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Hallelujah! He is a wonderful God and Savior. There is no one like Jesus; He is able to change us to become like Him.

We still continue with the mystery that Christ has given us. As we are here, remember God’s intention is to develop and equip us in order for all of us to arrive at a stature of the full man called Christ; so that we should not be like children toss back and forth by ways of teaching.

We live by what we have received. It depends on whether you receive the life of Christ or of a man who teaches you.

Jesus said in [John 10:10], “The thief come to steal, to kill and destroy but I have come so that you may have life and life in abundance”.

We need to understand what Jesus was saying there – the thief has come to kill, steal and destroy. You may think of the devil alone whilst there is someone who has come to kill, steal and destroy. The problem is many look at experience, qualifications and gifts. They qualify a person whom Jesus has not qualified. And it causes one to live by the standards of that person.

Jesus saying, to us, today, “Here is my CV (Resume). I am anointed to do all these things”.

If we know what we are anointed for and flow with what God has anointed us to do, then God is able to flow through us and reach out to His people.

We have to understand what is happening there. If I teach the law and the prophets, I steal from your life. The law kills (remember, a thief comes to steal, kill and destroy). That is why He says, “I have not come to abolish the law or the prophets but to fulfil the law”.

He does not say the law only but the prophets also. It means there was something missing with the law and prophets.

Why people were not excited about Jesus? Peter and others were with Jesus at the mountain. However, when they saw Moses [the Law] and Elijah [the Prophet] they became excited and said, “Let us build three booths”.

Why don’t you do that when Jesus was alone?

When God intervened, His was attitude there was, do not be excited.

Jesus was enveloped by the cloud and a voice came and God said, “This is my Son, listen to Him only”. He did not say listen to Moses and Elijah.

There are people who can preach about Ezekiel but not the spirit that speaks through Ezekiel. They can never speak about it and it becomes impossible to reach that spirit.

If somebody speaks to you as a prophet [like in the old], it means you are a forefather. For, in the old God used to speak to us through the prophets but in the last of these days He speaks to us in a person of His Son, Jesus Christ.

If you are a man of God, you can have a title; but God is not the respecter of man’s position. You might remain with what God does not respect.

In [Galatians 1:6] When Apostle Paul met with those who were reputed to be the pillars of the church, He says, “they made no difference to me”.

You might say this man has pride. But understand why he said that. He met with people who honor the law to much.

Remember when Peter and others ate with the Gentiles – forgetting that they are Jews. They ate what the Gentiles ate and according to the law you are not supposed to eat what the Gentiles eat.

But when he saw the Jews coming, he left the Gentiles and joined the Jews. Apostle Paul said it is hypocrisy.

Everybody followed Peter, including Barnabas. But Paul stood firm and said, “You have put the grace of God aside”. In other words, “You stood condemned”. And the bible says, “In Christ, there is no condemnation”. It is not in the Prophets and not in the law.

In Christ there is no condemnation. It is the grace of God he received in [Acts 4] when they were one in heart and mind. The bible says, “Great grace fall upon them”. But we see in [Galatians 2] he put the grace aside.

When you begin to put the grace aside you put the abundance aside. Jesus said to Peter, “You are Peter, the rock, and upon this rock I will build my church and gates of hades (meaning the realm of the dead) shall not prevail against this church”.

You are Peter, you qualify to go to any church and any church with gates will not prevail against you. These are gates that prevent people from entering into the glory, the Lord says, they shall not prevail.

But in [Galatians 2] Peter put the grace aside. In [Act 3] because he carries that Spirit, he goes to the church with the gate called Beautiful.

Many people love glitters. Just because that church is called beautiful, you think it is right [beautiful].

Understand one thing, the lame man who lay by the gate called beautiful was taken by people. And they fulfilled what he desired, what he was looking for.

He was looking for money and not life. [Matthew 6:32-33] says pagans are looking for all these things but seek first the kingdom and its righteousness and all these things taken together shall be added unto you.

Also, Jesus says, “I have come so that you might have life”.

So, Peter comes – because Jesus prophesied upon and said no gate shall prevail against him – he said to the man laying at the gate called beautiful, “Look unto us. Silver and gold I do not have but what I give you now in the name of Jesus it is not to fulfil your desires”.

Some people keep on giving money where they are not supposed to give money.

What is Peter doing there? He is dealing with gates. It is called beautiful but it does nothing good. People who live in there will give the lame man money and proceed into the church, but nothing good was given unto him. Get this: they were also beggars. They went into the church thinking that they were worshiping; until Peter came and dealt with the gate.

When Peter went in the first time people heard him teaching and they said, “Listen to these people, they are unschooled but the way they teach, it shows that they have been with Jesus” [See Acts 4].

When people look at you can they see that you have been with Jesus.

When Peter met with the man, he said, “Look at me”. In other words, “I am not like people who went into the church. I am not going to fulfill your lust for money”. And Peter finished with the gate.

[Luke 16] Lazarus was at the gate of the rich man. He wanted to eat what fall from the rich man table. In other words, the rich man was supposed to go into his house give to Lazarus and go to the house. [Act 3] they also give to the man and enter into the house. The rich man will be in his house. It does not say Lazarus ate from his house.

When this story starts it says Lazarus was carelessly dropped down at the agate of the rich man.

It is not like [Act 3] where they put the man decently at the beautiful gate. Lazarus did not eat from the rich man’s but dogs would come and leak his sores. Not even dogs came in [Acts 3]. This is still a parable.

At the death of the rich man, it was the manifestation of showing who is a true beggar. The true beggar was the rich man because he had to beg. Also, if the people who were going into this church in [Acts 3] died, they will have begged Father Abraham. Everyone who was teaching in that church was one of the brothers.

In the same [Luke 16] when the rich man was begging Abraham, he said, “If you can send someone to give a drop of water because it was burning”.

Abram tries to show him that it is too late, he says, “Between you and us there is a division, we cannot reach there”. Then the man begged and he said, “At least, if you can send someone from Hades, who can go down because I have five brothers, maybe they can repent”.

Abraham said, “They have Law and the Prophets”. Why? He said they have the law and the prophets because he knows they do nothing to them.

Anyone that you met and you do not get satisfied, it is because something is missing. Hence you will not get satisfaction.

So woman, how many husbands? You met with all five of them yet you are still thirsty.


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    Thank you Papa for a teaching that is so edifying,enlightening,equipping and instructing this is really Christ given.
    By this I learn not to live like a beggar and to worry not as pagans do, instead, I ought to seek that which is in me “THE KINGDOM.”

    Thank You again it one continuous thanksgiving in Christ to you.

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