[Acts 10] Peter’s Vision.


God was telling Peter to go to Cornelius house [to the Gentiles]; and according to the Jews, Gentiles were regarded as dogs. So God was checking if Peter would go and preach to Cornelius’ house; that is why He brought a vision to Peter, to test him.


According to the law, Peter was not supposed to go into the house of a gentile. Do you know how Jesus went into the house of a gentile? In [Matthew 8:5-13] Jesus entered the house of the Gentile in His original for – as the Word.


The Centurion knew that Jesus is a Jew and He is not allowed to come into his house. Then Jesus said to him, “I send forth My Word”. And the word [Christ] went under his roof.


So Peter has to be tested in that vision. And he said, “I cannot eat what is unclean”.


Here is my throne [Holy Communion table], last time there was a snake and people said it was uncommon but it kicked out a demon from people. We are going to have a Holy Communion and it is from the super market. If you do not see the body and the blood of Jesus Christ but you see the ‘biscuit’ you are sinning against the body.


When Peter was with the Gentiles, he would eat. According to the law, he was not supposed to eat. However, when he saw the Jews, he withdrew to the extent that Barnabas who was with Paul was carried away by their hypocrisy and left Paul.


When great grace is upon you, it is not a gift of casting out demons and healing the sick but you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. [Colossians 1:19] says, “It pleased God to have His fullness to be in His Son”. And His fullness is great grace.


When the fullness of God is upon us, the Law is no more.


[Luke 9 and Mark 9] At the mount of transfiguration.


What did they see when Jesus transfigured? They saw Moses and Elijah, meaning the Law and the Prophets.


All along when they were with Jesus they never thought of building him a booth. You have never done what is good to your Master but when you see someone who is Prophet you want to do something good for him. That is why you gave where you were not supposed to give because you saw a gift and the gifts of God are irrevocable.


They said let us build three booths; one for Elijah and one for Moses. Immediately, God jumps in quickly saying, “This is My Son, listen to Him only.”


I want you to see where God jumps in quickly and where Paul jumps telling Peter that you put the grace of God aside, you stand condemned.


There are people who use the law and even to justify themselves. How many people tell people that if you have sinned do not come to partake? But when you see the flesh and blood of Jesus, and you see it in the right manner, it will clean your sins.


If you do not see the blood and say it is from the super market and do not see the flesh and say it is biscuit, you are sinning against Jesus Christ – This is uncommon!


A sinner can come and see the blood and receive life but the one who has been born again 40 and 15 years can see cool drink. The sinner is better than you who have been born again for 40 years.


What is the reason for the blood of Jesus Christ?


I hope you understand what the Law does. At the mount of transfiguration, they saw Moses and Elijah. In [Matthew 5:17] Jesus says, “I have not come to abolish the law but to fulfill them.” Apart from us, they were not perfected; for they had not received the promise [Holy Spirit].


When they were talking about Christ’s departure in [Acts 1] when he went up ascended and the two men appeared wearing white, it does not say angels. Think about the two men in [Mark 9 and Luke 9].


They said why are you looking intently into the sky; the same way you see Him going up this is how He will come down to you.


“Peter you are the rock and gates of hades shall not prevail [the realm of the dead] against this church”.


Get the prophetic meaning: gates of hades shall not prevail against this church. Now Peter fulfils the prophecy [full of the Spirit] by going to the church with the name beautiful. Where is a beggar? At the gate called beautiful and everybody who enters that church would give him money.


When people give money to this man there was no change, even people who gave him money they would be the same. [Matthew 6:32] says, pagans look for all these things. However, seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all these things taken together shall be added unto you.


People in [Acts 3] would pick the beggar up and put him there, give him money and get into the church. It says that pagan look for all those things. They look for material things and these people will end up begging as well, but how?


Peter and John come and the man at the gate thinks that they are the same people as those who used to come and give him money. But Peter says, “Silver and gold I do not have”. It was not only for healing but causing him to look unto the kingdom. Do not be quick to give where you do not have to give. Peter says, “But what I do have, I give unto you”, meaning the kingdom.



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