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We are Christians, and we are the people of God. We talk of God. Do you know that when you are a christian you do not just talk about the revelation but you also reveal them? You do not talk about the revelation without revealing anything.


The one who qualifies to reveal must be the one who has been revealed as well. If you are not revealed it is impossible for you to reveal.


[2 Timothy 1:8] Timothy do not blush or be ashamed to testify of our Lord, even of me, a prisoner for His sake, but take your share of the suffering of the gospel in the power of God.


He says share with me in my suffering so that the gospel you preach can reveal you.


The first thing is I am confident that I am being revealed by the father. When you testify about me you testify about Christ.


What you preach will even show who you are in the Lord. Just like people who like speaking about wisdom, you cannot say that a person has wisdom without showing the acts of wisdom.


When they speak about wisdom, where are its actions? The wisdom you speak about is a woman; she is known by her actions. You have revelation but with no action.


How do we see that the Holy Spirit is upon you? He delights in confirming us. If it is the Christ then it is the Truth. There is no truth that is not shown in christianity. There is no truth that is not shown by action.


The word itself is alive and active. God performs His word.


Let me teach you about this word from our Father, the King Himself.


Many would say that someone is good and full of wisdom, but where there is wisdom you have to see actions. Without actions, it is not even biblical.


This is how God started. He said, “Let there be”, and there was action. We could see with a sign that God spoke.


“In the beginning was the word”.


The word could not be there without revealing what He says.


“And the word is God himself”.


You can never investigate the word of God; you have to first believe in it in order for you to see it. The gateway to understand the mysteries of God is to believe.


Where is the scholar, where is the philosopher? Where there is wisdom, scholars and philosophers speak from far and they can never confront.


With the Reality, that is how God started.


Adam is a pattern of the real one who was to come. The lifestyle I see when people are exposed is a pattern, we do not see the reality. The same bible you read, you can find yourself fighting it yet calling yourself a pastor, apostle, preacher or prophet, speaking against it.


The bible is your gift and a gift is not the bible. When you have the word, the gift must submit under the word. You may heal the sick, but without love you are nothing. So that gift and yourself need to submit under the word.


The reality is how God started.


How do we see that? [Hebrews 1:2] “Through you Son, I laid the foundation of the earth”. In other words, “I did everything”.


[Hebrews 11:3] says the same thing, “everything was made through the word”.


We need to see God and understand Him in the same way – in the spirit. Know God in the spirit.


What is the reality? “Through you son – the reality and not the pattern – I made everything.


Jesus Christ is the real one and Adam is just a pattern.


Never be shaken by a pattern. I heard a lot of patterns speaking to me. If you see me not entertaining or responding to you, know that you are a pattern. I have to confirm you. Jesus had to confirm Peter. You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church. Jesus goes deeper and above.


If the Son reveals to you, He will reveal what God reveals. [Zachariah 4:2-3] What do you see? Two olive trees, each on every side of the bowl pouring oil.


When one pours oil the other confirms and pours oil.


[1 Corinthians 2:6] “However, we declare the mysteries among the matured”.


The matured confirm it is true. They confirm one another. You find some not confirming others, they just speak about them, it is because you fail to understand the mystery.


There are many who claimed others to have wisdom because they heard the way they speak, memorize and how they calculate numbers – it is knowledge from genes and not God’s wisdom. God would use inferior things and from inferior ones you cannot see wisdom.


If you take someone from a higher level, you go with what you see. When the cross comes, it is the foolishness of God and you can speak against wisdom.


[Romans 5:12-17] Christ is the reality and Adam is the pattern. Adam is the pattern of the real one to come.


God allows some things to happen so that people can be excited and be so sure, but later God will step in, you then realise that, “I was a fool.”


[Genesis 1:1-5]


God created but in [Hebrews 1:2] it says, through the son He created the universe. The son is not a flame of fire but the consuming fire.


“Your throne, Oh God, will last forever”.


At that moment He cannot call Him Son but He says, “Your throne, Oh God, shall remain forever” [See Hebrews 1:8].



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