Mr Karabo Pete from Soshanguve came to share his testimony concerning the deliverance he received on 24 February 2019. Mr Pete first came to Rabboni Centre Ministries in the year 2013.


During the Sunday service on 24 February 2019, the man of God, Professor Lesego Daniel, prophesied about people who are delayed in their ministries and could have been far, but because of offence and bad connection, they are not where they are supposed to be. Karabo manifested to this prophecy, he was brought to the altar to be prayed for.  The man of God gave him anointing oil so that he can apply it on his body every day.



Karabo said that the offense came from when he was still in his previous ministry where he was very committed but felt undermined and everyone else would hold meetings to discuss him. Others felt that he was favored and that they felt disregarded. Furthermore instead of Karabo being released or ordained into ministry, he was given excuses and roles to deflect his focus from the main issue in his heart.”


Thus all this caused him offense. Then in January 2019, Karabo decided to leave the ministry and came to fellowship at Rabboni Centre Ministries.


He said that the deliverance he received was concerning ministry but this grace is not limited. Karabo immediately started seeing the hand of God in his workplace. He has been working for a certain company from May 2018 and in January 2019 he was promoted to being a quality inspector who would be on probation for a duration of a year before being posted as a permanent employee in that position. But glory be to God, after his deliverance on 24 February 2019, doors started opening.


Instead of Karabo waiting a whole year under probation, on 28 February 2019 his senior (quality manager) called Mr Karabo Pete and said: “I am satisfied with you. I was supposed to give you a contract for one year probation but in my heart I feel that you should be permanent and I thus spoke with HR on your behalf to make you permanent”. Mr Karabo Pete thus signed a contract, stating that he has been taken for a permanent post.


Karabo is thankful for the wrongs that the man of God corrected during his deliverance.


Word of Encouragement: “Never be offended in life but trust the word of God and all his instructions.”




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