When Peter began to preach, they looked at him and they said these people show that they were with Jesus. In other words, they were carelessly brought down.


Love but not the money. What do you love? You love life.


His body is a testament and inside that testament there is an inheritance. All these things taken together shall be given unto you at His death.


When a parent dies, the attorney comes and opens the book or the will; hence we say, His will or His testament [or body] is opened for us. And when they read what is inside, you see what your parent’s left for you. You then begin to realise things that they left without you knowing.


After they are carelessly brought down, you begin to see. After being carelessly brought down, the book in now opened for all of us. So this book, when it is opened, it is carelessly brought down.


Great grace falls upon the gentiles because they loved what was carelessly brought down.


I love this decoration. Last month it was a snake, today it is swords. We are at war removing the gates of Hades. I wonder if they are going to write about me using swords. Last month I used a toy snake to destroy gates, today I’m using swords.


I’m going to break your gates today. I’m going to destroy the gates of Hades; for they shall never prevail. This is the body of Jesus, the blood of Christ. It is not what you see at the supermarket. This is the blood from the throne of God.


This blood sets us free from the law of sin and death. This blood is life. Because the spirit of life sets me free from the law of Moses and the prophets, the law of sin and death.


[Roman 8] The spirit of life has sets me free from the law of sin and death; and gates of Hades shall never prevail.


The Canaanite woman says even dogs eat what falls from the tables. In other words, they eat what was carelessly dropped down. Just like Lazarus, who was carelessly dropped down, and dogs came to lick his sores.


Jesus said to the woman, “You have great faith”. Meaning, the gates of Hades will never prevail.


Don’t just give healing, don’t just display gifts; but you must give life. You must give the kingdom. All these things taken together shall be added unto you.


Listen to this: if you are here and you are a man of God and you preach the gospel, what is God saying to you concerning this message? Are you giving money when you go into the church?


Some gospel is not a gospel, it is money. Even certain worship is not worship. God says, “Do not worship God and mammon”. The issue is money because the beggar wanted money. They gave money not he kingdom. So, if they were to die like a rich man, they will say they were really begging they were not in church.


There are those that look like [they are carrying the kingdom], while they are not. But the word of God says, “As He is in heaven, so are we on earth”. For the bread that fell from the table is the same quality and will nurture us the same. After you this bread, no one can judge you.


This is the blood of Christ Jesus, dogs will come and lick. They received this when Peter went to preach to Cornelius house. For the word says, as Peter preached the Holy Spirit came. The Jews were shocked seeing that the gentiles received the Holy Spirit just as they did.


The stripes on Lazarus’s body were there but no one would come out to say let me give you something. Who’s gates will not prevail against Lazarus? There is no place in the bible where it says Lazarus ate. That gate could not prevail against Lazarus but the gates in [Acts 3], though called beautiful, prevailed against those that gave money; until Peter came and dealt with the beggar.


Many are busy calling their church the fountain of or the gate of. Live life and choose it. Never choose death.


As they were licking there, what is happening with the dogs. Those who were regarded as dogs, shined better than those who are called kings.


I love this. Many say cheers but I say, welcome, to the one of grace.


[Matthew 15:23-28]


The woman worshipped, prayed, cried; that’s the kind of begging she was doing. It’s not only deliverance that came, also life came.


Hence those seven thousand people, when they were supposed to go and Jesus began to speak to the disciples, “You see what they are going to feed on”. It means there was nothing that is what the disciples said



You see this is in the same chapter (Matthew 15) as that one of the Canaanite woman. The woman speaks about the bread that fell from the table. This is truly Holy Communion.


Jesus was in fact saying, “I am not willing to let them go hungry”.  So, “If I’m not willing, I have a will and testament”


When the will, the bread, is open, you have a testament and you will not go hungry. When there is a will, seek the kingdom and its righteousness and all shall be added unto you.



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