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When Jesus Christ died on the cross. Many saw as He went out of the city Jerusalem to Golgotha but it depends on how you see Him, how you view Him.


But when Apostle Paul saw Christ and Him crucified: He saw Him as both the wisdom and power of God. It says, ‘He was crucified from before the world began’; so it depends how you see Him – Do you see Him before the world began or on Golgotha? – [1 Peter 1:20].


John saw Him being crucified but he had to be in the Spirit to see the throne.


In the midst of the throne He saw the lamb as though crucified. What he saw it was not in Golgotha but it was before the world began.


At Golgotha you might not understand, you might mourn, you might cry and say that that family is losing a Son, but if you understand what happened in the Spirit you will celebrate.


Why celebration, ululating, praising Him, glorifying Him?


We do so because we have seen the Glory!


Understand what is happening as we explain the fullness. I guarantee you today, you will not go home empty but the fullness of God shall be your portion!


[2 Kings 2:9]


Here Elijah ask, what do you want me to do for you before I go? Elisha said, “a double portion of your anointing.” Elijah explained that you are asking for a hard thing, which can be interpreted as Strength, one uses wisdom to interpret.


A ‘hard thing’ is, if you see me you will not get it but if you do not see me you will get it. As they were moving along, chariots of fire appeared then Elisha did not see Elijah.


If you had two wives, the first born son of the first wife deserves a double portion of the father’s inheritance and that is according to the law. It means you must get a double portion.


When it comes to the Spirit, a hard thing means receiving the Strength [fullness of the Father].


Immediately when the chariots of fire surrounded them, Elisha did not see Elijah and he said, My father, my father! He saw the Spirit of God of Elijah, Then the spirit of Elijah rested on Elisha.


The sons of the prophets who were asking Elisha if he knew that his master will be taken away, they knew what was going to happen because they saw in the Spirit.


When they saw that happening, they did not say the ‘spirits’ of anything else but they said, “the Spirit of the God of Elijah is on Elisha.”


When it comes to Moses in [Number 11] God said, “Moses choose leaders among the Israelites who are known to you.” The Lord knows who are His but He said the ones known to Moses.


Even when Elijah was crying to God he said that, “they have killed the prophets and I am left alone,” then God said, “I have those who are mine, I have my remnants.” – [Romans 11:5]


God said to Moses that, I will take some of the spirit on you and put it on them; He said some and not the completeness.


It means the seventy (70) did not have the spirit that Moses had. That is why they began to prophesy but when the clouds lifted up they could not prophecy anymore, the fullness of God was not there.


That is why it says: Where there are prophesies they will cease, where there are tongues they will be stilled, where there is knowledge it will pass away – [1 Corinthians 13:8]


If you found some or part of the spirit and not a fullness, you have received the world and it will pass away. That is why it says, ‘Heaven and earth will pass but my Word will remain.’ – [Matthew 24:35]


They say, we healed the sick in your name, we prophesied in your name, we cast out demons in your name and He said, “I never knew you,” – [Matthew 7:22-23].


It means they had part of and not the fullness [the Anointing] but it is abilities – it is gifts without repentance, they are irrevocable, without repentance.


After God came with a cloud, God spoke and they heard God’s voice under the cloud. Part of the spirit from Moses came to them and they prophesied, the cloud came but when it was lifted up they could not do anything.


They were baptised into Moses, they were baptized into cloud and they were baptized into the sea.

If you are baptised into the cloud, when the cloud is lifted up or not there you cannot do anything anymore. [1 Corinthians 10:1-3], it is such kind of people who are baptised in the God of so and so. There are people who pray like that, ‘the God of Moses, the God of Elijah’ when is He going to be your God?


[John 4:12-24]


The woman had said that, ‘Our father Jacob dug this well, our father Jacob did this and that’! When you say the God of someone, it means He is not your God.


That is why we hear Jesus teaching His disciples how to pray in [Matthew 6] He said, “When you pray you say, our Father in heaven,” not the father of so and so.


But now the time has come and the time is now, where true worshippers, worship the Father in Spirit and in truth.


If He is the God of Elijah, He is my God – my Father. If you had a portion you are a slave of the house but when you have the completeness [the fullness] you are the son of the house. They could not do it because it was not the completeness of Moses.



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