The Holy Spirit can come to you without having connection with Him. I will pour the Spirit unto all flesh, your sons and daughters but he comes into the next line and says, as for my bondservants and there, there is no age – [Acts 2:17-18]. Those who are His are produced by Him and those who are yours are produced by you. Live and walk habitually by the Spirit [Galatians 5:16] it is not a rebuke, it is an instruction. I cannot say live by the spirit if I did not give you the Holy Spirit.


You fail to walk by the Spirit but I gave you the Spirit already. Your sons, daughters, old men, they are yours and not mine. They can prophesy, cast out demons and heal the sick – I never knew you, away from Me you evildoers [Matthew 7:22-23]. It does not mean that Cain had intimacy with God in Genesis 4. They were with Jesus but there was a discussion about let us build a booth. God intervened quickly because of that statement.


There are things that may look as though they have not been resolved in your life, they gave you all those names; let them give you all those name but data [information] is being given to prove they are wrong and revealed – I am intimate with this one. People use verses and they quote them as their favourite. You use a scripture to tell your father that you want to be with him and your father does not quote any scripture but he says “go, it shall be known”.


You do not quote scripture but you are a letter. This is my son, listen to him only. There are things you may see, but form now onwards see Jesus only. Whatever you have seen or learned from me, put it into practice and the God of peace will be with you. He is Immanuel – God with us. Silver and gold I do not have, I do not come with what people look for; what I give you – ‘I want you to have the Kingdom of God and everything else shall be given or added unto you’ – [Matthew 6:33].


The man was begging for money but the Bible says ‘pagans look for those things’ – [Matthew 6:7]. He was a pagan at the gate of the church, so do not look for those things. Many say Peter did not have money, healing people without money. When Peter and John started to teach they said, “these people are unschooled, it shows that they were with Jesus” – [Act 2]. He  said, “not being able to walk and furthermore, in the Spirit he was a pagan”. Pagans look for these things.


Before I can raise you up and take you to the church, seek first the kingdom of God. Wisdom means righteousness. All those things taken together shall be added unto you. The way they speak it shows that they were in the intimacy with Jesus. Many say, “He had been with Jesus yet the person does not show any action.” Faith without action is dead. Let everything in your life be a form of worship. ­­The same way he went to the sky is the same way he will come to you, how did Jesus come to you? They are reputed to be pillars of the church [Galatians 2], I realised that the same grace in them was also in me but they added nothing to me.


You would think Apostle Paul had pride but being in that position he said, “It does not matter to me”, because God is not a respecter of a man’s position. Who are those two men? They spoke to Jesus in [Mark 9 and Matthew 9] – that is when they spoke about His exit. It was not angels but men. That was the fulfilment of what they spoke about in [Mark 9 and Matthew 9]. They were perfected apart from us, God had you in mind. Every time, know that God has you in mind.


The prophesy of the virgin giving birth to a son called Immanuel – God with us it happens the same as – whatever you have learned or seen in me, put it into practice and the God of peace shall be with you – Immanuel. There is no need to discuss things with people when they have heard whatever. You leave them to compete, when you compete with them it shows that you are not satisfied with what God has given you.


When you compete it means you have left Jesus. Let them talk, it makes no difference to me, who they are or what they do. People who criticise want you to be like them and to do what they do. When rain comes the sun has an opportunity to come and burn where it rained. They do not realise the cloud that carries the rain. If it is too painful, you grow. When you grow there is evaporation and they will not understand you.


The Spirit prays for us with words and groans that no one can understand – [Romans 8:26]. When you groan no one can understand you. When they ask what is wrong, and you try to speak they cannot hear you. Groaning is more than speaking in tongues. When you speak in tongues you are speaking to God but when you groan, it just happens.



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