Viewers all over the world, we thank you for tuning to RTV, were are in the Training of the matters of the Kingdom, the second in 2019. We know that God has raised a lot of people, it is just a matter of fulfilment


I declare that wherever you are in the world, whatever will be happening here it will be happening to you. When God is raising someone in this house, He is raising someone out there.


God is with you, I can put it this way, God is with you ‘Big Time’


We all have gifts, there is no one without a gift; that does not mean that you have been raised and you need to receive the word.


It says in the beginning there was the Word [Christ] and the Word was with God. Jesus says in [John 6] what if you see me going back to the place where I was before.


What if someone see you, because you were chosen in Christ before the world began. Let us all go to where we were before, let someone lead you.


Some people are happy about the president more especially in Africa some are above 60 years, but when you check other countries it is less than 60 years.


Let God begin to manifest upon you, let the Lord of Glory locate you, there is no more waste of time.


Wisdom is not based on the age. No one leading anybody to death we are leading everyone to life and not to death. If you come with challenges, you are raised above your circumstances, anything that you think you are facing I declare you are above it.


I welcome you all in Training in the matters of the Kingdom. You are above all, going back you will manifest the above life. Gifts are not part of the above life, you are not connected from above by gifts but with signs and wonder you are connected.


You are above every barrier and circumstance. You are experiencing the powers of the coming age. You are not limited, you are not waiting for old age. You will experience the powers of the coming age, at a young age. That is why people ask who fathered him, they are used to old people leading people to the grave.


I declare life from above, as for my bond servant; there is no young man or old man. They will see miracles in the sky. That is why people are stagnant with the same mentality, who is this boy? At your age – powers of the coming age you have to experience it.


They say the things that he does, the world is not ready to see such. I am happy that I know you acknowledge that I am from God. They say the world is not yet ready, at least you acknowledge that I am from God. We are raised and seated with the Father, forget about the age.


Think of Melchizedek the king without record of days. I declare you are without record of days.


The Lord is my portion, the Messiah is my portion and there is a permanent dwelling which is in my Heart. As I speak, I speak mysteries, and out of the abundance of my heart, I speak mysteries.


Viewers we are blessed from above, today and tomorrow evening we have a service and Sunday I will be giving out the Anointing Oil to everyone. I declare what the Lord has given is for all nation, I believe God for raising more of you and us.


[Genesis 11]


Let us go down and frustrate them, nullify and frustrate the wisdom of the wise. We are from above, we are in heaven, wherever we are, we must show that He is there with us. Let us frustrate them with what God has given us.


When people are frustrated it is because they try something. Do not be afraid, the moment you are afraid it means you believe in their power. Be confident so that they can believe in your power.


I see more leaders, if you think you were Anointed, you are going to see what is from above. You will be surprised on what you will be doing, for God is with you



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