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Coming to the fullness; someone is listening and asking, where does the body and blood of Christ come in? Where do we see the Christ?

Before He went to the cross, no one could see but they had to wait for Him to go to the cross for the completeness to come.

Many struggled to understand the Messiah because they knew Him in part and when you know the Messiah completeness comes.

Ephesians 4:8-12

God gave man gifts and His intention was to develop the church so that we may all arrive at the full stature Christ, all to operate in His fullness.

When you are not developed meaning if you haven’t reached the perfection of Christ you cannot see the fullness of God, that is why you cannot see or identify a sign and wonder.

There were those appearing wise in the old but were fools. If we say we believed in something, we believe in something happening.

1 Corinthians 1:18

Here, some believed in wisdom whilst others believed in signs and wonders but they were fools because they saw that and believed, they were fools.

When you believe in wisdom only, you have only in part. If you believe in miracles only, you have only in part but when you see Christ the Messiah and Him crucified you receive His completeness.

I want the double portion [Strength] of the Christ and Him crucified.

I want someone to get this: When we talk about the fullness, we talk about the completeness of the Christ.

Let the extreme teacher manifest in my life and let the Rabboni manifest. If you are not an extreme teacher, you have knowledge without power or confirmation. You speak but the Holy Spirit does not confirm. Extreme goes with extraordinarily!

If you have part of the Spirit; it is possible for you to perish that is why He said to them in [Matthew 7], I never knew you – perish.

When you carry the completeness of Christ, you are a weapon of mass destruction because you are extraordinary. Anyone who comes without understanding what you carry they crush.

If offence is given you, anything in your life becomes a mess.

We are going to come to the table and the moment you partake this; you partake from the fullness. Do not discriminate when you get the fullness. Once you get the fullness of God, anything that is not of God you will destroy it.

There are frustrated people in this country and they always appear on television, busy criticising. We are here to frustrate!

Someone is preaching the gospel, healing the sick, casting demons, prophesying but no one is frustrated know that something is not right!

When the Messiah comes from the day He was born, the king was frustrated. “Let us kill the sons, let us kill the first borns. Frustration means you cannot exactly get who.

I am not going to raise, develop or train someone who does not frustrate anybody. Freely I received and freely I give.

We are people who receive the fullness to destroy, to do away and to crush that which comes before us.

Some of the spirit that came to the elders of Israel was not complete because no one was frustrated. Joshua with jealousy, you find him prophesying and you worry about something that disappears.

You are worried about something that can no longer function, there is no Strength of the Father.

I am boasting about that man now; he was caught in the third heaven [Lesego Daniel]. He does not try to structure his message before he preaches. He does not check who will come to put his facts straight or his English right but God gives him the message.

I speak like Apostle Paul when he said, “I know of a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven, if I have to boast I go to the revelations of the Lord.” – [2 Corinthians 12:1-2]

He does not become frustrated because of the message.

I declare today: If you come eat His body and drink His blood, you cannot be frustrated. You have eaten the book and any other book you eat will be foreign.

You might drink this as a foreigner or this can be a foreigner to you, then we call it a parable to you. When you are given the Messiah, you interpret yourself.

You speak like Isaiah, ‘Lord who has believed our message, not Lord who has believed your message?’ As I teach and perform His Word I am explaining myself. I am explaining my report because I was crucified with Him, I was raised together with Him.

Some of you, I want you to realise that I am interpreting you.

The moment they learn where you come from they are frustrated. You frustrate a lot of people at school, in your companies by just knowing who you are and where you come from.

But they do not know your mystery because they thought they knew you, but after the Baptism of the Christ, they will say who is this one and where does he come from? Because you are like the wind.

The bible says in [John 3:8], “a man born of the spirit is like the wind, no one knows where he comes from or where he is going.”

When the Christ comes, no one knows also when you appear no one understand you. Go for the fullness and destroy man’s wisdom you carry the fullness is the Christ.

Many argued, is He the Christ?

Your sons, your daughter will prophesy, your old man and women will dream dreams – only a title of grey hair. I want to give you something that frustrates where there is no age.

[Act 2:17] – He says, “as for my bondservants,” He does not say young or old. Those who are His, there is no age, gender, young or old. However, we declare the mysteries among the matured not in terms of age or gender.


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