As many people continue to express their genuine confessions, they come back to give a testimony of how their lives have changed because of that. One person who shared a testimony with us during the Friday live service was Pastor Nhlamulo Maswanagnyi (25) all the way from Giyane.

“Ever since I confessed, my spiritual life and my ministry has been restored. I made a confession on the 3rd of September 2017 but before I confessed, everything had been going well with my ministry until all of a sudden they took a turn for the worst. People started leaving the church and some in the community were claiming that we are making noise. At some point, the police came and told us the very same thing but the worst part is that they threatened to shut us down because of the noise.

Due to the mysteries that were taking place in the church, the very same people continued to say that we are using the devils spirit yet I did not know as to why all this was happening to me. I was praying as hard as I could but there was no difference.

“I once invited a ‘son’ of Rabboni Centre Ministries to come and preach in my church during a conference that I had. When I invited him, I posted a picture of myself with the Man of God Prof. Lesego Daniel. He then told me that my father should come and preach and at that point, I realised that he was no longer a son of the house”, he testified.

It was clear that the person who Pastor Nhlamulo had invited was a bad connection so the only reasonable thing to do was for Pastor Nhlamulo to come and confess. This bad connection had affected the 25 year old in countless of ways. His spiritual life was no longer the same and his prayer life came tumbling down. His finances were also affected but nonetheless, the confession which he made, set him free indeed. “I thank God for giving me a second chance”.


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