As a word of encouragement: my sons and daughters in Zambia, hold on in love. In season and out of season, hold on. Thank you for coming here.


I still pray for you: may He increase you. May what you come to hear here in Rabboni be more than your thought. Let it be abundance. Together will all my followers all over the world, as I follow Christ, let us follow Christ together.


The Son-Christ is here to reveal Himself. Today we are having Holy Communion. Next week we are having a mountain of fruits. And Today God is raising up the standard!


[2 Corinthians 7:1], All these great promises are ours…” Being contaminated prevents you from seeing what is great. Get rid, separate yourself from everything that is not of God, they contaminate.


When Jesus looked at the disciples, the first time they began to meet Him, when He saw them there was only one he saw, Nathaniel. His heart was not with anything that contaminates, he was not defiled.


[John 1:35-51]


Phillip found Nathaniel and told him, “We have found the one whom Moses wrote about.” Philip said come let us meet Him. Jesus looked at Nathaniel and said: Nathaniel, a man with no guile, no deceit in his heart.


I saw you under the fig tree. Nathaniel became excited because some are excited about what you see in their lives. You are happy because I said I saw you under a fig tree? You will see greater things, angels ascending and descending upon the Son of man.


I can reveal things about you, your excitement is nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed in your life.


If you love me, you keep my commands. If you love Him He gives you another – the Comforter, and again the Son and the Father come into you and make a permanent home in you.


How about someone coming to you and say, ‘I see God in you.’ One can reveal your sickness but it is incomplete job if the Son is not revealed.


[John 1:44]


If you are from Bethsaida, you know a lot about the Law and angels. You know about angels stirring the pool and people running into the pool to be healed.


You are about to meet someone whom once you meet you are not limited to teach about the Sabbath or anything based on time and space. You are out of time and space.


Phillip found Nathaniel and told him: we have found the one whom Moses wrote about in the Law. It means in the Law there were writings about Him. Hence, people of the Law couldn’t recognise Jesus even if Moses wrote about Him in the Law, they know the son of Joseph – flesh.


Even if you can read about that, you will never know deep about Him. If it is in the Law, He is not the Son of the Lord, but what they read about is the legal Son of Joseph.


Why when David was in the Spirit called Him Lord, not the Son of David? If it is according to the flesh, then he is the legal son. For instance: you are the legal son of your biological father, because even your home affairs birth certificate shows you are the legal son of your father. You have not changed.


Jesus said, “you do not believe in the one whom Moses wrote about,” but you believe in Moses. If you have found Him, you must then come and do what He is doing.


You can open that bible and find the One we talk about today, but it depends if He is revealed to you or not. You may be tempted in mixing Him with the Law yet He came and removed the Law.


Many give Holy Communion in the Law: They say if you have sinned do not come; but you want to give the Mystery-Messiah.


In this Book – Testament there is no even a single Law. Old commands are not there but only the New. When the New comes, it makes the Old obsolete. The Old is gone and the New has come.


Phillip, Andrew and Peter, they are from Bethsaida, there was so much Law in that city. Angels manifested a lot in that town.


Phillip rushed and called Nathaniel and when he came before Jesus, Jesus did not see any single Law in Nathaniel. There was nothing deceiving in the heart of Nathaniel because it is the Law that prevents you from seeing the Light


If you keep the Law you have a stony heart, they stone people because they speak not from the Heart of God there, there is accusation. Why did Jesus speak of one disciple and left out others?


Where there is so much Law, God cannot confirm.


You are no longer Jacob, meaning a deceiver but you are an Israelite indeed. The spirit of Jacob was above everyone except Nathaniel. He is a man with no guile, no deceit.


They were all descendants of Jacob and they are on the deceiving line. But true descendants are those without guile or deceit – where there is Life, in Him there is Life; Life in abundance and out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.


If no guile you qualify to see things from above. He was ready to speak what is from heaven, you will see heaven open.


The legal son of Joseph does not heal; He does not cast out demons or perform miracles because He is not yet the son of God. He is still Jesus the son of Mary and Joseph born under the Law, when the appointed time came the Father is now God.


After John baptised Jesus we no longer see Joseph as the father but God as the Father: “This is my Son, in Him I am well pleased” [Matthew 3:17].


Nathaniel was amazed when Jesus prophesied, what marvels people fades away. You are excited because I said I saw you, how can I see you without revealing my Father?


Do not come and say there are great teachings there, they could be knowledge that passes away. That is why it says, “Where there are prophecies they will pass away…” [1 Corinthians 13:8]. You may receive information based on the Law.


You may also take Holy Communion based on freedom (grace) and also based on the Law. Based on the Law you may take it in the wrong manner; and what do you see, what do you eat?


They did not understand the One whom Moses wrote about in the Law, all the time they walked with Him but they have seen Him as the legal son of Joseph.


The Pharisees said, whose Son are you? He even asked His Disciples a question, who do you think am I?


[2 Corinthians 6:14], “Do not be equally yoked with the unbelievers.” Get rid of everything that contaminates. These great promises are ours.


Apostle Paul says in [2 Corinthians 7:2], “Do open wide your hearts for us, we deceived no one, we did no one wrong, we contaminated no one.” It matters who you receive, you might receive someone who contaminates. It depends who you carry in your heart.


Your bad connection has caused you not to progress in your life, it is because you carry deceit in your life. A man with no guile qualifies to see greater things.  He is not talking about someone who is not born again. These great promises are already given to them but the problem is, they are contaminated.


Someone who is not born again may come here for the first time and be blessed because they see the body and blood of Jesus.


Whilst someone born again may not receive because they hold on to something wrong. Hold on to what is good until I come, meaning hold on to the Word.


When you partake today know that you eat grace, do not touch the grace of God in the wrong manner. They touch the grace of God in the wrong manner. Know that you eat your inheritance.


It is the same as the will that was given to attorneys at the death of your parents, all inheritance comes to you. Everything belongs to us because Jesus went to the cross for us.


We eat to confirm His death. When miracles, signs and wonders are happening is confirmation of His death; the inheritance we receive from His death. When He died all spiritual blessings come to you; All these great promises are ours.


[John 1:47], This is a man with no guile, a man with no deceit. Such a man qualifies to see greater things. Grace has been given to us. When you put it aside you connect with what corrupts.


[Galatians 2], What happened with Peter and other disciples? They put the grace of God aside. When they were busy serving the [Greeks] the Gentiles, when Peter saw those of circumcision, meaning those of the Law coming. He left the Gentiles and followed those who belong to the circumcision group.


Paul said to him, you put the grace of God aside, you stand condemned. [Romans 8:1], It says there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ, but they were condemned. That is when we found out that Peter and others carried the Law.


‘They found the one whom it was written about in the law,’ meaning they found the Law and never knew Jesus Christ. That is one thing causing a person not to be revealed as the son of righteousness. The moment you say you have found Him, do what He does. You have found Him but He has not yet found you.


[John 1], This is not a complete scripture, there are more things that Jesus told Nathaniel. Be careful that you do not end up at knowing the legal son of Joseph. And never get to know the one whom God prevailed in grace.


Nathaniel said, “Teacher you are the Son of God,” he is not answering like Philip. Philip would say, ‘the legal son of Joseph’ but the Nathaniel said, ‘the Son of God’.


The body is broken so that you may see the glory. Do you not see these great promises which are ours? If there is no falsehood in him, it means he separated himself from anything that prevents him from seeing the glory.


“Paul said we wronged no one, we deceived no one.” For you to see that you are genuine, you have to separate from everything that contaminates.


Someone comes and tells you what is wrong and it prevents you from seeing who is Real. Phillip says, you are the legal son of Joseph, but when He comes to Nathaniel, it means He does not read the Law – you are the Son of God.


When Peter saw Him, Jesus said to him, you will be called Peter, not now because at the moment the Father God is not revealed.


You will not be called Peter at present because there is something that prevents you from seeing the glory.


[John 1:36], Look see the Lamb of God…” it means they did not see Him. Who did Jesus meet first and said, follow me? Peter and Andrew and were the first pair to meet Jesus.


The second was Nathaniel and Phillip hence when Phillip met Jesus he had to call his pair. They always met Jesus in pairs and they were in pairs. Because of grace, it is simple.


For you to see: See the blood and see the body of Jesus Christ. There are three testimonies on earth: the water, Spirit and the blood. Do not see the blood, the Spirit and the water but see One – do not discriminate.


We do not believe in human testimonies. We have grace on earth. The moment they pierced His side water and blood came out, the man who did not believe said, “truly this is the Son of God.”


Even a man who does not believe here, there is grace for you. The moment you see and understand, your sins go away. Anything that contaminates, prevents you from seeing the revelation.


Three testimonies on earth: The water, Spirit and blood. Do not see anything but the Spirit – they are one. The blood of Christ raised Jesus from the dead. God is Spirit, this confirms the three testimonies on earth. Therefore, I do not discriminate when I look here, there is no difference.


The moment I discriminate, I am prevented from seeing and I discriminate. I will not see the glory but the man of God from Rwanda instead of seeing my brother whom God is at work in him. When you eat, remember as the man of God, there is no boundary. We must see one, there is oneness.


When the Son is not revealed to you, you discriminate. Get rid of anything that contaminates. ‘Teacher [Rabbi] you are the Son of God.’ He was revealed to Nathaniel and out of the abundance of the heart he spoke.


Others talk about the one whom Moses wrote about in the Law as the legal son of Joseph. Why do you discriminate? This is the Son of God, not David.


As we eat Holy Communion: See the blood of Christ; it comes from the throne of God. It is not from the supermarket. This is the blood of Christ that speaks a better message in my life.


If the report was written from the Doctor that report is made obsolete, His report is written in the past participle. The report by the Doctor will tell you what not to eat.


Whatever you have today, consume and finish it. Do not call it Manna. It is the bread that comes from heaven. Eat and finish, do not worry about tomorrow. This is the Word of the Living God. I declare the blood of Christ!


There is no discrimination. I cannot discriminate this. If I do not discriminate there is no difference. It is not the blood because it is red. I come here and speak like Nathaniel: ‘Teacher you are the Son of God.’


Here, Get the two answers: we have found the one whom Moses wrote about in the Law – ‘The legal son of Joseph’. But with Nathaniel is – ‘Teacher the Son of God’. Because he was able to can identify the Son of God, Heaven shall open.


If this was revealed to you by my Father in heaven, then the mystery must surely live in you. It does not matter what, listen to the answer!


You must hear when people answer. When they ask a question about a man of God, you must hear if this is in the Spirit or not. It becomes the same, no discrimination.


In your house, whether you open a tap of water, or take from the fridge, declare that this is the blood of Christ.


[Matthew 16:16], Who do you think am I? They answered, some say John the Baptist…” they take from those in the Law.


He was revealed to Peter: ‘You are the Christ, Son of the living God’. Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you. Phillip did not reveal Christ to Nathaniel. But with Nathaniel because there was no Law in him: ‘Teacher you are the Son of the Living God.’


All these great promises are ours, to a point where everything you touch in your kitchen you just see the blood of Christ. Even when you are grating your cheese, your potatoes at your kitchen you will begin to see mystery.


Let everything ask you a question, ‘who do you think am I?’ Just look at them and say, ‘Teacher!’ What contaminates prevents one from seeing the glory. It does not matter what. There are three testimonies on earth: water, Spirit and blood.


When you listen to people praying, discern and check what is in their heart because they pray form the heart. Check a man with no guile in their hearts.


Some pray and you begin to see other people. Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. You may be married but your partner may be something that is bad. The bible says, “However, let them grow together. Someone came and corrupted my seed. Do not uproot the bad one, let the good and the bad be together,” but do not let the bad be in your heart.


Get rid of everything that contaminates.


Do not believe because I said, ‘I know your life,’ believe only when you see greater things. People believe what is false. Even when they rob you in town they tell you, your aunt’s name.


Anyone can prophesy, Jesus comes and says, ‘I am not in that rank’. Beware of those who come to you in sheep’s clothing yet inside they are ferocious wolves. If you believe in Me you will do everything I have done and even greater things.


If they come and say, ‘we have found the one whom Moses wrote about in the Law,’ – the legal son of Joseph, it prevents them from seeing and doing greater things.’


But when you see Him as the Son of God: You will see heaven open; that is the book, the curtain opened; the Son is revealed.


When you come eat Holy Communion, it is a Testament. It is a book that was closed. They had been crucifying people but later they realised: It was the first time the earth became dark. They realised, this must be the Real One.


People persecuting you, they will say we did everything possible but it is impossible with this one, this one God is with him.


If you are contaminated in your heart, you will not know who is genuine and who is not genuine. Get rid of what contaminates so that you can see. Also get rid of discrimination.


If you eat and drink without discrimination it is in the right manner. If not, it is in the wrong manner. That is why some of you get sick and die before time.


Jesus revealed everything to Apostle Paul: [1 Corinthians 11: 23-30], I was taken to a night where Jesus was crucified. Jesus came and said come, “let us go to the night before I was crucified, let me show you what happened,” it means there was something wrong with the disciples.


Was it necessary for Jesus to take him? Was he not with others? So Jesus took him there. This is the cup of the New Book – Covenant. Not the Old book but New written in my blood. He gave it to him.


Now he began to explain and teach people when one takes it in the wrong manner and how they should take it in the right manner. The revelation of the Book [Jesus Christ] was revealed to the Apostle.


Many take Holy Communion but it goes out into the toilet because they take it in a wrong manner. Stop toiling for food that decomposes or perishes but go for food that leads to eternal life.


What is Eternal Life? Is to know Him. When the sun comes out it is for everyone, whether born again or not born again. Even when rain comes down it is for everyone, we all eat.


As we eat Holy Communion we do not say this comes from the farmer, we have knowledge about the Christ, the source is the Father.


I declare, this is the flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ and this is the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ – you go to the Source.


As we are all going to have this, I declare, the Revelation, Genuinity of the Father!


If anything has not been revealed in your life, I declare the Revelation of the Son. Let the Son be revealed.


I declare what I give you today, it shall be revealed in your workplace, school, and business. I declare such Revelation!


I do not want you to pray for you to get a house, car or anything else but this [Holy Communion] has the revelation of the Father and it attracts all material. First seek the kingdom and everything else will be added [Matthew 6:33].


May such revelation be upon your life. This revelation destroys everything that is hidden and deceives you. Everything that contaminates is destroyed today. It destroys all demons coming against you! It destroys all misfortunes in your life!


Get to know that there are three testimonies on earth: the water, the Spirit and the blood – this is the revelation of Jesus Christ.


In [Revelation 5], John cries and the angel comes and says stop weeping, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has overcome and He is worthy to open the book and the seals thereof.


They hit Him on the back and the book was being opened from the back. The book must open completely. And what do we see: Seven horns, seven eyes which is the seven Spirit of God. You will see the manifestation for the glory of the Father.


From today onwards, if anyone does not know you, let their eyes open to see who you are. [John 14:21], We see the Son revealing Himself to those who love Him. If you Love Him you keep His commands, nothing missed, no contamination because the Word of God washes us. It will not miss anything dirty.


I see people who were not Christians and were with me, when they leave they make sure they speak to everyone about you. If you leave and you know you are right, live a quiet life and God will confirm you.


Peter confirmed Christ and Christ confirmed God. This is the blood of Christ, not discrimination.


I declare, Mysteries. Receive your Mystery!


Anyone who speaks bad about you, there is a veil that prevents them from seeing the truth. Because they speak yet they cannot see anything about you.


It will make everything that prevents you from progressing obsolete. You will have a testimony. The Revelation of the Son has come. The Revelation of the mystery has come. I brought you to myself.


I am nesting you in my heart. I declare the book opened, that book is the book that will show you mysteries never even before.


Who do you think am I?


Do not ask anyone but God about someone, God will reveal. Whatever you could not do, you will do. Whatever could not happen in your life will happen. Heaven is opened for you!


Whatever that was not right in your life, I correct everything now by the presence of my Father – this is correction in your life – Jesus Christ, Son of the living God.


Everyone who blocks you must give you way now. If they doubt you they have sinned and they speak bad about God!


You are here, life is with you. His death brought you Life. Once you move every guile in your life, you are revealed as a son.


Anything in line with contamination: I declare war against such. I do not come with an arrow, or weapon because my arrow has already been shot, the battle is won. It is done!


I declare God is correcting everything in your life. Everything that was not right in your life, God is correcting.


I declare you blessed from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. You are in the Messiah’s Heart and you are blessed.


Declare, I am in Love-I am in God. He took away our inequities, diseases away. What is wrong, take it away.



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