Whatever God says is yours, it is indeed yours. During Sunday service the 10th of June 2018, Mrs Isabella Zulu (37) from Ga-Rankuwa, North of Pretoria graced us with a beautiful testimony regarding God’s favour, regarding her financial breakthrough and healing of her son.



It was on the 1st of February 2018 where Mrs Zulu went to a business boot camp for three days, they were required to channel presentations at the boot camp. Mrs Zulu did her presentation two days after the boot camp, there was a panel of judges listening to the presentations, “There were people much educated than I am and I was the only woman who was older than them”, said Mrs Zulu. This is a company that assess business ideas and then finances individuals based on the outcome of the presentation given.


When Mrs Zulu had concluded her presentation, she was told that they would call her and tell her whether she made it or not. The following Tuesday after the Tuesday service Mrs Zulu spoke Professor (Prof) Lesego Daniel and he prayed for her documents. The following day Mrs Zulu was called and told that she had made it, in addition to that she would be incubated into the company (this is said to be a process where your idea that was presented is being monitored to see it’s materialization and progress). The incubation period is 9 months long.


“My second testimony is about how confession restored my family. In the month of January 2018 my husband was badly connected and he would get visitors who would tell him to divorce me and leave me alone, this affected me in a bad way.  My husband would even speak to me in an unpleasant manner and I would end up being offended”, explained Mrs Zulu.

Mrs Zulu and her husband would argue constantly resulting in fighting physically. On the 20th of March 2018, Mrs Zulu came and attended the Tuesday service here in Rabboni Centre Ministries, she then confessed after the service about the fights at home. Mrs Zulu did not know about Mr Zulu’s visitations. “The demon manifested through me saying that it wanted the Zulu family to separate and it entered the time we were fighting physically’ she said.


After the confession Mrs Zulu went home, Mr Zulu confessed to her about the visitors. Ever since he confessed everything is fine and they are even stable financially.


The third testimony is about the healing Mrs Zulu’ son received, “I noticed that my son was sick, his nose would get blocked and I thought it was nasal cavity sinusitis. The blocked nose became worse and my son started experiencing shortness of breath. This would usually happen when we were about to sleep at night”, said Mrs Zulu.


During the Tuesday service Mrs Zulu came to church and told Prof Lesego Daniel about the son’s situation. Prof Lesego Daniel prayed for me and the demon manifested through me saying it wants to find my son dead so that they can use him under ground.

“Now my son is healed, he has never been sick again. I thank God and Prof Lesego Daniel for everything they are doing in my life and my family’s life”, concluded the joyous mother.



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