Deuteronomy 29:29


God is here to reveal Himself to us. If nothing is revealed it means a generation will suffer from doing what is written in the book you carry right now. Everyone can read that Bible but it will be impossible for everyone to do what is in it if nothing is revealed unto them. Without vision people perish. Vision means to see, and means revelation. Vision means Christ.


Blessed are your eyes because they can see and blessed are your ears because they can hear, old prophets longed to hear and see these things but they could not see them – [Matthew 13:16-17]. It was impossible for old prophets to do everything in this book because they could not see or hear simply because old prophets were limited.

John 21: 13 – 17

Do you love Jesus? If you love Him check if you are able to feed or take care of them, if you cannot you have refused what has been revealed. Peter refused to implement what was revealed to them. To some it has been revealed but they refused.


Jesus found them eating. It was in an unfriendly manner when He appeared to them. Instead of doing what He told them to do they enjoyed their social life. They were eating in the table and it was earthly and not part of Him. These signs shall follow them that believe, they will heal the sick, cast out demons, pick up snakes and drink poison and it will never harm them. Jesus was taken up to heaven and as they were working He was working along with them and God performed His word – [Mark 16: 14 – 20].


There are two categories, those whom nothing has been revealed to them and those whom something has been revealed to them but they refuse to do what God revealed to them. Jesus found the disciples eating and they refused. Jesus said, “Peter do you love Me, feed them and take care of them”. It means he was equipped to take care of them but he refused.


Jesus did not have to impart anything but He just had to say “go and feed them, take care of them”. Peter failed to implement what Jesus gave to him. There are those who are afraid of people, organisations, teachers, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists – yet God revealed.

They refused to implement what God gave them. Some have rejected the word given to them and hence they do not see what they are supposed to see. These are two groups that God is saving now, to help them out of bondage.


Deuteronomy 29:29

The secret things, meaning things hidden, belong to God. The things revealed belong to us and to our children forever. This means things revealed have no place in God but they belong to us. Yes, from God they are hidden and they belong to Him. When He reveals them, He does not reveal them to keep them. When it is hidden it belongs to God, when it is revealed belongs to us.


You have ownership in the things that God reveals. Before Christ could come He was hidden and when God revealed Him, He belongs to us. [Matthew 8: 20] – Foxes have holes but the Son of man has no place to lay His head. Foxes, meaning instead of accommodating the one revealed they accommodate a fox. Anyone carrying a fox can kill you. They can pray for you and leave you with attachments.


Even Christ, when He is revealed to us He belong to us. [Revelation 21:1 – 3] – I saw the new earth and the new heaven for the former earth and the former heaven passed away, the former has gone and the new has come. The new cannot come without revealing. When he saw the new one he saw a new city coming out of a city, it was a new thing. It says, “Behold, the dwelling of God is now with man”. If the dwelling of God is with man then you can see everything in God’s dwelling.


You know where it comes from but a man who does not know you, does not understand where you come from. They do not understand the Kingdom you carry. A man can be brought to you, you may fail to know who he is because he was not revealed to you. To some he has revealed himself to them, he taught them. It is either you refuse to welcome him or he was not revealed to you completely. To some he had  been revealed but they rejected.


There are two groups who suffer today on earth. To some the secrets have been revealed but they reject the revelation and some nothing is revealed because they rejected the word. Coming to this table, there are two groups, those who never had the revelation of the body and the blood and to those whom it has been given and they reject it, this includes those who give Holy Communion as Apostle, Pastors, Prophets, Teachers and Evangelist. There are those who do not even know the revelation, but they teach the law because they rejected the revelation that exposes.


Deuteronomy 29:29



The disciples after the cross, on the road to Emmaus Jesus revealed scriptures unto them (Luke 24:13-35). They did not see that it was him. They heard a story that was itchy to them. They said stay with us. Only after Jesus took the bread and broke it, that’s when they saw him. The testament was closed; it was not revealed. After realising it was him they started to regret.



Beware of two groups or categories of people. One might be in one of the groups. Holy communion is the book in the spirit. It is a testament and once revealed we are able to know God himself.



Things that are hidden belong to God and things revealed belong to us. You have ownership of what has been revealed but still your will (what you desire), cannot happen there because of the given testament – The will (the testament), cannot be effect unless of the death of the one who wrote it.



At his death it is opened. There are those who give holy communion without it being revealed to them, or something is revealed but they reject the revelation. The words I am speaking to you are spirit and they are life, but they said, this teaching is too hard, who can accept it? Jesus said, what if you see me go back to the place where I was before?



We can never mention Holy Communion and there is no reflection. Once you eat right we can see with your body. Once you take care of self we can see, even when you do not take care of self. Nothing can be revealed to you and fail those who follow you. My sheep hear my voice and they follow (John 10:37), they cannot follow without the revelation they hear.



Revelation 4:1, John heard the voice and he said, this is the first voice that I heard. It means he has heard many voices before. He followed the voice and the door stood open, he was in spirit and he saw the throne. God said write what you are about to see. God revealed it to him.



Without failure you will teach us everything. It is time to have those who are without failure, so that when they teach and reveal things to you, they cannot be revealed without works. They belong to us and our children forever, it is not something that goes away.



Remember, Foxes have holes but the son of man has no place to rest (Luke 9:58). That we may do everything written in this book- the bible, meaning if nothing is revealed nothing will be done. You will eat and drink, and nothing of Christ will be done. It will be the reading of the bible in the house and people will say amen, without God revealing, without agreement.



Old prophets longed to see the book, it was painful because they saw the promise from far. They saw the promised land and they were never in it. You have to realise how important you are, apart from you they could not see. Hebrews 11, they did not receive what was promised, they could not be perfected without us.



You are to cause perfection in their lives. It means something was missing. It is hidden and once we are hidden we are not alive, there is no reflection. There are those whom before their eyes, I’m hidden and when they deliver they use their minds. You cannot use your mind to deliver from God. You cannot use your mind to preach or minster in the spirit.



It has to be the Holy Spirit in your mind, the mind without the holy spirit is hostile to God. You read about it and you do it. Daniel 12:4, close this book. Daniel cried, when will that time come? Meaning when will the time come where we can see the contents.



The book was closed, the plan hidden. The bible says, it will be for three and half years. This is Jesus ministry, at the age of thirty he started and it lasted three and half years. The book was closed when Jesus came, he had to open it at the cross. He had to be flocked so that the book may be opened and those who cannot see may see.



He broke the bread and the two disciples from the road to Emmaus could see. The breaking of the bread must cause people to see. When you eat and drink this, whatever you do as the man of God must show that it has been revealed.



If not revealed, you cannot show what has been promised. John 14, those who have faith in me shall do the things I have done and even greater things than those. Jesus met with Nathaniel and he said, Nathaniel, a man with no deceit or guile and an Israelite indeed.



Do you believe because I said I saw you under a fig tree? Jesus cannot speak to us as though he is speaking to us like our forefather. In these last days he speaks to us in the person of the son, the son is revealed. Revelation means Christ. This is the revelation of Christ.


Christ must be revealed to all of us. By eating and drinking from this [Holy Communion], He must be seen. [Hebrew 1:1] – In the past God spoke to our forefathers in and through the prophets but in the last of these days He speaks to us in the person of the Son who is the exact image of the Father – the Son is revealed.


Someone can say, no one can see Jesus and live, we see Him every time. In the last of these days He has spoken to us in person. This Holy Communion is a Testament, a book hidden but now revealed. This plan includes you, it was hidden in the past age so you were hidden as well.


Romans 8:19


The Bible says, creation has been waiting for sons of glory to be manifested, or to be revealed. You are all sitting down, you are normal until we pray for you and if it is a demon it will manifest, it will be revealed because it was hidden.


A demon knows that God exists, hence it will be revealed. Because God exists, you must manifest and you must be revealed. [Hebrew 4:12] – The word of the Lord must penetrate you and find the immortal, and when the immortal is revealed we should be revealed and be seen that you are the sons of glory.


“I saw the former earth and the former sky pass away and I saw a holy city coming out of heaven from God, behold the dwelling of God is with man’’.


Behold I make all things new, what is new? Many say “they bought new houses, and new cars but it is not new”. A new car is the one that has never been manufactured or driven before, it is something that nobody knows. It does not surprise us and it does not deserve hallelujah.


In the New Testament, once you eat this bread it reveals you as well. Daniel was told to close the book, you must understand why I say in the “book of Daniel God caused the king to eat grass”. Daniel could not do it because the book was closed. But now you can do it because in this last of these days God speaks to us in the person of the son – there is revelation.


We are co-workers with Him, if we are to share in His glory we must also share in His sufferings. It produces for you an eternal weight of glory and you are revealed with Him. Mysteries are declared among the matured, and these are those who have first heard the word.


[James 1:1] – Consider it pure joy when you go through trials of many kinds for the testing of your faith brings perseverance and when perseverance finishes its cause and then you lack nothing. Jesus lacked nothing, He even had the power to make Himself poor though He was not poor in order to make us rich.


It is not a demon that makes you poor, or people who steal from you only if you can change yourself. [Philippians 2:6-7] – Even though He was a king, He took a form of a servant, it means people had to serve Him but He took a form of a servant. If anybody can be able to take a form of a servant, you change your form and you are truly rich. God exalted Him.


Joseph, from a pit to a servant of someone and he went through many things but the bible says he kept on prospering. Just before he got to Potiphar’s house, he was with mixed Arabians. They could calculate stars and they were wealthy. Joseph was in that house and he prospered such that his masters could no longer afford him.


If you are a soccer boss owning a soccer club, when there is a player who plays the best, you no longer afford him and to make money for yourself you sell him.


God kept coming in revelations, visions and dreams, people went to that house to see him. Then from Potiphar’s house to be a prisoner, and the king had to get his best out from jail because even in jail he [Joseph] was revealed. When he got to the palace he was like Jesus, everyone who was hungry they had to go to Joseph, because he is now a solution – he is revealed.


What caused him [Joseph] to reflect? He reflected in any situation, it did not matter where he went. It does not matter whether they take you to jail or to God, you will reflect because you have been revealed. There are those who try to do this but they rejected the revelation. To some nothing was revealed to them at all.


Some will teach but as they teach it is from the mind. [Galatians 2:20] – The Apostle Paul says, “When I stand and teach it is no longer I but Christ lives in me, meaning I am gone, my mind, body and feelings are gone and Christ the revelation is now at work”. The things hidden belong to God but the things revealed belong to us and generation to come so that we can do everything written in this book.

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    I’m Phumzile Nazo from Free State Welkom I’m so deeply baptised by the teaching wow this is supernatural this is Christ wow this is God.Pastor Lesego Daniels you’re a true Man of God.Wow every time when I’m listening at your teachings I feel like I’m at the University from above coming to witness with the Angels from above who come to learn as well.

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    rabboni ministries is my life.
    ever since i got introduced to such ,i feel like everything is nonsense.
    preachers have become motivational speakers.i cannot picture myself listening to any man so call “pastor” (laughing loud) not unless He is a son Of the Storm rider. I am currently trying to apply at UP so i can be closer to the ministry.But then i am encountering problems .Hope to see you soon.

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