[2 Corinthian 8]


Here, they were convinced that they have grace, they went to Apostle Paul to partner with him. The bible says because of the grace, they gave out of their poverty, they gave beyond their abilities. If you give beyond, you will finish your course on earth. Without grace, it is impossible to give beyond.


When you carry the grace, it will produce more. Spirit keeps on giving birth to Spirit; as long as you give, you will always have something to give.


Giving with grace is not calculating the cost and you will not give budgets. When you put grace aside,   money will start to minister to you, because budgets are limited.


When you have the grace, you thank God for the little that you have. They will be continuous remains like what happened during the multiplication of bread in 12 baskets; what you remain with, it will be more.


Grace makes God excited, because you will not finish the length, breadth, width and height of God, you will have more. Do not give budgets, it’s not good to give God budgets. Give according to the Spirit of grace that God has given


[2 Corinthians 2:15]


Give with a joyful heart, after that God will make all grace abound to you, for God cannot afford to lose you as a cheerful giver. As a cheerful giver when all grace is to you, you will never lack to give and God will continuously provide more and more for you.


A cheerful giver cannot backslide and he can never be lost, for God cannot afford to lose you as a cheerful giver. He will make plans to make sure that you remain, He will keep you for His Kingdom


Let this be a revelation in the Spirit, let it help you to understand that God want to use you, by keeping you to continue with the same thing, for He remain forever. Just like the prostitute woman, she was a cheerful giver for she gave with all that she had, and Cornelius as well was a cheerful giver. Cheerful givers do not depend on the call for salvation, for God make plans for Cornelius to be saved through giving.


Let us understand when He said I cannot lose a cheerful give, and it is not in terms of money only, the little that you have, give it. Be a cheerful giver even with the gifts that God has placed upon your life. For Jesus says freely you received and freely give to others.


There are thing that can help others, you can give more than the money by also helping other people. There are something that are not functioning in your life due to the failure to give, give with what God had given you.


There are things you have to experience, like the powers of the coming age. It is because you have placed the rules for giving with the anointing that God had given to you.


For example you will ask people that “how many days did you fast before you came to see me” and “Do you have the seed to be able to see me before” – But if you carry the grace of God, you will not even tell them to give, grace will work on your behalf and make them to give you.


Jesus asked them that “when I sent you out, did I send you with extra shoes and tunic? did you lack anything, they said “no” – grace. Jesus Christ was showing them the grace that abound.


He said to them, go to every house which is deserving, give them your peace, you must go and not withhold your peace from them, eat what they eat and to the house that is not deserving, do not give them your peace, shake the dust from your feet and keep your peace.


That is why people will confess, because they went to the house that is not deserving and gave. You disregarded grace, where there is grace, there is wisdom. You have to give where there is moisture – meaning the presence of God.


Where the house is deserving, you will not tell people that you are carrying the secret from above, but you will give people what is purely from above – I [Prof. Lesego Daniel] am not carrying any secret.


God is pleased to reveal His son, it is not a secret laid out in heaven


People are paying something to have grace, understand what [John: 20 & 21], says – Jesus performed many miracles for them that are not recorded. Jesus revealed a lot to then. They are not recorded in the bible, the bible is a small storage.


[Chapter 21], states that if we can store  what Jesus Christ had performed, the whole world it will be a small storage,  so you are that storage, understand giving.


Many are focusing on money and not giving on other things that they have, for you have wealth that God has given to you.


You separate the presence of God with money, grace for money, not all grace abound to you.


[Hebrews 4 -1]


The one who was tested in every way, let us approach the throne with confidence and you will find mercy and grace in times of need, in times of need grace is upon, all thing are possible with God.


Don’t take grace and separate it from the word. Do not separate moisture with love. Do not take perfection and separate with the breadth, width, height and length of God. Do not separate the bottomless things of God. The bottomless things should not be separate with the Spiritual man.


For the Spiritual man knows all things, it say, [1 Corinthians 2:15], the spiritual man knows all things. He examine, investigates, and discern all things. Verse 10 say the Holy Spirit searches all things. As a spiritual man, you do not separate all things, they are one.


Some other people limited themselves because they focused on money only.


They ask them to pay tax, Peter did not have the money and he went to the mouth of the fish to get the money. You will have provision in times of need, which is grace


God is setting someone free.



The power of God overpowers the power of money. You are just being released from the power of money, it says you cannot love God and money. Love God and hate money, if you hate money it will follow you as a sign. A stupid girlfriend follows a man, money will come the same way, you will use it. Go and use money, I am sending you.


Using it is not with a budget and coming with stress bringing you down. When God reveals this to you, I began to have much respect for you, why respect? Because of perseverance, many went through what you went through but died and you remained.


I am trying to show you the difference, to make you aware of what you were going through and to take you out of stress.


When we talk about grace as long as you went through a lot, and you say, ‘what is this one [that I am going through]’? It is like you are saying, ‘you will not do me anything my God is with me’.  Just play in that sport and money will come to you.


There are things and jobs that people do but they don’t enjoy, they are not happy with what they are doing. Every job and business that you are doing, let it be like sports and let it bring what is from above for you. Some of the things we have to understand that when God is with you, there is no need to even ask and pray. How can you pray for something that God has already given you?


You cannot say that I am fasting for prosperity. There are people who preach about prosperity and many people went to them but they did not come with what they preached about and some of them are here, it is because you were deceived.


Grace must abound to you and you will never talk about what you have but God is the one who will. We did not hear Abraham talking about what he had saying, “I have this and that.” When God speaks on your behalf know that the advocate and the helper is with you. When he dresses you with beauty there is no need for you to talk about it.


Some people when they are dressed nicely, they will greet you nicely saying, “greetings in the name of Jesus”. There are people when God has placed beauty in them they don’t have to even talk. I declare such beauty upon your life. Let it be God who becomes your advocate on your ministry, on behalf of you individually.


There are many who go through this and it is a tough road but go for the fullness of God. It is important to do that, do not worry. Look at your father, 2014 when persecutions where happening everywhere, I said I am going to build and in four months I was done. Money that came in could not afford this building, but when grace came I said I want windows like this [custom made], I don’t want windows that somebody made in their minds. I said go do them and my father paid for everything.


While people are talking, when they said come down I said I will not come down, I am busy with my father’s business. Go and read the book of Nehemiah, it is a manual for leadership. When people say come down say I cannot come down I am busy with my father’s business. When Nehemiah was busy building, he said go with the sword.


Our believe is in the New Testament, build while you still carry judgment. When we talk about grace we talk about God not affording to lose a cheerful giver.


I am just busy with projects and I am not looking at money, what is above the supernatural contemporary buildings. I believe that the house of God must be beautiful. William Braham began to prophesy that there will be cars that will look like eggs, how did he know and now he is dead.


People who don’t eat certain food if I was God when they go to heaven I would say, “I gave with delicious food but you did not eat.” Through this message doors of training in the matters of the kingdom are opened. Sons, daughters, I declare to all of you that you are nested in my heart and there we live together.


I thank God for all who partnered because when we started we did not have partners, I thank you for your contribution and your support, thank you so much for your support. I thank you for believing in this great anointing.


It is grace where have you seen a man of God being persecuted all over the world, people pulling from partnering, how many withdrew? I remember with Benny Hinn, when he went through persecutions, people left him and he was left with a small crew. There was a man of God who came and Benny Hinn wrote a check of all the money that he had, even those who had remained also left and he was left with one person. All those he started with they left,


What I would say is back on this grace and believe in it. I thank God for those who partner and who believe in this grace saying yes it is God. [1 Corinthians 9] Apostle Paul spoke about prophetic offering, prophetic offering is again when the prostitute went to Jesus to present a gift, also the two women; the widow in Sidon and the Shunamite woman.


Elijah came to the widow and said prepare food for me to eat. She knew that she was going to die anyway. The other woman had money and did not have a son, she talks with her husband that let us build an upper room so that when the man of God comes here he would not just eat but also sleep.  With these two families the other had a son without money and the other had money without a son. Where there was money he blessed with a son.


Your faithfulness is what is needed.


I am busy with projects here; play grounds for children and with the houses. God is here to bless us. I would like to say to Sunday School, I do not want them to play on ordinary thing, when God wanted Moses to make an ark, he said come and see the ark in heaven and said go and make a pattern of what you have seen, so what I do here I don’t care whether it is Sunday school because what is best must go to God.


If God speaks to you, give. This is for our kids, I love kids from since I was young, and that is why I fight a lot because I know that they are vessels of God. That is why it says bring them up in the way of the Lord.


For me it is not a waste of money, I am leaving a legacy here. In other believes just at the top when you look it is pure gold. People we are Christians. As for me I don’t care, if it is not done my way I say “break it.” The project it about R350 000, we can sow just for Sunday school. When God speaks to you it is just around that money, let us sow.


For me there is nothing that is ordinary, when we chose let us do the best. Everything that you see when you get into this house, I am a man I saw beauty first so I want to see things happening according to the way God shows me. We are worshipping Him in the beauty of His holiness. Children’s ministry is also in the kingdom.



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