As I speak in the presence of the Lord. Many have received. This is the year of the Messiah’s heart. The Messiahs heart is full of His glory.


Sons shall be revealed. This is the year that shall be full of the revelation. Many will learn more about His glory that is happening.


Many will see with His eyes and many will hear with their ears. Sons shall be revealed; this is the year of my revelations, this is the year of revealing more of who is who.


More of those who are in my presence as Moses said that, “those who are with me this side and those who are with Korah that side” – [Numbers 16:21].


This is the year where many will know that this one does not belong to God and this one belongs to my Father.


This is the year of the Messiah’s heart; many will see into that heart. They will learn more about My Anointing, they will learn more about My Word and many will learn more about My heart.


Know one thing: the Messiah’s heart is equal to My glory. In My glory many sons will be seen driving such in the sky, driving the light in the sky.


The reality has come!


I am here declaring, this is the acceptable year of the Lord. In your hearing you will be standing with me in my Father’s side. I give you life. This is the year of the Messiah’s heart, equal to His glory.


2018 we have seen, this is the continuation of who is who. It is time to learn more. Go, learn and do not touch what is near to God in a wrong manner.


Humility is the key, it will lift you up. You are blessed and you are a partaker of this glory. I believe in this conference God was preparing us for His glory.


In [2 Corinthians 7:2] Apostle Paul says, ‘you are nested in my heart.’ Riches in glory equal to the wealth in your heart.


What are the riches in glory?


It is what you carry in your heart: Love, joy, gentleness, patience, kindness, faithfulness, self-control and perseverance – [Galatians 5:22-23].


I declare all that is added comes because of the riches in glory.


I declare you blessed, the Lord of glory is with you!


There is are a lot of obstacles but we are already armed. Obstacles have arrows but we do not have arrows.


After the man of God [Prof. Lesego Daniel] gave the above declaration of the year, he further encourage the Saints to give the prayer of thanksgiving. He instructed the saints to pray for themselves, for the country, and for the body of Christ.


I believe that in this Conference [Training in the Matters of the Kingdom] we have seen, right into the Messiah’s heart. Life that came within Him.


This is the year of the revelation of the heart, a year of the Anointing and a year of knowing His glory, a year where we will see such glory and living in such glory and it shall be a blessing to all to those who meet with you and agree with you.


Even in terms of developing people; for example if God has produced sons last year, this year will be more than last year, remember God is with you all.


We thank God for rain, these are after showers of mercy, in everything we give thanks.


We are going to give right now. We give in the presence of God. Is someone ready to give in 2019? Let us partner in the presence of God. When we to partner and to offer we fulfil what the Lord has said.





  • My name is Mabyane Howard residing st Carletonville. I am a Manager of Mabyane Brokers and Mabyane Funerals. I am a mentor to a number of youth in transferring insurance and Medical aid . We read the bible each time i meet with my students. On completion of their courses they receive Diploma. Father Lesegp please annoint me to do greater works of the Kingdom. To God be the glory. Amen

  • Motsereganyi Metsi

    Yes and Amen!God’s General, My Spiritual Father in the Lord. By His Grace and His Will,in the beginning, I received all My Spiritual Blessings in Christ -The Messiah ‘s Heart.

    I AM declaring and decreeing that, I have received His Faithful Love, Greatness, Goodness, Kindness, Righteousness, Holiness, Purity, Joy,Spiritual Freedom in deed,His Rest,Gentleness, Self control, Perseverance, Knowledge and Wisdom, Wealth stored in secret places and hidden treasures, for the salvation of my soul, for the fulfilment of the scriptures, and for the glory of the kingdom of God.


    Motsereganyi Metsi

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