Remember there was man at the gate begging and everyone who went into the church helped him to fulfil his desire. [Luke 16] – Lazarus was also at the gate of the house of a rich man. Lazarus did not even get money or even eat from the house of the rich man, he had nothing. The Bible explains that the desire of Lazarus was to get money, to get something but he did not get anything, the rich man was dressed in purple and fine linen, enjoying his life. Get the mystery of gates of hades that must not prevail.


[Acts 3:1] – At the gate beautiful. Peter came, then people stopped giving money because Peter did not come to give money, when they started preaching they saw that this man is really from Jesus. Understand a beggar next to the gate, Lazarus was a beggar at the gate of a rich man, in the previous church rich people will give the beggar money when they entered. But the difference between these two is that the one received the other did not receive. But the one who gave this beggar got into the church the same as the beggar, the rich man got into the house, Lazarus did not get anything from him, so the gates of hades did not prosper against Lazarus because he did not get anything from him.


The time came where both the rich man and Lazarus dies, now we see the rich man begging. But everyone who gave the man at the gate, if Peter did not come to that church, we would later also see them begging. He said “father Abraham, send someone down to go to my brothers to warn them”. He says I have five brothers. Get this, before that Lazarus was begging at the gate, but he never received anything from the rich man. The other one received but Peter helped him.


When Peter came he was dealing with that gate for the gate of hades shall not prevail. I am not training or developing beggars I am talking about beggars who look for money, you got to a man of God because you see money, hence you go but you do not receive.


I want us to get this, many are raised as beggars instead of kings for a king does not beg. A king knows that what I have is obvious, son what I have is yours and what is yours is mine, it is obvious.


Look today I want you to understand what God has given you now, I want you to understand. This rich man is in the house, he has gates and there is a beggar at his gates. That church has people with money and there was a bagger at the gate, they were the same because when the rich man died begging. It is a manifestation that was happening that many do not get it.


You may go to him to beg yet he is like you. You want all for yourself, when you get this you want this – you will never get out you are just a beggar.  I want you to receive this, you will not be beggar; you will not go for an interview because you are looking for a job, if you are trained here you do not look for a job or businesses.


When you go for an interview, it will be because a company looked for you, they have been trying to find you, they will search for you and they will find you they will say ‘this is a suitable candidate, when can you sign when can you start’.


You are not at the gate for your gate has been dealt with a long time ago. I want you to get this, this man who was at the gate beautiful, he was sick and begging, and no dog ever came to lick him. But Lazarus, was at the gate of the rich man, he never ate anything from the house so dogs went to lick him.


Dogs came and licked the sores of this man. I want you to get this directly from Christ. Get the interpretation, these dogs licked Lazarus as they do so, he is not part of the rich man.


Luke 16:19-31


All the things that the rich man was looking for he had them.  At his gate there was a carelessly dropped down, a man who was suffering, who became a beggar next to the gate, Lazarus was carelessly dropped down. I want you to get this. Lazarus was reduced to beg alms, who reduced him?


Lazarus was looking for something that might drop from the rich man’s table, but there is a different table. We all know this story, so when the rich man dies and also Lazarus, we read [the story]. Get the difference between the two beggars, dogs came to lick his sores, he did not receive anything from the rich man, but the rich man the dogs did not lick him. Lazarus was carelessly dropped down, desiring for something that might fall from the rich man’s table.


Here comes Jesus in [Matthew 15:21-28] – He was walking then here comes a woman begging, son of David have mercy on me, she says. This woman begs and begs and begs, then he says it is not right to give the bread of children to dogs, this woman begs. As she begs Jesus makes it as if He is going.




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