Touch not my anointed and certainly do no harm to my prophets. Mrs Gloria Mogomotsi from Soshanguve came to testify about how God saved her life on the 26th of December 2018, when she was involved in a car accident while on her way to work. This happened just a short distance from her work place.

“When I was about to cross to the other side of the road at the traffic lights, a taxi vehicle came speeding towards the car I was driving then instantly bumped on the driver’s side. I cried out Jesus and immediately after the collision, the car started rolling about four times. All the windows were shattered except the front and back windscreens and the window which I had placed the Rabboni car sticker.”-Mrs Mogomotsi explained

After the horrific crash, she was surprised that the car managed to stand normally on its wheels on the other side of the road. In shock she found herself lying back on the right side of her seat. They also came and towed her car.

“The only thing I felt besides shock was heat coming from my face and so when I managed to get out of the car, I took water which was in my lunch bag and poured myself with it to cool myself down.”- She further explained.

The emergency services arrived at the scene to assist Mrs Mogomotsi and one of the ladies borrowed Mrs Mogomotsi a phone so she could make a call. She had to call her department at work (Emergency medical service) to come an assist her which they did. They came in an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

With more amazement when she got to the hospital to be examined the whole body for injuries, they discovered that she had no injuries not even a single scratch after rolling four times with the car. Even her X-Ray results were positive showing that no bone was broken and also no internal bleeding was found. She was not admitted in hospital but discharged the same day without even any medication. Even after weeks from the accident, she has no side effects or pain from the accident.

“The words of encouragement I can give is that, listen to the teachings of our father and practice them all the time so that they can enrich you. These teachings are life. I thank God for my life.”


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