[Romans 6:1-2] should we sin so that grace may abound? Certainly not. By no means, just as Jesus was raised, so are we. You were crucified, buried and raised with him. If anyone wants to follow him, pick up the cross and follow him. Ever wonder why Jesus would read from the Old Testament and people would be shocked. I was beaten forty [40] stripes minus one [-1]. If you read the bible from Genesis to Malachi, it is forty books minus one is thirty nine from Genesis to Malachi is thirty nine. All the books in the Bible are sixty six [66]. Forty minus one and the remaining is one, the New Testament – the oneness. God did not mention that one – intimacy, love.


Intimacy with God makes it possible for you to read the Old Testament because you do not read without a stripe opened. When Jesus was on his way to meet with the devil, he opened [Deuteronomy 8:3] man shall not live on bread alone. How many people had been reading that scripture? If there is a stripe, you are able to open what was closed. The law, the prophets and the Old Testament, something was missing and you have to be beaten, be opened from the back.


When you are crucified and co-raised with him, there is wisdom and intimacy. There is confirmation because wisdom is known by her actions. [Matthew 17:5]  The cloud covered them and the voice filled them, listen to him. Who are you listening to? Meditate on him alone, listen to him only. The lion has confidence to leave the lioness, to cement its territory because he knows that it will be able to function even when he is not there.


The cubs will hunt as he hunts. The teacher will unpack everything. Even to the cubs, the lioness will teach the male cub to be like the father. In the old we would meet people who say it is a sin to be taught by a woman. It depends who taught the woman and where she finds her intimacy. Many come and say, “I need covering.” Do you know what is covering? When you need covering you fall in love, you have true intimacy.


‘I just read a testimony from Nigeria from a son I have never met physically, but when you read his testimonies you feel the love and connection, and you melt when you read them. he says he touched the TV screen to receive the anointing of the one who was talking at that time and when he ministers, the same anointing in that one is in him. And when you read you just melt in love. He writes, you are my father even though I have never met you’


It does not mean you can only be intimate with someone you live with in the house, even if you are in the same house with them there can be disagreements because of lack of understanding, that is intimacy and wisdom that lacks action. It Lacks the Holy Spirit that confirms His Word. There was no intimacy at all between God and Cain.


Many people talk about Martin Luther King, but they only speak about him in reference to politics. There is a museum in Germany where no one is allowed to stand where Martin Luther King translated the bible. A drop of blood came out of the pages of the bible while he was translating the book of Romans. He had to go and confront the Romans and that is how the Bible was spread throughout the world. They speak of numbers but they can never confirm the oneness in a man. Where there is a stripe, not everyone can see. It is opened but they could not understand.


It was a protected language [Mathew 17: 5] they were talking about Christ’s exit from life, they were talking about the events of [Acts 1]. When Jesus was taken up to the clouds and the two men said, why are you looking intently into the sky; the same way you saw him go into the clouds is the same way he will come to you – intimacy. [Hebrews 12:1] since we are surrounded by so a great cloud of witnesses let us leave behind every weight, hindrance and the sin that easily entangles; let us look unto Jesus – look at him only. You are looking at what is not yet fulfilled and you are excited. You can read the book in the Old Testament but when you read without their fulfilment there is no oneness; there is no intimacy.


People read the scriptures to a point where they do not eat pork. Don’t you know that when you have intimacy with God whatever you touch is blessed? I have seen people apply the scriptures without a stripe. There is grace to purify, to take a fisher and say you are blessed, and not to be stoned. I have seen people coming from a funeral washing their hands, they do so because there was a corpse. There are those who create their own law apart from the law we all know.


You may be there and see Jesus is there surrounded by clouds yet not looking at him; you might see obstacles and hindrances. You are surrounded but it is possible for you to look there and lose focus. The two men appeared in [Acts: 1], the same way he went into the clouds is the same way he will come to you. It does not mean at the end of the world but it means the Holy Spirit.



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