[2 Corinthians 7:1-2]


First get the revelation, Apostle Paul says,” Do open your hearts and allow us to enter.” Then the Spirit of the Son comes into your hearts [Galatians 4:6]. The Spirit from the Father will testify on my behalf, you also will testify. What the Holy Spirit does, you also will do.


What disqualifies you to come into His presence?


[Matthew 10:40-41], if you receive these little ones of mine you receive Me…” When you open your hearts you receive us. If you receive me, you receive the One who has sent me, meaning you receive God. There is no difference, let Us make man in our image [Genesis 1:26].


If you receive a prophet because he is a prophet you receive a prophet’s rewards, if you receive a righteous man because he is righteous, you receive a righteous man’s reward and blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, they will be satisfied [Matthew 5:6].


It is difficult to serve God when you are not satisfied. If you are not content, it is very difficult. Many have difficulty in serving God because there is no satisfaction. In satisfaction, no matter what happens there is breakthrough.


You need satisfaction!


When people come and ask for impartation, I tell them plainly, I will not pray for you but I will show you what is in you. There are many who would have received a call but lack of satisfaction is trouble.


Immediately after John baptised Jesus, the Holy Spirit came upon Him. You will know that you are raised by Him personally.


I can say in the presence of God, God has qualified me to teach about this because it is God who called me, no man has his fingerprints on me. I know it is from God and not from man.


People will come with questions and say people do not view you as a man of God but I say, I do not depend on people’s views. It depends on how the Master gives me. The way people view me it does not affect me because of the satisfaction in me. I do not care how people view me.


Today people can look at you and say you are not worthy but in the eyes of God you are a jewel. They do not know the beauty of God, it lies in the heart. You do not have to care how people view you and how they talk about you. Is it God talking about you, or is it people?


Satisfaction is very important in our lives. Even when you pray you feel tired, you are not satisfied. Be satisfied that you hear from God and your heart speaks to Him. Even when you are tired you say, I am before you today. Be satisfied and enjoy your availability to God every time.


Are you content with what you have? Are you content with who you are, and your situation?


I was so shocked when God showed me, I was in a vision caught up. I found myself sitting in a meeting, there were great people in the meeting. One was teaching us, I was listening but I had eyes to see my neighbour. God showed me there is no life. Something came and entered me as I listened to the teaching.


When you come to a meeting, come satisfied. Before I can say anything, preach or pray for you, there is always a sign of the presence of God. Even when I am not around you will see a sign, this is not ordinary.


Solomon builds the temple of God, even the Most Holy place. After building, people might say it is beautiful yet the same because it is the one which Jesus said I will destroy and build in three days. When Jesus was walking on the temple’s colonnades, the disciples said it is beautiful but He said it will be destroyed.


There was no difference between Solomon praying and Elijah praying. It depends on what is in you. You do not delight in sacrifices but a pure heart [Psalm 51:16]. What kind of temple can you build me? You ask for forgiveness thereafter you are not satisfied.


Someone says I love you but you are not satisfied. Some have to be told three times that they are loved. It means people forget, they are not satisfied.


On the 14th of February we are having War against Addiction and it will be Valentine’s Day. We are going to have hearts here, for the ordinary. You must understand them, they can come for the first time and recognise love yet you being here are struggling with satisfaction. It will be Valentine’s Day but we will be having our brothers and sisters from the streets.


Once that satisfaction comes you are able to go to the streets. It is all about the matter of the heart.


There are people whom God can show you, this one will never escape the Anointing. If you are satisfied you cannot go anywhere. When the prodigal son left, the father was satisfied, he never went after him. When you are satisfied that you have done a good work, you are never worried.



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