You are here to produce. You can find yourself producing students instead of educators. You might find yourself producing people who remain like that. You have to produce what God gives unto you.

[Hebrews 4:12] For the word of the Lord is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even the dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.


Apostle Paul says in [1 Corinthians 12:29-31] are all apostles, do all prophesy, do all teach then he says be eager for greater gifts. In 1 Corinthians 13 he says “let me show you the most excellent way which is love. Love springs from the Spirit not from the soul.


He says you can speak in different tongues but if you do not have love it is a resounding gong, it means it is from the soul, its gifts [1 Corinthians 13:1]. Remember he says God is Spirit and God is love.

Apostle Paul says, “I thank God whom I serve with my Spirit”. Your position will definitely be found in the soul that is why it says, “God is not a respecter of man’s position”.


[John 3:6] Spirit gives birth to Spirit and flesh gives birth to flesh. One can say God is not a respecter of position. You might have gifts and produce what is not respected. Once we develop people we equip them for them to reach nothing less than the standard height of Christ own perfection.

There is a group who produce prophets and they are so proud. He says “God gave them gifts to be Apostles, Teachers and Gods purpose was to develop the church [Ephesians4:11-12].


He says, “so that they may reach nothing less than the standard height of Christ the mystery”. You hear them say I will just come and prophesy. You cannot develop people without the word of God.

Spirit must give birth to Spirit. In flesh there are gifts. You can see prophecy, healing flowing. Come into the Spirit and that healing will be “I sent forth my word to heal your disease” [Psalm 107:20]. All of them must have one thing in common, the Word.


Who do people say I am? You are the Christ, Son of the living God, some say you are Elijah. These are those who heard from the old prophets. If it is still like that, it is flesh giving birth to flesh. Now Jesus says flesh did not reveal this to you but it was my Father in heaven – [Matthew 16:13-17]


[Proverbs 20: 27], The human spirit is the lamp of the Lord that sheds light on one’s inmost being.


Spirit gives birth to Spirit. If you are here to be trained today, you need to know what kind produces you. Many will think it is just Jesus who spoke those words, it applies to us as well.

According to [John 3] there is a teacher from above and a teacher from below. Nicodemus says “we know and he admits even on behalf of his colleagues that is why he says we know that you come from above, for no one can do the things that you do”. Its means you make us feel guilty because we are guilty.
Miracles signs and wonders are for unbelievers meaning if you do them you are showing that we are sinners. [Hebrews 1:1-2] God used to speak through prophets but in the last of these days He speaks in the person of the son.

[Jeremiah 3:15] – At the time of the end I will give you shepherds after my own hearts. What kind of a judgement are they bringing? Paul says, “I have already passed judgement”. How did he do that, he handed over the person to Satan. It means like God spoke to the devil about Job, you can touch him but you will never touch his soul – [Job 1:12].

The Spirit can come and say devil come and harass this person by my authority, but you will not reach this far.


If I serve God by my Spirit, who do I give birth to? Spirit gives birth to Spirit. Jesus gave birth to us so that we know we are not human. I am [Prof. Lesego Daniel] not human and I am not going to degrade myself. Where there is the Spirit, there is the mind of Christ.


How do we train and produce people? I do not want to train you to have a title. I prefer that you have the Spirit. The other ruler [Nicodimus] realised that I am a sinner and I am guilty. No one does the things that you do, it means I am guilty and I cannot do them. He says “we know that you are from God”.


I am not going to compromise, if we are being produced, we must not do what is common. There must be an investigation about you. Money must be spent on you and at the end everything with a strategy will be exposed. It must happen here on earth; special investigation must happen.


Those who overcome I will give them special meat, the manna. You do not eat what they eat. I will even give them a stone with a name written on it. They will say “you make us guilty, we now know that we are sinners”.


Jesus comes and finds them catching fish. They could not catch any and He says “throw it on the right side. He said “throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some [John 21:6-7]. Peter ran to Jesus and says I am sinner. I want you to do things that will make people realise they are sinners.


We know that you are from God for no-one can do the things that you do. When Nicodemus comes he realised that this Man is different. When a ruler comes you see a real ruler saying, “man of God”. You even get scared because you look young and he says we have seen and we watched. They have said “everything but we can see, how do you do it. Then I say “do not worry; I won’t tell anyone that you came to see me. They cannot go to the public, they come in secret.


Jesus says “when you pray go into your most secret place and when He rewards you it is in the open. [Matthew 6:6]


John 7:1-4


Once Spirit give birth to Spirit it is the fullness; it is from God’s completeness. If I am in Christ and Christ is in me we are one. The marks that I have are not mine but they are Christ’s.

A brother must do what a brother is doing. Go and tell my brothers that I am still going to my Father their Father, my God their God [John 20:7]. You are visible representation of the invisible God.

If you are the visible representation of God, where can you hide? They know Jesus but they do not know the Christ. They know Jesus but they do not know the Spirit. I thank God whom I serve through my Spirit. Out of your bellies shall flow river of living water [John 7:38]; if it flows out your belly, Spirit gives birth the Spirit.


The word I am speaking must break that wall of division. He who is born of water and Spirit are born of God. If the Spirit is not involved, you are not born of God. A man who is born again is like the wind, you do not know where he comes from and where he is going.

When Jesus went back to His hometown they said “don’t we know His brothers, His father and mother. They were offended [Matthew 13:55]”.


When He was baptized the Spirit came upon Him like a dove, the fullness of the father rested on Him. it says he left many sick because they were offended. John says go and check if he is the one but this is the same John who showed everyone saying this is the one who came to save us [Matthew 11:2-6].


John’s disciples came and said were sent by John to check if you are the one, Jesus says “go and tell him that the lame is walking and the blind are seeing”. Then He says, “blessed is the one who is not offended at my doing”. It means John was offended.

The least in the kingdom shall be greater than John [Matthew 5:19]. In the last of these days God speaks to us in the person of the son Christ himself.


If one serves God by the Spirit. I am here to give birth to a Spirit.When God rewards you; He rewards you in the open. Would you be ready if you are Nicodemus? You are here and hiding when the camera comes close and when you go back to your church on Sunday they say we saw you.


Brothers and sisters are called believers. A believer is someone from the Spirit. You might find yourself not qualifying to be called a believer because the things that you do are common. If you want to cause people to be saved check the way you speak to them and the way you do His works.

You do not have to teach like everybody. The way you speak and the way you do things, you are going to write books. You are going to do some things which are uncommon.
Why does the world hate me? because the way you speak and do these things for no one can do them. Once you are in Spirit, you are going everywhere causing people to realise that they are sinners. If you do not know who you are, when Spirit gives birth to Spirit you will know.


Nobody expected that the Christ was coming. They knew Jesus but not the Christ, they even called Him a fellow. Imagine you are not there but there are gatherings. The Bible is alive even today. God has got His own unique way of duplicating His word. When it happens you know that this is it?


How do you reveal that they are guilty? The way you speak and do things. The Jew believes in miracles, signs and wonders and the Greeks believes in philosophy. You hear them say I love when he teaches but I don’t believe in these things that he is doing.


In such a case Christ is not crucified, when Christ is crucified He is both the power and the wisdom of God. Spirit is not limited to wisdom [1 Corinthians 1:24]. The word of God is full of power. They say where did this man get this.


[Ephesians 1:4] You were chosen in Christ from before the world began. Can you imagine how you speak if you are from the beginning; let there be. Some of the things God does them deliberately so that you don’t have to go there and study. They say who is His father and who taught Him these things?


It was not a surprise when Nicodemus went to Jesus but it was a surprise when He went to them. He appeared like a thief. Like a thief meaning all of a sudden. When you serve God, ask Him to give you words to speak not from your mind.

Let your spirit be the one to serve. The words i am speaking to you are spirit and life, it’s not just philosophy [John 6:63].

From crèche until high school, I was not bright and was associated with slow learners. I am not going to lie. That’s why today you can bring your child and i can identify if your child is a slow learner or not. Even my teachers at school, if they came her they will run away all of them. They cannot be here because they will be shocked at what i do.


I was failing even if I was coping. The invigilator would not see anything and the end I would still fail. I was failing and repeating, failing and repeating. If God knew that you are a substance and He knows what you are going to do in the world, He has to hide some things.

I didn’t hear anything in class. The best thing I did at school was to be present the whole year.
I went to school like that. Some teachers must have just said let’s condone him because he is disciplined. Then I went to tertiary. God dealt with me and I repeated first year then I went to another school. I thought to myself the cannot see me again in the same class.

I went there and stared going to church, got born again. The mind was still slow and I pray and said this doesn’t work. if I eat, I would be like a python; if I eat I wouldn’t hear anything in class.


After that God came and things started changing. I was doing Statistics and they would give us raw questions without formulas. I would make a formula and after that I would teach students from other tertiary institution. That’s how things changed.

God said I wanted to show you that’s it’s no longer you. if you know the I am from above. Even now I know that if I have to back to my past, I don’t want to go there.
I even ask God why did you have to make me like that. People would be absent for three weeks but they come back and pass while I fail. So I began to excel. Can you imagine If you were my teacher and you are sitting here, you would be looking for another church because you know me.

God began to show me that it’s no longer you but me. I don’t read the bible anymore. Every time I try to meditate it’s like everything is already in me.
[Revelations 10] don’t write anymore. The way you speak and teach you even expose the old in your life. I know myself, that’s why it makes me to glorify God more. I would say was it necessary. I began excelling to a point i started teaching students from other tertiary institutions.
When God makes a new thing in our life, to kill pride you have to start that way. If it was you I would not be standing in front you. if I have to stand in front of you i would faint.


I just want to show you that if it’s not you, it’s not you. when you see me standing it’s the work of God. the way you speak must be Christ, Spirit giving birth to Spirit. You can be taught by someone from the soul and not the Spirit. if it’s from the soul he is just motivating you.


Maria Etter woodworth when they spoke in 1913, she said 100 years from now and that was 2013. You have those books but you don’t believe in them. including those who are regarded as pillars they do know those stories but they seek the favour of men.


When it is by the Spirit, you will cause things to happen. You will cause people to realize that they are sinners.
In other words, Nicodemus was saying we know that we are sinners because of what you are doing.


Many people are afraid of what I’m teaching right now because it exposes them. They must never claim that they love Jesus. Don’t forget that if they hate you, they hated Jesus Christ first.


If you are not a son how can you know the father? There are three witnesses in heaven: Father, Son and Spirit.


Now, I have spoken to them they are guilty.


The way you speak, you reveal.


All of us, evangelists, pastors, prophets and teachers, must all have the word. In the beginning was the word and the word was with God [John 1:1]. In other words, Christ was with God.


If the word is not there, who are you with? The words I am speaking are Spirit and life.


“If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin” [John 15:22].


The way you speak you cause people to reveal their guilt. You must make sure that guilt is revealed to them you develop, at the same time you show others their guilty. There is no excuse, for I spoke to them.


Be careful when you hate a person. Check who you really hate. Some you hate and it is rather the devil you hate but some you hate God.

“Those you forgive they will be forgiven but those you do not forgive they will never be forgiven” [John 20:23].


Some of the scriptures are rough. Who will be forgiven? Let us leave it there.


Jesus said, “Whoever hates me also hate my Father”.


Where the fullness of God is, fulfilment has happened. We must be careful how we speak.


We must reach a level where God shows Himself through us. There are miracles that happened through gifts but there are things which happen that you won’t even find in the bible.

Greater things are not written in the bible. There is the unrecorded. The bible says Jesus performed signs in the sight of the disciples which were not written. So, who is going to show us those unrecorded? Spirit must give birth to Spirit and Spirit will reveal what Spirit did.


You can come and we see healing and prophecy but people still feel guilty, it means it’s just a gift. If you do what no man has ever done, you cause others to be guilty. That is why they will investigate and check. Jesus gave birth to you but do you ever do what no man has done?

You say you are from Jesus but you do what is common. You are not of the world. These are characters of people who are not of the world.


Paul met Peter, Andrew, Barnabas and many. He made them feel guilty through the way he spoke. When he came he went for the Jews and Peter the gentiles.


The vision that Peter saw in [Acts 10], it was for him to go and preach the gospel to the gentiles. But Peter


Later, When Peter was eating with the gentiles and saw the Jews coming, he and Barnabas left the gentiles to join the Jews. But Paul rebuked Peter.


Paul said, “When I met with those who were reputed to be pillars, they added nothing to me”, [Galatians 2:6]. You can’t add anything to them because they think we have got it and we are talking to a boy.

It’s not age that speaks but it’s the Spirit. It’s not ability but it’s the Spirit. You are here and you are a man of God, know that you are going to cause a lot of people to feel guilty.


Why do you have to make sure that everybody loves you? You work hard to make people love you. They knew that if anyone comes and does the things that no man has done is above. Scoffers were actually saying we are guilty. It means they were saying we are guilty of sin.

They say he is going to kill people with these things. A company killed people with Polony and Viennas but our petrol gave life. “Death has been swallowed up by Life” [See 2 Corinthians 5:4].


The old testament was a shadow. Everyone carried a rod to show that they were in the spirit and they would throw on the ground and their rods also became snakes. Death, five of their snakes were swallowed up by life, Moses’ snake.


Once we walk by the Spirit, there is love; to show that there is guilt and we are able to save them from sin.


How many feel guilty today because they have investigated and are still investigating. All they do is talk on TV, since 2014. You will get nothing until Christ comes.


I thank many for their disobedience. Why? It was because of their disobedience that we became the first [See Romans 11]. We were shown mercy because of their disobedience; so we also show them mercy.

It’s so painful to see somebody talking confidently about something they don’t know. Keep the word of truth, let Spirit give birth to Spirit. A man who born again is like the wind. Wind is the spirit. The word of God is alive and active and that’s what we need.

Where were you? Same place where the word was in the beginning. Let’s go back to our origin, where the word was before the beginning. There is no reason to judge the Spirit because you don’t know where its coming from or going.


[John 15: 26–27]


‘’When the comforter comes whom I will send to you form the Father the Spirit of the Truth who comes [proceed] from the Father He Himself will testify regarding Me. But you also will testify and be My witnesses because you have been with Me for the beginning’’.


Jesus was actually saying to them I want you to get your position I am sending it to you from the Father, they hated me for no reason because they never know the Father. I want you to know when you are a Spirit what happens. Jesus says, ‘’you will be my witness because you also proceed from the Father, you we chosen before the world begin’’.


The Holy Spirit testify about you, also you will do what He does. You cannot do what the Spirit do if you are not the Spirit. You also must testify.


When the Spirit came in [Act 2] everybody felt that they were guilty they said people are drunk. Peter had to stand and preach after he taught he said if you knew you will not have crucified Him so that you be born again, they said to him what must we do to be born again that same day about 3120 people got saved.


They said they were drunk but after the teaching they realise that they were guilty. David has never gone to heaven but how did he know when he said in [Act 2: 25] – ‘’I saw the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand. I will not be shaken” – it is by the spirit.


The Spirit fall upon Peter when he teaches they felt guilty. If you drink a strong drink like whisky it is spirit. They were not drunk but it was the Holy Spirit not the spirits, you feel guilty because you could not identify the realities.


Peter said it is 09h00 in the morning this people are not drunk everybody was awake [their spiritual eyes got opened] now they realise this is not the spirit that we are thinking of, but it is the Spirit of God, they said what must we do to be saved.


Many you would not be here in 2013 and 2014 you are here because guilty came. The Holy Spirit who proceed from the Father testified about me, Spirit gave birth to spirit. We must see the Word of the Spirit in your life.


God is here to develop and to equip you. You will never depend on your mind is not by might and power but by the Spirit. It was the Word of the Lord to Zerubbabel saying, ‘’not by might nor by power but by the Spirit’’ – [Zechariah 4:6]


The word that He [Jesus] speaks they are Spirit and life, strange things will happen because you do not know where the wind [Spirit] comes from. Jesus says ‘’you have been with me in [John 1:1] ‘’in the beginning there was the Word [Christ]’’ and Ephesians 1:4 says, ‘’you were chosen in Christ before the world began’’.


Jesus did not look at His disciples as ordinary people but like before the world began because He was there with them. There are people whom I know that they have been with me before I could even know that I will serve God. I was revealed to them while they were still young. They will say, ‘’man of God I dreamed of you’’.


If you are revealed you will declare mysteries among the matured, because we have been together from the beginning.


When you are there with Christ no one can condemn you. A person will say man of God I dreamed of you but when you check the time, a person was not born yet he was a substance and I was also young by that time he saw the dream. This things they seem impossible but it is the reality.


Jesus met with John and was Baptist and He met with His disciples and He said you have been with me in the beginning they qualify to say we have been crucified, buried and now we have been raised. There are people God showed me long time ago some they do not know that they are called to do the work of God. There was a young boy from Sunday school the boy today is running a business but because the fixed date of the Father has not yet come he will never got out of the way.


Jesus said, ‘’I was found by those who did not look for me’. I met with the boy and when the spirit come together with another spirit they are inseparable. We cannot speak a difference language but from the beginning because you know each other. The Word [Christ] cannot say I am leaving God because God is the Word and Christ was God.


If the word is God and you hate me you hate the Father because me and my Father are one that is why [John 14] happens. Jesus said to them. ‘’how long am I going to be with you’’, it means they have been with someone they did not know. But if He say if you have faith in me you will do greater things you are going to make many people guilty some will call what you have a demon. God cannot cast God out, we are here to be trained to be produced and to be born.


My husband [Christ] gave me a scepter it means I must produce. When you go back to your ministry you will remember this sermon many will begin to be guilty. Do not complain and say people hate me and persecute me it is guilt that speaks they realise that they are sinners, sin react in so many ways. It can be revealed by the way you teach or the way you perform the Word through miracles, signs and wonders.


That is why Jesus said, ‘’I speak to you through the works that I do you are guilty because I have done what no man has ever done’’.


Such evidence must be revealed. If you are at work and you are a team all of sudden a new person comes in and do better job than all of you. You become threated because he shows that it was not right the way you do things, the way he works and do things all will be guilty they will fight. It is because they were there before but nature never listen to them, just look at them, let those grass, flowers, snakes hear you. When you feed people you cannot kill them.


It is time let us know God in the Spirit all of us we are to receive such glory tonight, go and make them feel guilty they will know the truth and the truth will set them free. Meditate upon this teachings it can be rough but it is the reality.


All of you were guilty because it is given to him and no one can take it away from him. In the house of God a man of God teaches all of a sudden somebody who is sitting down start to overtake you, when he reveals mysteries you start saying you do not have to do it like this in my church.


You ask where did you get it and a person will say from you. When they lay hands on us they were imparting. In the past before I start serving God I was from the church they invited a man of God full of the Spirit he prayed for me, and when I get home I put into practiced what I received.


I prayed for the cat with broken bones and I said be healed. I left it there and went to the house the cat was healed sometimes you do not realizing that you got something that is why Apostle Paul says, ‘’imitate me, whatever you have learned from me – put it into practice’’.


God showed me look what is happening thought I was still under trustees, you find people who gave it to you criticizing it they were not aware. God give the Spirit without measure.


You are going to make many feel guilty with the way you do things and the way you teach it shows that Spirit gave birth to Spirit that is where the fullness is produced. God says, ‘’be holy as I am holy’’.


He cannot be the king of princess He is the King of kings. A lion produces a lions.


Everything you eat must be a Spirit, whatever you touch it is blessed. In [1 Corinthians 10:1] That rock [Christ] always accompanied them but they did not see they were ignorant, as you are seating do not find your bellies full the same way Jesus in [John 6] said to them you do not look for me because you saw signs and miracle but because your bellies were full.


A miracle and wonder must rest in you, you must carry it. I want you to do strange things where you enter a place everyone must feel guilty because of the way you do things.


I was invited to my son’s church in Randburg I pray for the fountain a week after we left that fountain was still doing miracles. If people want to bewitch you and take your tracks let them try and take yours it is going to deliver them, those bones they will stop operating, why? Because you are a Spirit.


I want you to take care of your mind.  God said in [Genesis 2] take care of the garden using garden tools meaning take care of your mind through the word.





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