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Hallelujah! I welcome all the sons; because [when I look] I see sons. Can I see the gates that allow the Lord to come in? Shout for the King of Glory.


I see the sons! I see authority! Happy Women’s Day!


From now on, you live in one continues day. Tell your neighbour, you look beautiful.


Worship God in the beauty of His holiness. Can somebody make noise made by sons – this is noise of the Holy Spirit.


What am I saying today? No one will know where you are coming from or where you are going; they will say, “Where is this woman coming from?”


I declare, you are all blessed!


Do you love Jesus? The Word that He speaks is spirit and life to us. Somebody ought to know what God is doing in this generation. You are not an ordinary woman; God is here to raise you up.


Blessed viewers we welcome you, we are celebrating our Women’s Day; and those who are watching, expect what is happening to be happening in your life.


Thank you for tuning in because you were led by the Holy Ghost. You are not an old prophet, you are blessed.


I am saying: Today, expect the message that has never been preached since the beginning of the world. God cannot give without multiplying to others. Expect the unexpected, with what has been happening in this church. People come and persecute you but you still wear that Rabboni t-shirt with confidence. It means there is something in you; for you to associate with those who are persecuted you will be able to stand and remain like that.


[Luke 8:1-6] – Let us see the responsibility of a woman. It is wonderful if you do something and Jesus is pleased. When Abraham’s servant saw Rebecca he saw the father in the daughter. Jesus was going through towns preaching and bringing the good news, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, together with the twelve [12] Apostles and also some woman who have been cured from evil spirit.


Many will hear of women who receive healing; but the main thing is not that they have been healed. When you hear there was woman, it does not mean that they were wives.


meaning it is possible with Jesus to meet with Samarian woman.


When they say where is your husband


He can meet with the man and say where is your wife. The man has to count how many wives because he is not satisfied with anyone. When you meet a woman like this, Jesus said, “Woman where is husband?” Meaning, she met with many husbands and no one satisfied her.


But the water that Jesus Christ gives, you are not going to be thirsty again.


The one you met, he is not a wife but a woman.


The Father, the Word, the Holy Spirit. Even so, The woman, the mother, the wife: meaning a woman incorporates all and makes one.


The moment they say you are a wife; ‘the woman’ is missing. When Jesus comes and says, “How many wives?” It meant, I met no one without a mother spirit. If you are born of a woman, you incorporate everyone. You incorporate all the Doctors of heaven.


These women were cured but the title God gives them is woman. What you are going to receive today was never preached. In the beginning of the world, God did not create a wife. He came with a wife the moment there was trouble, the mother spirit was not there. That is why Bible says, “Without knowledge my people perish”.


Knowledge without love puffs up. That is why it does not say the ‘fruits’ of the spirit is love but in truth the ‘fruit’ of spirit is love, for God is love. There is incorporation of goodness, kindness, joy, happiness, faithfulness.


If you have self-control but no perseverance, you are lacking. That is how these women who were cured but could be wives.


I believe God is going to raise some people today. Something is not properly fitting. When He says, “Where is your wife?” It means He is going to bring someone who is going to bring satisfaction.


The moment Jesus parts with the Samaritan woman, we now say that she is a mother from above because she went and preached the gospel to many. We need to understand what happened. She can do anything and everything because they are where it is impossible to be a wife [Luke 8].


What we hear now is that these women followed Jesus always. Jesus was pleased; hence they began to minister. And He began to speak a message to them. That is why we have the parable of the sower.


The most important thing is the title they were given – woman.


Curing is not the most important thing.


This is a great awakening and God will use women in this great awakening.


“Joanna, the wife of Chuza”.


Chuza is blessed. He has a wife who is a woman.


If I come and say to a man, “Where is your wife?” As a husband, you have to count the number of wives you had because you were never satisfied.


This will set many free because many stay condemned because of previous disappointment.

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