When Samuel was found weeping by God, God said to him, Stop weeping over Saul I have rejected him. What God has rejected you cannot force yourself to develop.


God said to Samuel, “Go to Jesse, for I have found myself a man”. Some versions say: I have found myself a king. [See 1 Samuel 16:1]


Yet David was just a boy tendering sheep. He was neither a man nor a king. But God had already seen from within David.


The purpose for David to be born was to be a King. It is important to find your purpose. So, I need to find Kings and Sons in you. I need to find the strength of the Father.



“Fill your horn with oil and be on your way; I am sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem” [1 Samuel 16:1].


In [Verse 3] God says, “I will show you what to do. You are to anoint for me the one I indicate”.


But now when Samuel arrives at the house of Jesse, he leaves aside what God told him. He saw the first born and thought, “Surely the Lord’s anointed stands here before the Lord”. That is when the trouble came. Samuel saw from the outside. God said even this one I have rejected him.


Understand one thing. The first born of Jesse was not the first born according to God. The first born was David.


Also, who is the son of David in the physical? Jesus Christ is the son of David — in the physical. But David, in the spirit, called Him Lord.


So when Jesus comes, He says, “I am the first and the Last” [See Revelation 22:13]. Remember, David was the last in the physical.


I want you to understand the mystery.


Jesse’s first born was in the physical but there was a first born of God in the spirit.


I want you to understand the level where God is taking us with this message. You are not going to leave after this conference as someone who is numbered in the physical.


There are people in families and they are numbered in the physical. Even in churches, there are people who are numbered in the physical. Check where you are in the spirit.


The sign of the Father’s strength cannot be the first without being the last. If there is no one in the family, one person can count as being the first and the last.


This messiah effect – is shaking a lot – the miracles, signs and wonders are a token to show that God spoke upon the first.


The first born – a sign of the strength of the father.


You cannot perform a sign when there is no word of God or teaching. For a sign is a token to show that God has spoken




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