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[John 10:9] “I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture.”

[Matthew 19:24] “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

John, Luke and others were rich. [Mathew 5] says blessed are the humble, the poor in spirit. In other words, Jesus was saying the least in the Kingdom.

Who does Jesus say shall be greater than John the Baptist? You can see there is a gate. Not that John, Moses and Elijah are in hell, no. But what they were preaching was incomplete. I want us to crush religion.

I wanted to repeat this so that everyone can hear it correctly. The question is who are you begging and at which gate are you begging? The woman was begging to the one who says I am the gate.

[Luke 16:16] Remember this: John came as the spirit of Elijah; meaning the law and the prophets.

[John 5: 31-43]The fellowship of the Father and the Son, they testify on behalf of each other. I want us to get this.

The law and the prophets were proclaimed until John; and remember John came in the spirit of Elijah.

John 10 don’t forget it as well, and

[Luke 1] says John the Baptist went before the Lord. And Jesus says, “He who comes before me is a thief and a robber”.

You can read the bible and still find yourself creating bad gates and causing people to enter through them.

Because John came with spirit of Elijah; there was something like a human witness there.

I do not need anyone to approve me or anyone to defend me, it will be God. I don’t need anyone.

You are busy waiting for someone to approve you and say the anointing is of God. You don’t need anyone.

When I met with Christ, I never saw you – prophet, evangelist, teacher, apostle and pastor – but I met with Christ.

In [1 Corinthians 2] Paul says that even though he was not eloquent in speak, the Holy Spirit will testify on his behalf. Paul does not say, man will testify, but the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, I too, I do not need anyone to say, Lesego is a true man of God. I don’t need anyone. For if it is a person, he sees a demon and will run for deliverance.

I want us to get this. It is easy to listen to man and cause man to testify on your behalf; but do you need anyone? Are you begging at the gate? Which gate are you begging?

Anyone, if you are offended, it means I am speaking the truth. If I’m offending you, know that offense affects your loins – your history and everything about you even your experience is affected.

I want us to listen to this.

Don’t worry, boldness does not respect gates. Boldness only respects the Lord as the gate.

Listen to this. I want us to get to understand this.

You enquire to John the Baptist but don’t you know that he came with the spirit of Elijah? Do you not know that the law and the prophets were proclaimed until John?

I love this Jesus. When He speaks to you, He putts this in you. As you read, He puts it in you.

Listen to this part. He says, “I don’t receive a mere human witness”. In other words, He was saying, “Not that I believe in human testimony but I’m just telling you so that you can believe it”.

Hence we do not want anyone to defend us or to become our witness, for that is a mere human witness.

Jesus says, “I just mentioned it so that you can believe”.

Some believe in human testimony. But I say this, you can investigate every work that we do but you will find nothing; for its only God who can testify.

Who can stand on a platform to testify to confirm me?

Remember when Peter said to Jesus, “You are the Christ, son of the living God”. What did Christ say afterward? Did he not say, “flesh and blood did not reveal this to you but my father in heaven who revealed this to you”?

If someone says you are a true man of God, check the gate to see if you are a true man of God or not.

The father becomes your witness not human testimony. Human testimonies include John, Moses and those who came before; and get who comes before is a thief and a robber.

You need to hear Christ confirming and testify on your behalf.

“We know that you are from God for no one can do what you do”, said Nicodemus in [John 3]. In other words, We just argue but we know you are from God.

I say to you, I’m not called by man. I’m not elected for I am selected. With election, man is involved. But with selection, God puts you to test. That is why I delight in hardships. He puts you to test and that is how you reveal the true materials in you.

I want you to look and see God confirming, not you confirming.

“Not that I believe in human testimony but I mention it so that you may saved”.

But it’s not that you should believe either.


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