You may read the bible yet not understand what Jesus was doing; then you start to preach with your mind. But when you preach, it must be from the spirit; for spirit gives birth to spirit.


Jesus had to hide a mystery from His disciples. How did he do it? He says to the woman, “It is not right to give bread of children to dogs”. And here the mystery was hidden.


So they go and preach what they do not understand.


“You are a dog, stop making noise. You are a dog”. There are those who preach such. But from a dog came a revelation showing that she understands. She said, “Even dogs eat the bread that is carelessly dropped down from the tables”.


Lazarus was carelessly dropped down but dogs came to lick his sores. Jesus was carelessly dropped down, but many began to take him in the wrong manner.


You heard during confession what many say (taking what is from above in the wrong manner). They say, “You eat the flesh of aborted babies”. Some even say I drink the blood of human beings.


Something is carelessly dropped but you fail to recognise. Anyone who eats without recognizing takes it in the wrong manner and sins against the body of Christ. They carelessly participate. Many fail to see and understand.


Listen, I’m not here to raise beggars. We are not here to equip beggars. But we are here to equip those who see the revelation from above, even before they are washed.


The centurion says, “I am a man under authority… Just say the word and my servant will be healed”.


He was not washed. But we hear Jesus reply, “I have never seen such faith even in Israel”. What did Jesus say to the Canaanite woman? “Woman you have great faith”.


There are those who have great faith though they did not realise it. Hence, when Jesus began to speak to Peter, He already gave Cornelius grace and he was a gentile. Jesus saw his faith and heard his prayers [See Acts 10:4].


Carelessly brought done. Let me pick you up and take you to the throne; for you are carelessly brought down.


In [Matthew 15] The Canaanite woman cried and begged. Also in [Luke 16] there was one who begged, Lazarus.


So this woman came begging. It all depends who you find in that church, in that room.


Jesus said to Peter, “Gates of Hades shall never prevail against this church”. [John 10] Jesus says, “I have come that you might have life”. In other words, He was carelessly dropped down, and his death brought us life.


It is dogs that came and licked the sores of Lazarus. And in [Matthew 15] we hear Jesus saying to the woman who was begging [for her daughter to be made well], “It is not right to give the bread of children to dogs”.


[Understand what Jesus was speaking about] This is the bread that is carelessly dropped down, Christ Himself.


The woman said, “Even dogs eat the bread that falls from the table”. So that bread on the table and bread that fell on the ground is the same quality.


You can sit on the table where you recognise that this is the bread from the table.


This is the bread from the table.


Jesus says in [John 6:32], “It is not Moses who gave your forefathers the bread in the desert”.


Remember what Father Abraham said to the rich man, “Your brothers have Moses and the prophets”. The rich man begged again, “Even if someone can come from Hades, let them go and preach to my brothers so that they can repent”.


[Who are the] five brothers? These are Apostles, evangelist, prophets, pastors, and teachers (gifts without the Spirit).


In [John 4], how many husbands did the Samaritan woman have? She had five husbands, but she was never satisfied from all of them. In other words, you went to a pastor, evangelist, prophet, teacher and apostle, yet you were still thirsty. But the One [Jesus Christ] who stands in front of you, will give you waters to drink and you will never be thirsty. You will be a worshiper that worships in spirit and in truth.


So the Canaanite woman became a beggar but the way Jesus spoke, it was a mystery hidden to the disciples.


“It is not right to give breads of children to dogs”.


What happened on the cross? Jesus died for all.


What do I see when I look at the cross and see Him crucified? Jews desire miracle signs and wonders and Greeks philosophy; but to us, Christ is the wisdom and power of God. When we see Christ and Him crucified, He is both the wisdom and the power of God [See 1 Corinthians 1:18-31].


There are still many who need to repent; who have Moses and the prophets. There are those who built booths and are busy with Moses and the Prophets.


[Hebrews 1] says, “In the olden times God spoke to our forefathers in and by the prophet but in the last of these days, He speaks to us in the person of the Son”.


There are many who suffer with this; while dogs satisfy themselves with what is from God. Jesus spoke to the woman, saying, “Woman, you have such great faith”. She was begging [but what was she begging for?].


Where Jesus Christ is there is no gates of death or the gates of Hades; for when you eat this, His death has brought us life.


Carelessly brought down, but His death brought us life. Jesus came to give life not just to deliver you.


You beg but you receive money. Peter [the rock upon which Christ built his church] came and he said, “Silver and gold, I don’t have; all I have I give you in the name of Jesus”.



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