God is wonderful, do you believe in His blood and body? Do you believe in His flesh? We are flesh eaters and blood drinkers.


This is the Gospel given to us. When Jesus met with Apostle Paul, He took him to mount Sanai and that was when He gave him such grace.


In [Galatians] Apostle Paul says, “I was taken to a night before Christ was crucified”. This happened there in the desert of Arabia. That was when Jesus took him and showed him everything and gave Him the body and blood.


If the Lord Himself gives you this Gospel, you are going to preach grace for the rest of your life. That is why John in [Revelation 4:1] said, “This is the first voice that I heard.”


John understood the first voice that he heard. Today, you are going to get the first. God is with us all, so expect the unexpected.


We continue with the same teaching and I believe God has blessed us more with his intimate Word, bringing us closer to Him.


Jesus Christ speaks to Peter in [Matthew 16: 18] and says, “You are Peter (the rock) and upon this rock I will build My church and the gates of hades (meaning the realm of the dead) will never prevail against it.”


After Jesus spokes about this prophesy He further said to them [disciples], “I am going to be handed over to the hands of the enemy and I am going to be crucified”.


Peter was disqualified as he was trying to prevent Jesus to go the cross. That is why Jesus said, “Behind me Satan, you are a stumbling block.”


Never fail to see the devil; even if it looks too good to be true. Satan has a way of bringing up his story. People do not mind being close to Satan without realizing. If you live like that you are not worthy to be Jesus disciple.


Everything that prevents the purpose of God to happen [stumbling block] it is Satan. If it is God’s purpose and someone says, ‘No, know that it is the devil standing before you”.


Peter tried to stop Him but Jesus said you are a stumbling block because your thoughts are from below and not from above.


Let me tell you about thoughts from below: these are people who can reason using the Word, but thoughts that are from above, the Holy Spirit always confirms that they are from above. Jesus has already prophesied to Peter that you are the rock and upon this rock I will build my church, gates of hades will not prevail and now grace has to come to him. He can enter any church and correct things.


[Luke 22:31] They were having their last supper and Jesus says, the devil has been looking for you and especially you Peter, but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail, you will get up and strengthened your brothers.


In [Acts 4:32-34], as they were one in heart in mind they shared everything they had and great grace fell upon them


But in [Galatians 2:11-16] when Peter saw Jews coming, he abandoned the Gentiles. Apostle Paul now comes to him and say you nullify the grace that you received. He says, “you put the grace of God aside”. This is grace spoken of in [Acts 4:33]


Now great grace was upon Peter we see that happening in [Acts 3:6] when Peter said to the beggar that silver and gold I do not have but what I have I give to you [the kingdom]. But in [Galatians 2:10], the only stipulation that he made was that they should take care of the poor. That why we hear Apostle Paul says that I met with those who are regarded to be pillars of the church, who they are makes no difference to me.


According to the Jews, the Gentiles are equivalent to dogs but not with the circumcised Jews. Peter was eating with the Gentiles but when he saw the Jews he abandoned them because according to their tradition they are not supposed to eat with them.


Many traditions still arise even today. For example, when there is a marriage or funeral in our families. Even in Christian churches, when someone who has a child gets married, she is not allowed to put on the veil. This is to show that she got a child before marriage. This tradition is practiced in Christians churches not churches of the Law.


They say that we received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior but when they get married the lady has to wear a blue dress to show that the lady has a baby but the guy can wear the suit yet he was the one who brought the baby. We have to see a sign of sin; even though Jesus Christ washed with the blood.


Some things start as little foxes but when you feed them they grow bigger and it will be hard to take them out. People do not fail to identify big foxes yet there are small foxes. People fence their yards but the big foxes eat there.


Traditions or the Law prevent God from showing Himself. When you saw a vision do not be happy saying that God brought a vision. Like in [Acts 10:11] when God brought a vision to Peter. He saw heaven open and something like a great sheet containing all kinds of animals and reptiles. You say, I saw a vision and behold God says I must kill and eat. When he says you must kill and eat, he approached you according to the law you come from.


You are saved you are born again but because there are little foxes that you come from you are still holding onto the law but since there is law God says kill and eat. He does not even say cook. Who is telling you to kill and eat? It is God. But according to your law, you begin to think about all that happened [what you saw]. When you kill and eat, you think about the blood. You now say I cannot eat was is unclean. He says do not call unlawful what I call clean and uncommon.



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