[Matthew 15] The faith of the Canaanite Woman.


The woman began to speak and she is a Gentile. Remember, Gentiles are regarded as dogs. [We also know that dogs] were licking someone else’s sores; who was carelessly dropped down (See Lazarus and the rich man).


For God so love the world that He gave with His only Son that whoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life [John 3:16].


Listen Gentiles, dogs, He did not die for a certain nation but He died for all. Do not forget this, even if you sleep and your parent forgets you, remember this.


Jesus said, “It is not right to give bread of children to dogs”. But this woman said, “Even dogs eat what falls from children’s table”.


Remember this man who was carelessly dropped down; dogs came to lick his sores. What made a dog to realise that Lazarus, who was carelessly dropped down, died for us?


Those who thought they were the best were Jews. Apostle Paul preached to the Gentiles. When he came to the Gentiles, the Jews were shocked that even Gentiles can receive from him. The Gentiles were the first to receive the Holy Spirit before they are baptized from the water.


The man was carelessly dropped down.


[Mathew 15] – Jesus says it is not right to give the bread of children to dogs, yet she was begging. Jesus spoke to her but she responded and said even dogs eat what falls from children’s tables.


Though the bread falls on the ground, the bread is the same quality as that on the table, there is no difference.


So whatever the child eats even the dog eats. So if the child is changed by what they ate, even a dog will change.


Remember, carelessly dropped.


[Philippians 2:7] – Rather He made Himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant being made in human likeness.


Meaning, He lowered himself. He took a form of a servant; He was carelessly dropped. Going even further for us, He died like a servant. Yet God exalted Him.


Even when Lazarus died and the rich man died. Hence in the vision we need to see the one who resembles the Father. Lazarus was with Father Abraham. The rich man in the vision said, “Father Abraham I have five brothers – meaning Evangelist, Pastor, Prophet, Teacher and Pastor”. Father Abraham answered him and said “They have Moses to pray for them”. In other words, “They have the law”.


Many would repent, even if you have the law Moses and the prophets. Why did they not repent?


You repent because you see father Abraham. Many did not repent when they saw the law and the prophets.


Father Abraham said “They have Moses and the prophets”. But the rich man said, “No, if you can send someone from the dead”


The rich said someone must be sent from Hades. This man realised that the gate of hades cannot prevail. He knew that there are those who can go back and forth from Hades and the gates thereof shall not prevail.


[Psalm 139] says, “When I am in heaven, you are there with me; even in the place of death”.


The rich man knew that there are those can go back and forth to hades without being harmed; hence it says the gate of hades shall never prevail. Then he said, “Send someone who will go to preach to my brothers”.


Apostle Paul says in [2 Corinthians 11], “I was beaten 40 stripes minus one (39)”.


The one who does not take it correctly, check yourself; for I bare on my body the marks of Jesus.


So the man is carelessly dropped down.


Jesus is a King. Why did He not come and say, “It is Me, I am a King. My children follow Me”?


But Jesus took a form of a servant. The moment He did that, can you look at Him and say this is a King? Hence Mary thought He was a Gardener. He took a form of a servant.


The moment He takes that form; no one would regarded Him as a King.


[Matthew 15] This woman comes and begs continually. Jesus ignored her but she carried on. Jesus then speaks. In between Him and the woman, there is no such thing as a gate.


The woman says, “Even dogs ate what falls from the children’s table”.


[John 6] – Jesus said, “It is not Moses who gave your forefathers bread in the desert but it was my Father”. Then they said, “Show us the bread”. He replied, “I am the bread”.


It is not Moses who gave your forefather the bread in the desert. The bread dropped down while the Israelites were in the desert but they could not see it was Jesus. The bible says they drank from the same Rock [Christ].


Then the Bible says I do not want to be ignorant like Israelites for they were baptized in the cloud. They drank from the Rock which was Christ. That rock accompanied them but they did not see or realise it is the Christ.



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