you believed and testified, my heart cries for your soul because your soul received a lie. It says God is not a man that He should lie. If He was a man, He would be on social media speaking about other people. If He was a man, He would be on TV every day talking about bogus churches. He will not be in church but TV, he would not be here, but


He is not a man! He is everywhere weighing every motive that comes.


To God Be the Glory!!!

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  • Fortune J Thakheli

    Thank you mighty man of God,before I know Rabboni ministries i knew about people eating grass and it was an offence to me but when i watch you at RCM tv i repented seeing that i believed a lie,
    the time i was offended my life was gone dry and nothing was good in my life because i touched an apple of an eye of God unknowingly.Up until God showed me you calling me smiling walking with other men,and i did come to Rabboni and my life was whole again after meeting you personally.I now know that you are a man come from God.You are here to mend the hearts of our brothers and sisters who were pierced in the house of God and i am included with them,we love you man of God,you will never get tired to finish this race.

  • Fortune J Thakheli

    Thank you man of God.I knew Rabboni during the time of people eating the grass,being a christian and the preacher i was really offended because this was new to me.I was pointing fingers that how can a man of God give people grass where does that written in the bible.Amazingly my christian life became dry,i got dispute with the owner of the company i was working for and i decided to leave the job,the lady i was involved with in relationship got sick,i felt like drowning.This lady advised me to watch RCM channel and when i was watching i repented because of the move of the holy Spirit the way i never seen anywhere,and i dreamed man of God Papa Lesego Daniel walking with mighty men calling me with a smile.Indeed i came to Garankuwa and meet the man of God,he told me i am a preacher and he gave me treasures of darkness anointing oil for preaching,after that my life change for the best,i realised that we most of the time speak what we don’t know.I will come to RCM again and give my testimony.We thank you man of God for answering the call of God of mending the broken hearted and bringing the sons of God to their father God and Jesus Christ.You will never get tired and you will finish this race.

  • Knowledge Mahlangu

    Thank God for Giving South Africa and the World a Son of God from Garankuwa Personaly I am gratefull that God connected me and my house to Rabboni the Land of Liberty where God is all the time. To God be the glory for remaining irrispective what who say what about my Christ walking on earth in the form of Prophessor Lesigo Daniel. Thank you God for the life of Abundance from above. Conitinue to give aroma of Life to those who beleve and aroma of death to thise who are perishing.

    You are the Rock STORMRIDER and you remain; in Jesus Christ name (Messiah)

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