The spirit groans and prays according to God’s will. When you groan it is painful but when an answer comes it is according to the will of God. Saul was pursuing David and it was painful for David to a point where he said, “I cannot touch the anointed,” because it was painful to him; even though he had an opportunity to kill Saul. See what helped Saul, Saul was supposed to die and not by the hand of David.  [I Samuel 26:8] David had an opportunity to kill Saul. It was not at the point of groaning but at the point of pain.


[1 Samuel 25:15] You are a man, aren’t you? Who is like you in Israel? Why did you not guard the lord your king? Someone wanted to destroy your king. Why is the bible saying someone? You and your men should die. This prophesy is not just a child’s play. See how Saul did not die. Is that your voice David my son? Yes it is my Lord.


There are things people accuse you of and I need you to be confident, be associated with your father. If you are against someone check if it is the lord that makes you to be against that person or your own will. There are those who have wisdom but it is not heavenly wisdom because there is no action. There are people who are against people, is it God who incited you. Christ was found amongst tax collectors and he was called wrong. Many judged with their eyes and they were wrong.


Has God incited you to fight his anointing? You touched the anointing. If it according to God’s will there is groaning. If it is according to God’s will then it is my time but if it is not, I am still going to be here for four hundred [400] years. Saul was supposed to die immediately but what saved Paul? Saul was still anointed when God said to David, his throne will last forever. God said, “I have rejected Saul” but David understood because we say it is according to God’s will. Saul was supposed to die but he confessed “I have sinned. Come back David my son because you considered my life precious today. You will not die today. I have acted like a fool. I have been terribly wrong” his confession saved him.


David’s words were fulfilled when Saul died in the battle. When people say all sort of things against you, not incited by God, the battle is coming. Who knows? Jesus said, I have come that you might have life – it depends. Did you welcome life? There are two things set before you, life and death; what do you choose? Immediately Saul had to confess and take himself out of trouble for a while.


Has the lord incited you too pursue me? You keep talking about people, speaking about people on the phone, has the Lord incited you to pick up the phone and speak nonsense. Has he incited you to hold meetings and talk about where the anointing is? You even quote scriptures. The Holy Spirit is coming but it depends whether they are His or yours. As the body of Christ we need to get this, has the Lord incited you?


Are you in the intimacy of God to a point when they look at you they speak life? I am not here just to heal you but look unto me. Silver and gold I have none, I will not minister to you like I am a pagan. Look unto him, listen to him only.


Who are you listening to?


You may listen to an apostle but the spirit of an apostle not ministering to you. Who they are it does not matter to me because they can receive a gift but without the spirit of that gift taking over.


Let God speak and incite you and whomever you are against, it will be by the will of God. If not, it will be by the language you do not know but you go and speak against. Only Jesus qualified to meet with Paul, God had to even go to Ananias to meet with Paul. Everyone was there with Jesus but no one qualified to see him as the one.


Saul why do you persecute me? Who are you Lord? Whatever is good, whatever is pure, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think of such, whatever you have seen or learned from me put it into practice and the God of peace will be with you – Immanuel. You received me as an angel and even Christ. Who did you receive? No one sees you as an idol when they see Christ.


The touching of the anointed goes with groaning, you cannot say anything. When a dove cries you just hear a thick voice and then it flies away. In the cloud, see him only and listen to him only. Understand him only. It does not mean when you come to Rabboni you are intimate with God. You may fail while you are here and decide to resign because your desires are not met. Things do not happen the way you want.


Here, it is according to God’s will and not your will!



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  • Motsereganyi Metsi

    Yes and Amen!God’s General, I truly believe that, we must pray according to God’s Will,because the Word of God teaches us that His Will shall be done. We must ask for spirit of discernment about our anointing and spiritual inheritance in His Testamentary Will.

    Our Heavenly Father God made a promise and covenant with Abram before he became Abraham and his descendants,including all of us.This agreement was ratified with Isaac and Jacob (Israel ),and the twelve families of Israel (Genesis 15 & 28).

    Thereafter, Israel gave each son a blessing that was right for him, according to God’s Will (Genesis 49:1-33).So,there is no room for’over-taking ‘and /or anointing-exchage and/or spiritual fraud or corruption or lies or cheating in the kingdom of God, unless He allows it by His Will ,for His glory ;like in the teachings about the twins Esau and Jacob (Genesis 25:22-26 And Genesis 27:25-40) And/or About those 400 Prophets (2 Chronicles 18:18-27).

    E.G;Moses killed with sword out of anger, because his parents are from the family tree of Levi;
    Lord Jesus Christ is from the Family of Judah, hence He is called the ‘Lion of Judah ‘,
    Isaac and Jacob lied about their wives calling them their sisters),because their father, Abraham lied to the king.
    We must learn about teachings of our ancestoral spiritual family trees, and/or Spiritual charectors in the kingdom of God. Israel and the Israelites are our ancestors, and the agreement entered into with God is binding upon all of us (Deuteronomy 29).We must therefore trust,obey and keep it(His Commands)for the salvation of our soul,for the fulfilment of the scriptures, and for the glory of the kingdom of God.



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