[Ephesians 3:8-9]


For those who have lost in life, just be satisfied and look for that satisfaction: the overflow of the Glory, the person Christ, the Holy Spirit upon your life. God has started the good work and He will see to it that He finishes, it is not by might nor by power but by the Spirit.


[1 Corinthians 7:1], I speak like Apostle Paul: Do open your hearts for us to enter, all these great promises are ours. Get rid of everything that contaminates or corrupts then you will see these great promises in your life, this is what God has promised to give that which others have not yet experienced.


Understand what Apostle Paul says, “Even though I am less than the least of all Gods’ people the secret things of the Kingdom are given to me.”.


My satisfaction is when I see you being developed and running, it is my responsibility to raise people who carry something strange, the very least of the saint.


Who supposed to be a saint?


[Ephesians 4: 12], God gave gifts and His intention was to develop the saints…” They were supposed to be saints – people who are developed. It is so they may reach a standard height not less than that of God. They are called saints but there is no mystery there [it means mysteries of the Kingdom were not given to them].


You cannot be a saint and not carry a mystery. Beware of being a saint who is not developed. Do not be a saint that get tested by fire, you escape the fire but there is no development. It will be like they have been saved from the fire, but what about your work?


Apostle Paul said in [1 Corinthians 3:10], By grace, I laid this foundation and this foundation is Christ. It means everyone is a saint. They are busy with Jesus not knowing the Christ, there is no foundation there.


Everyone who build, be careful how you build because his work will be tested by fire. Out of dissatisfaction you use straw or paper but it will be finished by fire. It tests.


But when you build on Christ as the foundation, you speak like Jeremiah ‘it is like fire shuttered in my bones, I do not want to use this thing but I find myself using it.’


We taught about people who knew Jesus accurately but not as Christ the Messiah. What kind of foundation without the Christ? You will not see a mystery in your life, Christ is the mystery of God. That is why Apostle Paul says, the secret things of the Kingdom were given to me – Christ the mystery of God.


Even though they walk with Christ but they do not know He is the Christ. They knew Jesus but never knew the Christ. Apollos comes, he knew Jesus accurately. Accuracy might be there but if there is adequacy there is no building.


A student is not better than the teacher but it is enough for the student to be like the teacher. In satisfaction we are like the teacher.


[John 1:47-51], You believe because I mentioned the accurate way of you being under the tree, you will see greater things because there is no guile in your heart. All these great promises are ours. You will see these great promises, that is what Jesus said when he met Nathaniel.


Remove everything that contaminates in your heart, for some there is no need for impartation but separate yourself. So that we should not be like children tossed back and forth by the waves of teaching.


When someone preaches they say, ‘Hallelujah’ saying this is Accuracy!


When they [Aquila and Priscilla] came to the house, they had to reveal to him [Apollos], the more accurate way. After he was taught he stood and said, Jesus Christ is the Messiah. But before that Apostle Paul met with the disciples of Apollos in Ephesus and no nothing about the Holy Spirit


The same with the church of Phillip, the apostles in Jerusalem had to send Peter after hearing about the church of Phillip. There was no Holy Spirit but what did they see? You would be shocked when you get to that church.


When the sorcerer saw Peter he wanted to buy the Holy Spirit, he never saw the Holy Spirit, there was no Holy Spirit in Philips church.


When the Father is at work you are at work. You might find yourself asking God to do something yet through you He wants to do something. When the Holy Spirit comes you can declare a mystery.


I declare, this is the mystery of God!


[1 Samuel 16:1], God said stop weeping after Saul. I have found myself a king. Go there and I will show you what to do. The problem with Samuel was lack of satisfaction. When you get there you must find satisfaction, be still and know that I am God.


God said, I have found a man after my own heart. That king was only a young boy. He had to kill a lion and a bear because he had a Spirit of the Father in him. The same Anointing that destroyed the lion and the bear will kill you. He did not have to pray for the standard to be raised.


If I carry the mystery, there is no need for a standard to be raised. What is in the saints if there is no mystery, how would you declare the mystery among the matured? They are saints but they are not matured.



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