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They will look at you and say ‘we forget about religion and we go to this woman’.


There are wives who are never women. You can identify the woman in the wife of Chuza. I pray that God opens your eyes. This will teach you to identify anybody you meet.


It is good to have someone working for you who is a woman, the department will not suffer. But if there is no woman in the department, there will be a boss. As a woman you should bring favour into the office.


Jesus met many women. He produced women; hence it says, “Many others” [See Luke 8:2-3].


Before God could give a revelation, I thought it was tough to raise a woman. But then, I later realised that it is an easy thing to raise a woman.


If you can raise a woman, I will not go from this world without raising many. You are not a woman just because you are married. Someone who is not married can be a woman better than the one who is married and calling themselves a wife. I know them, some are eighteen (18) yet they are women.


The twelve (12) apostles were there. The prostitute woman came and she gave. But the disciples said, “If only Jesus knew who this woman is.” They made a mistake by saying “if Jesus knew who this woman is”; for she was taken from a prostitute to a woman.


Jesus had to interpret the woman. She did not have knowledge about love.


“I came to your house Peter, you did not kiss my feet like this woman did or give me a cup of water to drink”.


Who was better between the woman and the men who were there? Knowledge puffs up but love builds.


This woman impacted a lot of people because of what she had done. She was a prostitute but when she comes she is no longer a prostitute. She comes as a ‘woman’.


‘He who loves much will be forgiven much and he who loves less will be forgiven less.’


She does not only have knowledge about giving but she has love – love builds. Jesus says He who loves much – It means this woman was a son.


When Jesus Christ says this saying, He is talking about the woman. He bestowed the extension of authority. The love is so much. She is a ‘he’ because ‘He’ – knowledge with love.


You can have knowledge and still perish because you do not love much. God is love. So we cannot say she but ‘he who loves much is forgiven much’ – he is a woman.


You hear people giving messages saying ‘there is no one as forgiving like a woman.’ But I say to you that you are not fools and you are not stupid. If you are led by the Spirit as a woman, “the one whom you forgive will be forgiven, and the one whom you do not forgive is not forgiven.”


A fool forgives even trash. Foolish people take a time bomb and say, “I forgive you.” A true woman knows a future, a tomorrow. A true woman can discern a true man.


They gave in the ministry of Jesus. They were women.


Jesus does not say “she”.


According to the study of communications, you would fail at the university if you spoke said he when referring to a female. It is supposed to be a ‘she.’


God is love and love is addressed as a ‘He’ because they broke into the Spirit. Jesus went through the heavens to be the first born among many brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters means believers and believers are here. They appeared with Christ, giving into the ministry of Jesus Christ.


Check the Bible. It is not the Samaritan woman only where Jesus said, “Where is your husband?” There is a man also. The question is the same as the one asked to a man. We will teach about this later.


Many who gave successfully into the ministry of Jesus were women. The woman gave from her deep poverty. The prostitute came and she gave the best. We can count in the ministry of Jesus, who was really giving?


There is something we can learn from these women.


Woman, do not undermine yourself. They can learn from you. I am going to put you in the front so that the world can see and hear from you.


There are some who still feel condemned because of their history. But the gates are opened and crooked places are made straight. If you can cause Jesus to deliver a message because of what you did, you are a woman.


They still saw her as a prostitute but Jesus said, “You will not read and finish this book without coming across the story of this woman.” The story is there because of her love.


If we were to correct according to communication it was supposed to say, “He who loves less, and she who loves much.” But God is love.


For some, love is wrong, but when it springs from the Spirit, the love is right. You are not a fool, a stupid, who cannot see where you are welcome and where you should not welcome.


You keep your peace and go where they receive you. Where you cannot forgive you shake the dust and go. You cannot give peace where peace does not deserve to be received.


You cannot give peace where the ground is not fertile to receive the peace. Go to those who are deserving.

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