Prophet Arthur Mahlaule (26) from Tzaneen (Limpopo province) came to Rabboni Centre Ministries on the 3rd of March 2018 to testify of the Glory of the Lord after confessing about bad connections that affected his ministry.

On the 6th of October 2017, Prophet Arthur Mahlaule came to confess and ask for forgiveness about his involvement with different ministries that spoke bad about the anointing operating at Rabboni Centre Ministries and the man of God Professor Lesego Daniel himself.

He went further to say that he had a ministry in Polokwane up until he met with those ministers in 2015. As they spoke bad, his ministry fell apart even after many attempts to keep it together. He went from 336 to 40 members, said he said.

Prophet Mahlaule said that he decided to come to RCM after a dream about the Man of God, Prof Lesego Daniel. In the dream, the man of God told Prophet Mahlaule that he wants to raise him and that he should come to RCM.

Indeed, Prophet Mahlaule heeded to the instruction of the Holy Spirit and visited RCM. It was during this visit that he confessed to God about the bad connection and how it affected his ministry.

After hearing the confession, the man of God, Prof Lesego Daniel, forgave him and told him that he will bring a testimony. From that moment onwards, Prophet Mahlaule’s ministry turned around and began growing fast. Many started coming to church as God was at work. God also blessed him with land to start the ministry, a business and a house.

However, everything came to a collapse after Prophet Mahlaule attended another ministry not knowing that it was a wrong connection. The pastor of that ministry started speaking bad about the Man of God Prof, Lesego Daniel, and that is when his ministry started losing people.

When Prophet Mahlaule came to the Training of the Matters of the Kingdom, the man of God Professor Lesego Daniel revealed in a prophecy that there was a minister who no longer enjoyed ministering as people around speak bad. In that prophecy, the man of God further said that the minister needs go back and confess as he also spoke badly about the ministers who were speaking badly about him.

Prophet Mahlaule responded to the prophecy and indeed confessed again. After his confession, he was restored, even his teachings, when he speaks the congregants would testify that he sounds like Prof Lesego Daniel.

Word of encouragement: if anyone knows of anyone who is speaks bad about the man of God, he or she should cut all ties with that person and come to confess to receive their freedom. As this will help to not attract any other spirit.



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