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Offer that prayer of thanks giving, thank Him for everything. Remember, He raised you high above, you are standing above your companions, over all rulers and principalities.


When you are raised high above your circumstances and your companions when you are there, it is not about you but Christ.


[Romans 16:25], To Him who is able to establish you in accordance with my gospel, the message I proclaim about Jesus Christ…” meaning there is nothing but the word that comes from the Lord that you can be established.


Gospels can come, you can hear the word and scream and later it gets stolen, because you are not established some things you hear God warning you against them but you find yourself regretting concerning that, why did I listen to that.


Your conscious is the baby steps to teach you how to listening to the Holy Spirit. Apostle Paul says, ‘everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial, so I will not be a slave of anything. I chose not be mastered I rather take what benefit me [1 Corinthian 6:12].


I can do anything wrong or right, you rather take what benefits you, then nothing can master you, it is you who can master.


That is why in [Genesis 4], God was speaking to Cain when he was so angry and God said that if you do good will you not be accepted? It was up to him to choose to do what is right. He was still in the presence of God, that is why God said that if you do well will you not be accepted? If you go out of here angry, sin is waiting to master you.


Make sure that you choose what benefit you, so that you can master it. I say to you today choose what benefit you, no matter what you go through, go preach the gospel whether conditions are favorable or not preach in and out of season, never be affected by anything, choose what benefits you.


If you chose what doesn’t benefit you, you chose another master, that is going to master you. He says everything is permissible but not all things are beneficial. It says that food is for the stomach and stomach is for food, but God will destroy both of them, rather choose what cannot be destroyed, rather choose the gospel that establishes you.


[Deuteronomy 30:11-16]


He says now, in [Deuteronomy 30] there are two things set before you: life and death, Law and grace, Law and the New Testament. The Law kills in [verse 11] He say the command that I am giving you today is not far the word is in your mind and heart, it is not for you to say who can bring Christ down for us and who can go over the seas and get it for us.


Christ the word is in your heart giving life to you, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth shall speak, when he says chose life; chose life, what is life, it is the word.


He says what I give today meaning this day was different from other days. That day was the revelation of Christ because he says what I am giving you today is not difficult it is not a secret laid up in heaven.


He says I gave commands before [the Law came with angels] but today I am giving you what is easy which is the word, this is high above your gifts. If you want your gifts operating together with signs, God says that I will make sure that I perform my word.


You can use gifts without the performance of the word. Before the world began there were no such things as gifts, the word was there before. All of us here have gifts once you have the word you can even multiply those gifts.


They receive the command from Moses but He says, “This command that I am commanding you today it is not too difficult…” that is not where they read the do’s and don’ts, it is not far but very close, it is in your heart and mind.


Understand when Paul said that the God who was able to establish you through my message.


Be in the church where God’s intensions must prevail in the church, the word must be active. Gods intention is to establish you.


There are people who don’t grow, who sit like audients, they sit like when they are watching soccer but they don’t play soccer. If you don’t keep the word you will be an audience forever.


Everyone you are a trainer let me teach you why [Ephesians 4;12], God gave man gifts… and his intentions was to equip the church so that we all together may raise nothing less than the standard height of Christ own perfection.


If you are established you will reach that level, that is why it says who he is able to establish you through the gospel. This day what I am giving you is the easiest. It is not a secret laid up in heaven, but be nested in someone who has a pure heart, someone who carries the abundance of God.


In [2 Corinthians 7:1-2], Apostle Paul says, “Do open up your hearts again for us…” and [Chapter 6] say, do not be equally yoked with unbelievers, for what do righteousness and wickedness have in common.


He says, all these great promises are ours so separate yourself from everything that contaminate, go for anything that benefits you, that establishes you. There are people who are not developed, see whether they are eagles or vultures and vultures eat a rotten meat, where there is carcass the vultures gather.


Grace is not hard it needs a heart that is broken, just give your heart to God. Let Him do what He want to do in you, it says He is the one who is all the while effectually at work in you. Let Him reconstruct you to deal with you first before you can deal with other people.


After he works in you He builds in you; the dwelling of God is now in you. You will develop people just as He develops you, you are nested in such a heart – the Heart of the Messiah, He gives you Life from above.

According to this part no one must say that raise for us someone who can raise us. it is not that prayer. It is not for you to say who can go for us but all of us, we all go.

[Exodus 24:1-12]

Here, with this part it is all of us, when Moses came to tell all the people come up here the 70 have to worship God from the distance no one has to come near, Moses alone has to approach the Lord.

When Moses came and give all the Lords word, they responded with one word. Everything that the Lord had said Moses wrote down everything that the Lord has said. They gave the sacrificial offering to the Lord, everybody is at a distance and Moses is close.

Moses took the book of the Covenant and read it to the people they said we will obey. Will they obey? This is the Law; the power of the law was weakened by their sins it is not grace. Did the kept the law, they couldn’t.

[Verse 12], “Moses came up to me into the mountain and I will give you tablets of stone with the law and commandment which I have written that you may teach them.”

When we go to [Deuteronomy 30] they said we will do what the Lord commanded, this that was given to them was too heavy, it was difficult.

Remember that even though Moses gave them the law he did not live according to the law, but he gave them the law and Moses was not a priest but he will go where priest go and Joshua was   a priest always follows Moses go.

Where there is grace we don’t have to follow seven steps on how to get to God. Moses would be close to God but others would not; meaning that somebody had to go for them, they did not have the easy one, it is not in heaven for you to say of who will go for us to heaven that we may hear and do it.

[Deuteronomy 30:10-15]

In [Deuteronomy 30] God was finishing Moses, if they could have accepted the word there was no need for Jesus to be born, once you carry the word you can’t say who will go up to heaven…” once you carry the word you speak what God is speaking.

Those commandments were tough, if the word is near you, the Word meaning Christ, if the word is in your mind and heart. Paul says that, ‘O how I travail in pains of child birth, until Christ is fully formed in you…” [Galatians 4:19].

Christ must be formed in your heart, when he has come you must speak the abundance. The Law kills but grace [came with Jesus] gives life, there are two things set before you, meaning this day I am giving you what is easy. Today is Life.

[John 14:15], “If you really love me you will keep My command.” It is not the Law when he says commands.

[Exodus 19:1]

Here, if they could see the revelation of the word, they could have seen transfer of wealth, the wealth of the sinners being laid up for the just but because they came out with another mentality they could not see.

Paul in came in [Galatians 1] He said this gospel I received it directly from the Lord…”  what do we find in mount Sinai? This is where Moses met with God and was given the Law. This is where Paul was taken by Jesus and showed him what happened before the cross where he gave him the body and the blood.

In the mind if you think ‘I am on my way to Canaan [ a geographical area], you will not make it but if you think that I am going to mount Sinai you will make it, you are nested in his heart and there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

God was not far but he was near them, I brought you to myself, not to Canaan, receive from my heart, I brought you to myself. In the old where God brought them very close, [Galatians 1] I stayed in the mountain, Sinai that is where Paul met with Jesus.

I brought you to myself, this is the time where Moses doesn’t go to the mountain alone but where the Israelites had to enter into the clouds together. This is not Canaan, when God brings you there is no heat of the sun, you all walk on the water, because of one thing: he brought you to Himself, it is not a secret laid up in heaven.

[Romans 8:1], There is now no more condemnation to those who are in Christ…” there is no more to think about Canaan, but you are in the cloud with God, Moses didn’t say I have to go to the toilet I am pressed. He was in the super natural with God, nested in the Heart of God.

God wanted to make out all Israelites ‘royal priests,’ 1 Peter 2:9 was supposed to happen in Exodus 19 you have been raised up and brought you to myself you are now blessed above all. This is prophetic of 1 Peter 2. They were supposed to come out all to be kingdom priests, royal priests.

He wanted to do it long time ago, but people were stiff naked. All the nations were supposed to be raised by the Israelites. In the Heart of the Messiah, easy not difficult not a secret laid up in heaven not who will go for us.

If you obey my voice not covenants, if you obey my voice out of God fullness we all have a share, not in Canaan but in mount Sinai.

When God marries you he opens his heart and welcomes you, you are not in love but you are in God together, if someone leads you to Christ he leads you to himself.

You are a peculiar nation, this is not a Law, but this was where they all here supposed to happen. You are a chosen generation; this we know it is in the New Testament but God wanted to do it in the Old Testament.

God came with grace and revealed it to me as simple as that, your developing people will not be as the world is doing, your giving to people will not be in half or quarter. All of the nations were supposed to be raised by the Israelites.


We have control over this, if it is the word living in us, we have control. What happened in the old is still happening today, we just have to extract and go under the stripes. This Old Testament is 39 books plus 1.


[2 Corinthians 11], When you go to the new Paul says that I was bitten 39 books minus 1, all this books from Genesis to Malachi is 39 books minus 1.


When Jesus came he was the ark, the book that was close and he was bitten. You beat Genesis –Malachi, Joel, Jeremiah, Micah etc. it is 39 minus 1. You can’t beat Christ but Jesus. When He is beaten the Christ helps him, let your will be done. You are a kingdom you enter the New Covenant.


The Apostle Paul says, I was bitten 40 stripes minus 1. So the divine, the Christ, is the 1. When you are brought to myself, there is no toilet, there is no am tired, there is no I need roll on. If it is minus 1 there is no such as I am feeling pain. Christ took him out of the grave.


The circumstances that you go through it is a form of Christ. I went through, they wanted to kill him but he went through their fingers. According to the Law the bodies were thrown out of the city, but he said that let us go back, my ministry will not end like this.


You are going to carry a ministry that will not fail, you do not carry the word that fall on rocky ground because there is no moisture it dies.


40 minus 1 – you cannot beat the Christ, now I brought you to myself.


God took over in the Old Testament, and the Son was born in the new and God said let us Father, Son Holy Spirit make man in our image, so it means that there was no one with the image. The New Testament brought the New image.


We are not like Moses who followed God with God’s back closed, when he was on the cross, it says that he gave up the ghost, who left? It was the Christ. 39 minus 1


It means God left, the Messiah, the word left. And He took the 39 out of the grave. Paul says you are nested in my heart, do open your hearts again, do receive us in your hearts again.


One left and when Jesus was in the grave the one came again. That is why it says it is the blood of Christ that raised Jesus from the dead, so be careful what you do to me for I bare the marks of the Lord Jesus. The Old Testament is nice when it is not read by those who don’t criticize, and those who criticize the grass.


You should see on the third day when he comes out without stripes, he rose up a new man, there was no trace of the old man – Adam. I brought you to myself, it is not Canaan, they were supposed to say to all the snakes in the desert and all the poisonous trees that I can eat you, can you imagine the Egyptians coming, they don’t have to let Moses to open the waters. God says will watch to see that I perform my word, so if the word lives in you, you don’t have to wait for the water to open you walk on the waters.


When they arrive at Sanai, God wanted to make them strange.


[Galatians 2], Paul said that when I met with them they added nothing in me, grace was not seen in them but it was seen in Paul it says, “who they are and what they are makes no different to me.”


God who is able to establish you through my gospel, making you a chosen generation, a peculiar nation. When we come to Training of leaders Conference, I have gone to many and I haven’t seen anyone raised.


If you allow God to preach in you all of you, I don’t want one or two. Many shall see that who mentored them, where do they come from, who is their father.


[Ephesians 2: 6], we have been, we are above our companions, we are to do signs of the coming age. Paul said, me who is consecrated and set apart for God, the word is near you it is not far that who can bring it down. Be nested in His heart and you will understand that in His heart there is love.


Some teachings they don’t qualify to be in bible schools, there are some teachings that come from some people.


This is not Canaan, Canaan was nothing why when they arrived in Canaan there was another day, the best is to be brought to himself.

[Exodus 19:11]


On the third day, God’s intension; after the ram’s horn blast, not Moses only but all of them must come. All of them were supposed to go up. All of them meeting God in the cloud, in the presence of God. All the nations down there looking it was supposed to be the mountain of transfiguration, speaking a protective language.


[Psalm 104:1]


You riding with me here, I brought you to myself, you are a generation which angels and man never seen, it was supposed to be seen through the Israelites. This is the mystery that was kept hidden in the past age.


[Hebrews 1:7], To the Son He says your throne O God is forever and ever…” are you a son? The Anointing that He anointed you with is the Oil of joy. When we are raised up we are not ministering servants, someone have been preaching that we are ministering servants flames of fire, you missed your elevation.


[Acts 16], They asked for a king but God gave them Saul, they will perish. Now the dwelling of God is with man.


Who is the Son, He is the word that became flesh, the command that I am giving you today is not far but it is near you.


I would love for all of us to go high, this is the revelation of the Son, you are moving high, you will understand what God is doing. I am not boasting I am just telling you, allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in you and prepare you.


The Holy Spirit has his ministry in you, He has to build in you, if you don’t allow him to construct him, you cannot establish anyone, that is why it says live and walk by the spirit, that is why I am telling you that if you obey my word fully, you are a royal priest hood. You will write the book that no one has ever written, go and do strange things.


[Relations 21:1], The king stays in that city, God coming. So God left heaven to be in your heart, to make his permanent dwelling in your hearts, you are waiting to go to heaven, let him dwell in you, you will finish your purpose without anyone stopping you, you are unstoppable.


When He has brought you to Himself, remember Paul in [Galatians 1], is Exodus 19 that is where the Israelites had to meet with God, but have you seen them going there? It was only Moses even the elders couldn’t go.


Can you imagine them [Israelites] going there they would face one another saying holy, holy is the Lord God almighty, facing one another, mirror principle, mysteries declared among the matured.


It is not too difficult; you just have to believe!


[Hebrews 1:9-10]


Therefore, God your God has Anointed you with oil of joy, can you imagine God looking at the Israelites saying let there be light. We will experience powers of the coming age, in Christ no one can condemn you.


[Hebrews 2:1]


The word, paying attention to the truth, it is not God who gives the Law, God gives with the Word. Angels did not know anything, it says that this mystery was kept hidden in the past ages, if you are given this mystery you are given what the angels did not even know.


In [John 5] the angels would stir the water without knowledge, those who entered they were bound, the Law was given through angels they did not know the mystery, but Jesus came with grace.


Pay attention to the word that you have received, it is not hard and difficult. The word, this salvation was first announced by the Lord. Paul says that this is what I first received it was given to me by the Lord.


If you have this gospel, you cannot have this without signs and wonders. If someone preach it without signs and wonders. The Lord knows who are His, the Lord knows who are in Him. You preach but God doesn’t show wonders, who are you leading? You preach death.


If you criticize these things what gospel ae you preaching, it shows that you are of the Law, you preach death. God testified to it by signs, miracles and wonders. Anyone who speaks against signs and wonders it is hypocrisy.


I am here sent by the Lord, I am not shaken, whatever you are saying you give people death.


If gifts are operating alone without miracles signs and wonders check the word that you are preaching, it must be miracles signs and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Some have gifts, some to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and teachers.



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