[Hebrew 12: 22-24] – “But you have come to mount Zion, to the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the living God. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels of a joyful assembly, to the church of the first born, whose names are written in heaven.

You have come to God, the judge of all men, to the spirits of righteous men made perfect, to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better message than the blood of Abel…”

We have come to a Kingdom that cannot be shaken, so see to it that you do not reject Him or refuse to listen to Him, who is speaking to you now – in the last of this days He speaks to us through the Son.

God spoke and the mountain shook. There were earth quakes. Moses could not minister. You will minister no matter what, because you have seen the great sight and you are in the great sight.

[John 1:4] – In Him there is Life…” meaning you are made by Him [the Word] and you are that Life that He gave birth to, so that you become the Light of man. People must see the glory of God in you and through you.

When the glory is there, old prophets longed to see and hear these things but they could not, because they refuse Him [the Word], but you are blessed.

That is why Apostle Paul say: I thank God whom I serve, just as my forefather did; here he quotes the living, not somebody who is spiritually dead – are those who do not believe. Many preach this part and speak of ancestors but these are the living.

Apostle Paul was in a resurrected state that is why he said to Timothy [2 Timothy 1:8], “Do not blush, do not be ashamed to testify about Christ or even me so that the gospel you preach may expose you.”

But there are some who are still in a ‘religion state’ they say, you make yourself to be like God. It is because they do not know the scripture and the power of God.

What is the difference between me and Jesus Christ?

What do you see? Is it a great sight? I am not going to demote myself because I know the scriptures and understand the power of resurrection. I and the Father are one. I am not God but the Word of God made me to be like Him.

Once you hear religion you will fall and say this is not my place, because of not understanding your true identify in Christ. You will hide your face like Moses. Blessed are you who sees.

But if you are stiff necked, still holding on to religion you will not see, when the door is opened for you and you enter Life.

Religious people are quick to speak. Be still and you will see that He is God. God is not a man that he should lie, not the son of man that he should change his mind. When he has planned to do a good thing He will do it.

Even though you are faithless, childless, moneyless, man-less etc. God will not change His mind about you. His faithful to his promises. He foreknew you and He conformed you to be in the image of the Son.

Apostle Paul testifies about the forefather, the living. He does not teach Timothy what he is not doing. If you had a son and now confirm someone else to be their father, you are confused. It means you have not found a father.

For instance, you cannot have two biological father, the same in the Spirit. Apostle Paul said: ‘I became your father through the gospel,’ not because you are married to me because of what I have or you saw the way I am doing things. Many deny or ashamed because they are married with the world.

[2 Timothy 1:3-8]

[Verse 4] – “I yearn to see you…” Why is Apostle Paul yearning to see him? What would Timothy look like when he met him? In Christ there is life – that is the power of resurrection. Timothy was in the resurrected state.

Apostle Paul know and understand the mystery of knowing him and the power of resurrection, that is what he imparted to Timothy and further reminds him fan to flame the gift he received by the laying on of his hand.

There are gifts but they cannot perform the power of resurrection. When we talk resurrection power, a handkerchief was dead but once it is in the hands of the shepherd from above, it is resurrected.

Timothy trusted in such power, the power of resurrection. When will Timothy look like when Paul says: I yearn to see you? When you met with him personally before going to bible school, you must go where he said you must go to or else you will go there and correct many mistakes.

He says to John: “Come up here and I will show you what will happen in the future…” [Revelation 4:1]. When the future comes and someone tries to apply old age, you cannot be addressed by what is doomed to pass away.

I expect a testimony from those who touched the handkerchief. When I train you, I yearn to see God. It is not easy to deny a son, no matter what. No matter what you say I will never deny my sons.

I am filled with joy because I can see they are not ashamed or afraid to testify. They are not moved by those who say they are experienced.

What brings that joy? We find that in [Acts 19] demons saying to the sons of Sceva: “Paul we know, Christ we know…” meaning we know the great sight. We can identify when one is in a resurrected state.

Some people may plan to deal with you but they do not know how you look like, after being resurrected. Many have been asking themselves questions, why did I have the title that I have? You will understand now. They are not of the world just as I AM not of the world.

Those whom you called, you also predestined to be conformed to your image. Keep burning but you are not burned. The tree was not burning.

[Revelation 22] – There were trees of life. They were for the healings of the nations. It is not in heaven but on earth. There is no one sick in heaven.

So if we are the trees of life…” there is fire and a tree; and there is God in the midst. When we stand and speak it is no longer us but Christ.

Let trees clap their hands because there is joy. There is life. Fan to flame the gift you received through the laying on of hands!



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