[Psalm 139] “O Lord, you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise. You perceive my thoughts from afar. My going in and my going out. My sitting down and my getting up. You knew my unformed body”.


[1 Corinthians 2:10] – “The Spirit searches all things for us even the deep things of God”. Meaning you know me thoroughly. It is also time to know Him. The Spirit causes us to know God better. Take these two scriptures and meditate. God searches us, He knows us.


[Matthew 7:22-23] – “I never knew you”. If He searches you He knows you thoroughly and you know Him as the Spirit who searches all things for you even the bottomless things of God. No one knows the Father except the Son and no one knows the Son except the Father – they know each other. And there will never be a time where God says, I never knew you.


[Hebrews 4:12] – “the wall of division” causes us not to be with God or to know God. The word goes, and targets the wall of division to cancel it. The soul cannot penetrate the Spirit but the Spirit penetrates the soul, to destroy human thoughts – a mind without the Holy Spirit. It destroys the carnal nature of man. God explains it clearly in [Proverbs 20:27], the human spirit is the lamp of God that sheds light on one’s innermost being.


When you reach that side it shows that there is peace, the presence. “The Kingdom is within you” – [Luke 17:21], they carried something they were not aware of or interested in. There is a division in an individual where we find the soul and the spirit and the word of the Lord goes to the dividing line between soul and spirit. “I thank God whom I serve with my spirit’’ – [Romans 1:9].


When you serve God with your soul, you apply your mind – human wisdom. There are those who are with the wisdom of Solomon, that wisdom is not true wisdom. “Christ has become our wisdom from God” – [1 Corinthians 1:30]. Solomon applied earthly wisdom, operating in the soul. He saw below the sun but real wisdom you operate above the sun.


[Hebrew 4:1] – “Surely they will not enter my rest”, because they forsook the word. When Jesus says the Kingdom is within you, who stays in a Kingdom? There is no Kingdom without a king. It is in you and you are not aware. Someone do not believe and they say, we give up. We are no longer going to kill Jesus anymore.


But the high priest stood up, he was not born again and he was not aware that he was prophesying. Who was busy with him? Jesus had already told them; the Kingdom is within you. The Kingdom from within him began to speak though he was not born again. He stood and said, it is better for one man to die for everyone than for everyone to die for one man. Meaning if he lives, all people die; let us kill Him because it is better when He dies for everyone.


He prophesied unaware, but what caused him to speak? The Kingdom penetrated his spirit, his soul and it cancelled the mind of giving up. When it finished, it is over there is no more wall of division. Understand what you carry in you and it can only be activated when you hear the word.


“Today when you hear my word do not harden your hearts like they did in the desert” – [Hebrew 3:15]. Where the soul is, there is no rest. They will never enter my rest. Where is the rest of God? Canaan is not God’s rest hence there was another day. If they had entered God’s rest it would not have been necessary to see another day.


Exodus 19: 4 – 23


“I bore you on eagle’s wings and brought you to myself”. They were not aware of that because it was spiritual. In mount Sinai I brought you to myself. The destination was Canaan but the reality was in God.


I am going to turn them into a Kingdom of priests, if it is in the Kingdom you must enter rest. They should all come to the mountain where I am but we see them not being able to go there, only Moses. God said to Moses “sanctify them, after the horn sounds the last blast they can all come up the mountain”.


Imagine what could have happened if they had all gone to the mountain, they were going to be turned into a Kingdom of priests and Jesus was not going to be born. Once you enter rest there is no heat of the sun or hunger. People get the word for nothing, it does nothing for them because they prevent the word from entering them.


The Holy Spirit made it deliberate to teach us about [Hebrews 4:12] but understand what happened before. When He comes it becomes practical. We need to understand what He meant when He says, “they will never enter my rest”. They never entered Gods rest. The word of God went to the dividing line between spirit and soul. Now soul – you will never enter my rest.

If you refuse the word you can never enter the Spirit but the Spirit can enter and control. Even a demon said, “Lord by your permission, permit us to enter these hogs”. His permission is His Spirit permitting them, meaning without Him they cannot enter. Surely they will never enter my rest. Some people are looking for rest. You are looking for Canaan, something geographical while you rejected God’s rest in you. Because there is no rest in you, you spend the whole night preparing a message; you never entered God’s rest.


You depend on healing, deliverance or prophecy – you have never entered. You heal the sick, prophesy and deliver without rest. There is no Spirit but soul and with soul it is impossible to love. There is something proceeding from God to you, but there is a division line. You have searched me, Oh Lord, by His Spirit He calls it your spirit.


I want you to understand me fully. When the word of the Lord breaks the line of division, darkness goes and light comes. God created Adam out of the dust after finishing everything. It does not mean Adam could not move without the spirit, he could do anything but what made him to function was the breath of life that came from God.


When Adam fell, the division line started. The division line was not there before God breathed the breath of life in him. God did His part and Adam would complete – I am the Alpha and the Omega. The Omega will come and finish. The woman will come out of the rib and the Omega will come.


[Hebrew 1:2] – Through you Son, I created the foundations – the Omega. The omegas are just sitting because they rejected the word. If you have faith in me, you will do everything I have done and even greater- where is the omega? You cannot complete, where is the Omega because the Alpha spoke? The Omega must be seen with greater things.


[Isaiah 7:11 – 12] – ‘’Ask for a sign, I cannot put the Lord my God to the test”. It is not putting God to the test. There will be a sign; a virgin will give birth –  Emmanuel God is with us. You will do greater things because God is with us. God wants to show you a lot of things here on earth, He does not want to show them through a cat, goat or cow. God wants to show everyone that He is alive.


The lamp in you must break forth – “if the same power that raised Jesus from the dead now rests in you it will raise your mortal bodies to life” – [Romans 8:11].


There cannot be anyone apart from you because He said in [Act 2:17] in the last days I will pour out my Spirit to all flesh. Your sons, they are your sons and not mine but as for my bondservants and maidservants; there is no division line – no age. Here God does not come up with age because those who are mine are out of time and out of space.


It is shocking and it is grace when God gives you something and you say, where was I in the past. God created the animals and someone must step in and complete, Adam completed. Now here is a woman and someone must complete. If she is alone, there is no oneness.


Today you will understand the mystery and you cannot understand without the Spirit that gives the mystery. The word of the Lord comes to break the division line that causes you not to see what you have. This Spirit is the lamp of God. If you serve God with your own spirit, you will remember something you dreamt when you were young though you will not remember the age.


A man of God will come and say, you were not born again when you saw those things. The Spirit of God is not limited. When I speak here, I speak to the spirit because I resort to know nothing among you. I do not want to know anything about your soul but the spirit; for the Spirit searches all things even the deep things of God.


When Adam named the animals, God had already given him the spirit. [Romans 8:2] – The law of the spirit of life sets me free from the law of sin and death; that is where true freedom comes. How was Adam taken out of the garden? When he fell, there was a division but previously there was no division. When that wall comes you are not in but out. When you come in, the division line is out.


If you hear his voice today, do not harden your voice as they did in the desert. When you see in the Spirit, you have entered His rest. When you complete what He has started, you will do greater things because you have entered His rest.


They did not rest in me, there was a division line. For the whole forty years God was angry with them but we are here to excite God. Even though you are not eloquent in speech but God will confirm what you are saying. Because you do not know; the spirit searches all things.

Why could they not know His ways? Once you hear the word of God, the wall of division is broken and you will know His ways. The words I am speaking to you are spirit and they are life – the spirit searches all things. There are people who do not enter rest, they struggle with trust. It is difficult to be with a person whom your heart is open for them but they are not open to you.


We must have the same mind of Christ in our relationships or else you will see a crook whilst God sees an honest person. You are a student but you do not trust your teacher. Whatever he teaches, you do not trust; you are in bondage. Imagine going to school, paying too much money yet you do not trust your teacher – there is a dividing line. You think they will make you fail but they are your teachers, your success is far away from you.


Many are looking for God’s rest after they had died but you should enter God’s rest now, you must enter the spirit. Why are you not doing greater things? You forgot, He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the author and finisher of your faith, so you must relax when He gives you faith so you can complete everything.


We are just passing by on earth, we are waiting to enter his rest – you are delaying yourself. Do you have to die before you enter? No I am here to take you on a journey. You have a leader you do not trust, the only time when you trust is when he gives you his spirit because you want the anointing but anything beyond that you will not trust – you are sick. It is enough for a student to be like his teacher.


Many look for the anointing of the man of God, you come and get this and afterwards you will see with them disappearing. When they watch from the TV they see that there is more and they come running but there is a certain anointing that you cannot receive. You are satisfied with a gift, what you have received even without repentance. If you are not afraid and you don’t trust, you will never rest the rest of your life.


The same gospel you hear now, they also heard. Few entered and some died in the desert – they could not all enter God’s rest. He is the author and finisher of our faith. The message they received was not mixed with faith. The problem here is trust; as God speaks, you do not even trust. You are so confident that you carry the spirt of God, you do it with your soul and when you fail you claim it is the devil; there is a division line.


To some God still shows Himself but what about your personality, what about your character? This message must benefit you, by breaking the wall of division. The soul is still there because the word comes and does not benefit you. It does not complete what it is supposed to do. The word is spoken and when it enters you the wall of division is broken and you enter God’s rest.


When the wall of division is broken we are a kingdom and not kingdoms. I can be your teacher or mentor but when there is a division because of lack of trust, I do not know you and you do not know Him. The word of God was not taken seriously, the word I gave you does not benefit you.


Hence many separate with Christ; this message is too hard who can accept it? It did not benefit them and they left Jesus. They did prophesy, heal the sick and cast out demons but it did not benefit them. Jesus said do you want to go as well? Where can we go because you carry the word of life. Where did those others go? They did not lean on Christ.


When I speak to you, I can see when you do not trust me. You are acting, you are an actress or actor. There is a wall of division and you do not know me. The word that I speak, your entire personality does not lean on, therefore you are not at rest. You still have your mind of old, you were misled and hurt in past and the word does not benefit you because you still hold on to that past. Let go of that past and enter God’s rest.


When power manifested how many come to confess? They were trained but because of lack of trust, today they are forced to confess. It is an issue of trust.


When the word of the Lord comes, do you trust? The word of the Lord is full of power. When God perform the revelation, when it is an extreme teaching, what about extreme performance? It cannot be an extreme teaching with little performance. When you see your master not comfortable in your presence, know that there is something wrong with you. Foxes have holes but the son of man has no place to rest.

Foxes have holes but the son of man has no place to rest. The man of God cannot rest in you because you have holes. And you also cannot rest because you cannot trust. Matthew 11, wisdom is known by her actions but when he comes you cannot accept. When you see her actions you lose trust because you think it is witchcraft.


How can the word of God penetrate if you do not trust? If you do not use what you are given it means you do not trust and it will be taken away from you and given to someone else.


They did not mix the word they received with faith, there was still forty days and forty nights of anger and that anger can still be removed through confession. His works were complete – set your mind on things above where Christ is seated. Nobody is seeing them here, you set your mind on things above- they are unseen. You hear the word and you set your mind, you bring them to reality and they come to reality, appearing on earth; the Alpha and the Omega.


If you were not there, how will I do them? In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God, nothing was made without Him. When you trust in His power, it manifests here on earth. Who can stand and say, please do not defend me? When they speak bad about you, the whole world – those who are reputed to be leaders – the power of God manifests his power.


There are those who are reputed to be pillars and you may run to them but no, He is the pillar that holds your life. Understand what is faith, some of you end up trusting in a human being not being aware if it is the spirit or a gift. Someone who has not entered God’s rest and you trust in them.


They labour and you begin to labour with them. How do we see someone who has entered God’s rest? You might find yourself trusting someone who has not entered. One must enter the atmosphere of the spirit; I knew you as a substance before you were formed in your mother’s womb. The soul is not there but the spirit.


Who are you trusting? A person who has not entered God’s rest is not content. There is no rest. God rested on the seventh day from all His work. Hebrews 11:3, what is seen was not made out of what is visible, you can see this pulpit but it came through what was is unseen which is the word of God.


God finished His work. Jesus came to do what the Father said He must do. By faith you can command the mountain to uproot itself and throw itself into the sea, not an island, and you can cause people to see. It is a different climate altogether. God rested from all His work but they are waiting for you to manifest them.


Psalms 8, the works of your fingers, it is nothing compared to what you must do. You gave him power, and authority over the words he spoke in genesis. He calls it the works of His fingers. It is by the word that He created everything but Psalms 8 calls it the works of his fingers.


The Omega must come and finish what the Alpha has started. For you to complete that, you have to enter His rest. Imagine trusting someone who has not entered God’s rest? Your entire personality rests in that person. I have met people who believe in the anointing but God showed me that there is no trust because they do not know where it comes from or where it is going.


Peter and others suffered from the same thing, they were with Jesus but there was no trust hence he could deny him and remember only when the cock crows.


Hebrews 4:1 ‘Therefore, while the promise of entering His rest still holds and is offered, let us be afraid to distrust it, lest any of you should think he has come too late and has come short of reaching it.


They forfeited by rejecting the word. They did not trust. You do not want to forfeit your part in this. Once you set your mind on things above, they must manifest through you. Let it not be just anyone qualified to write your story. You harden your hearts; the wall of division becomes strong. Rest is within you and you are not aware.


Once the word of the Lord comes, it breaks the wall and you enter rest. The son of man has no place to rest and He wants to rest in you, hence He says I am in the Father and the Father is in me, I and the Father are one.


This rest does not talk about Canaan. There are those who are busy running after Canaan. Canaan is a geographical area that still exist even today. Rest is in spirit and in truth. He rested from human labour, and He is the one who entered God’s rest. There are many who are still labouring because they serve God with their souls.

You enter God’s rest the moment human thoughts are destroyed. This is the first breakthrough you need before material [breakthrough].


What are the works of your hands? These are the works God did in [Genesis]?


Paul says, “I do not want to know anything among you except Christ and Him crucified”.


When I see souls I do not want to know anything. We declare the mysteries among the matured because the matured serve God with their spirit. I declare a mystery and you know and when you declare a mystery I know.


There is no trust in the word of God.


Entering God’s rest, there is no human mind and there is no labouring. Your soul has found safety. Entering God’s rest is entering His spirit – which is the lamp of God. When you have entered into His rest you have entered eternal life.


What is eternal life? Eternal life is that they know Him, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom He has sent [See John 17].


In the same [John 17] Jesus said, at last they know that what I do comes from you. In other words, they know I am from the Father.


“Sanctify them by the truth, your word is truth” [John 17:17].


When they receive the word they know. It means that before they received the word there was no trust.


Jesus went on to say, “I pray for all those who will ever believe”.


Understand this. Those who believe, enter. Believing is absolute trust in Him without any doubt.


How can you have a teacher but you do not trust your teacher. There is so much pride in you. But you trust what he has already given you. What do I mean? You are quick to receive the laying on of hands.


Wisdom is known by her actions. Many focus on [Hebrews 4:12]. Yet, we do not know where it comes from.


Where is God’s rest? It must happen from you. The word of God is alive and active, full of power, and it penetrates to the dividing line between spirit and soul. [The word penetrates and divides] so that one may enter God’s rest.


It is time to enjoy life through entering God rest. You have never enjoyed because you have been waiting to die and enter His rest. Many came and said stop, you will enter jail, but I did not want to know anything among them only Christ and Him crucified.


I do not care. I am already in prison. You can chain these hands but not the gospel I preach. Wherever you take me it is an opportunity for me to spread it further. Whatever you do is an improvement for me.


You ask me why I am not stopping [for the fear of suffering] yet you are the one who is suffering. (Speaking parabolic) You build a church in your house. It is not God’s house but it is your house. But, in my father house there are many mansions. We build mansions in our Father’s house.


According to the world, a mansion is bigger than a house. Yet, in my Father’s house, we build mansions.


With god all things are possible.


When you negatively say I have started something, you blaspheme against God. He is the alpha and I am finishing what He has started. Show the Omega, reveal His completeness. Go show what is not written because the alpha brought this. And he will be excited and say, “Through you my son I have revealed myself”.


Enter God’s rest, no matter how people talk. You cannot even challenge even a single miracle in this house. No one could argue and prove wrong. Let us understand Christ the mystery Himself. When you enter God’s rest it is your spirit welcoming your soul and your soul is saved.


You are saved. The wall of hostility is destroyed and the mind is finished. The soul qualifies to enter and rest in the spirit of God.


When I sing with my mind I will also sing with my spirit, not a mind of hard labour but a mind completely destroyed. There are people who will do wrong to you. The will not sleep but they will dream and God will say to them, “You are dead”.


Talking normally does not mean you are forgiven but speak to that spirit and He will forgive you. Who is the one who forgives and people are forgiven and when He does not forgive, they are not forgiven? It is the spirit.


The miracles that happen here, some of you do not know, but I have connected with your spirit. The reason why they never recognise us is because they never knew God. We are at fault, not they in fault. If they can recognize us they will identify Him. Loving Him is operating in love, not ordinarily doing it.


It is in the spirit where you can express love. It is in your spirit that God can function effectively.


“I saw the new heaven and the new earth for the former heaven and the former earth passed away. I saw a new city coming from God and now behold the dwelling of god is with man” [Revelations 21].


You have entered God’s rest. You may have a gift but you ought to manifest more than a gift. Manifest that which is not written in the bible. Manifest what cannot be found.


You serve God with your spirit. That is where we say all things are possible. God has done some things and [Colossians 3] says, set your mind on them. When they are appearing we call them the appearances of Christ. It is time to appear with Him, not appearing alone.

Let that wall of division be broken.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Many appearances will happen. I will come and teach you in your house. You are going to receive the spirit of this teaching.


Many are looking for God’s rest while they have left it inside of them. By simply receiving the word of God, you went deeper where you were not before. Apostle Paul says, “I give you my soul”. What kind of soul? It is the spirit of Christ.


And then He says, “Whatever you have seen or learned from me, put it into practise and God will be with you”.


What did you see in me? What did you find in me? Whatever you have seen or learned from me put it into practise. May God give you grace to see me from within.


Are you hungry for mysteries? It is my spirit that will cause you to see. Someone came here and you are hungry. You want to see and you will see. You will testify.


I have seen what people have seen. You will see an eagle, an ox, a man and you will see a lion. The appearance of Christ is the appearance from the throne. You are not your own. When your eyes are closed I can open your eyes and cause you to see. If God gives you the revelation, never be ashamed of it but trust. If your trust can be on that revelation, you will put a mark on earth which no generation will forget because you give it with boldness.


You trust in him and he is able to manifest the Omega.


After this, you will trust your Teacher. If you did not trust Him, you will trust Him – absolute trust in your teacher. You will know Him for who He is. How can someone teach you and you do not know them. Christ was graphically portrayed to them. He did not just teach them but He showed them Christ.


See your shepherd graphically.


When we talk about stripes, they must show and you will see that He a true man of God. You look for Jesus and once you have found Him, explain Him.


He who finds a wife finds a good thing, when you have found a wife it is impossible to look for a wife. It does not say He who finds marriage. Because you are found, you are both prisoners. You found Christ. You are cannot look for another but you have found Christ.


If you look for another it means you have not found Christ. The bride must know the Master. The bride knows the husband. I knew when I revealed this that He cannot give this without anyone receiving it. When things happen in your life, have confidence and trust in what God has given you.


Someone would say I want to see what they see. Today your eyes are opened. What do they see? What kind of man is this? I am not ashamed of this; it is a gospel to me. It is wisdom known by her actions. If you serve God with your spirit, God is excited to manifest, show Himself.


Let us go and entertain God and not man. Those who do not know will talk. But it is only talk without power. If it is power, it is maturity –a stage where we eat bones, we eat solid food. We live by that.

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    So I saw the picture… I began to speak all sorts of stuff…so many thoughts began to run through my mind…little did I know that I’m walking by sight.. Speaking against the anointed man of God…as I was sleeping at night I dreamed about John. 3:10…as I read the verse I didn’t understand a thing.. So I started from verse one and every verse reminded me of everything I said the day before through to verse 10 I decided to continue down and as I read verse 14 then it all made sense… With all this being said I would to apologize to you man of God.. Please forgive me

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