[Ephesians 3:8-9]


There is no maturity without a mystery. If there is no mystery it is not maturity. How can we declare the mysteries if people say it is not from God; later you find it is a mystery from Christ.


These people were still holding onto the Law. The Law stands like a veil in front of them, hindering them from seeing the mystery. Because of lack of mystery, you want to please your friends and preach what they preach.


[Galatians 2], They realised that the same God in them is God in me, they gave me the same right of fellowship. Peter was eating with the Gentiles but when he saw the Jews he withdrew. Barnabas who was with Paul joined Peter.


Paul said to Peter, you have put the grace of God aside, you stand condemned. It says in [Romans 8:1], that there is no condemnation to those in Christ but they stood condemned because the Law stands as a veil.


We also see that with the Israelites they could not see the glory when Moses came carrying the tablets – the Law. They had to put a veil so that the Law can be read so the Law was read without the glory so the Glory had to depart from Moses, as a result there is no mystery, there is nothing.


This was the same Law given through angels. The angels respected the Law before Jesus could come. They would come and stir the pool but on the Sabbath no, they didn’t come.


Jesus came and stood by the sheep gate and said those who enter through me, not through the pool. There was a sheep gate near the pool. The man who could run fast will be healed; there was no grace.


It is not by might nor by power but by the Spirit. The one who received grace it was through Jesus. He was accused because He healed a man of the Sabbath. It was the Law of the Sabbath: those entering through the pool, they would not go into the pool on the Sabbath because they went to celebrate.


Grace is not for the quick it is not all about who came first. The sick will be left there until Monday, so there was no grace with the Law. The problem with these people was the Law.


[Act 10], God brought the sheet, ‘kill and eat’. Peter said I cannot eat what is unclean. God did not say, kill, cook and eat but He said kill and eat. Sushi [raw fish], eat quickly.


When God says kill and eat, you will not eat what is common. God said do not call what I give common. I am satisfied because it is God who said kill and eat, you do not have to question.


The vision was all about being sent to the Gentiles. [Acts 10]; it is about Cornelius, he was a Gentile. There was a Gentile in the Old Testament and he was highly favoured – Job.


God said do not intermarry but there was Job – a Gentile. If you marry Job God approves. God said, ‘my servant Job!’ with that romantic language. He loved him so much. God had such people in the Old Testament.


What God declared hallowed is not common but uncommon. Peter had an opportunity to eat what was uncommon but he failed. The Jews were surprised to see the Gentiles receiving the Holy Spirit just as they were.


Anything can be the Law because Jews believed in water baptism before they could receive the Holy Spirit. These people have received the Holy Spirit just as we are, what can hinder them from being baptised with water?


He who searches the heart knows the mind of the Holy Spirit. David was a man after God’s heart. [John 1:16], in His fullness we all have a share, one grace after another, favour upon favour and gifts heaped upon gifts. God was pleased to have His fullness in His Son. His Son is the visible representative of the invisible God.


Many teach about [Acts chapter 2], when the Spirit comes. If you have to teach about the Holy Spirit, every scripture is spirit breathed, suck out the breath of every scripture. Inhale, breath everything from the scripture and keep the Spirit in you – you will do greater things.


Yes there are saints, I am less than them but the secret things of the kingdom were given unto me. What happened to them? Wake up oh sleeper, let who shine on you? The Messiah, the Christ. To enlighten them because they are sleeping.


Let the more adequate way come and shine on you. They were all virgins, the five were not doing what is wrong but something corrupted and caused the oil not to be enough.


Corruption does not just come, it is because of refection. They were all ten virgins, pure as you can put it. But something came to prevent them not to have enough, inadequate.


Satisfaction comes because of adequacy. There is no way God cannot give you enough, God is enough but the problem is you want to save for tomorrow. I will give you all and if I cannot stop I can go on and on.


The moment you have such you give, you are not selfish. Hence we say freely you received, freely give. Who said you will run dry? The moment God gives me I teach – I give.



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  • Malesela Jonas phala

    I love Jesus Christ. What I need Proph. The healing of my spirit from God through you the man of God. To prosper in everything I do by the will of God. Let the fear of trusting God be destroyed in Jesus Christ’s Name I pray. Let your prayer assist on my behalf. Amen.

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