The Scepter Will Never Depart

We learn from a lot of people here on earth. We learn because God can use anybody to teach us. The best teacher who ever came was Jesus Christ, and still is and will still be. We learn from him. We receive from him. He is the one who blesses us even today. There are those whom we selected and to those no one qualifies to lay hands on them, or to prophesy to them because what is in them remains forever. There are those whom God can use to test you.


There are those whom He can use to raise you and if you ignore them you will not succeed in life. I want to teach a little about this kind of anointing; that is upon the select few. We have an example of Moses. We have the example of Apostle Paul and we have an example of those whom we see no one laying hands on them, but Jesus touching them.


If you can remain in the hierarchy that God gives you, nothing will ever depart in your life. Nothing you receive will go. Genesis 49:10 “The sceptre shall never depart from Judah.” Moses never said anything about the Levitical Priesthood. Judah was undermined and no one expected anything good from Judah. From Judah came out the unexpected.


The one who came from Judah, no anointing will ever depart from him. Beware, check where you are, where nothing can come out and God brings something out. There are people who live without choice. They are just a Plan of God. They cannot run away from what God does because what is in them can never depart from them.


It depends on the kind of man you will meet. The moment you stick to him, nothing will depart in your life. The moment you separate from them, what you have received will go. That thing is supposed to leave you because you are no longer with the original. Some were born that way, some were made that way by man. Some things we learnt long ago but I thank God that He raises the standard.


The sceptre will never depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet until he to whom it belongs shall come and the o obedience of the nations shall be his.

Genesis 49:10


Many confess that they are not the tail but they are the head, but they do not have such anointing. The head can qualify to say ‘I am the head.’ The leg can qualify to say ‘I am the leg.’ God has been looking for a place. [Isaiah 66:2] “…such man is the one I am looking for, the one with a broken heart and contrite spirit.”


[Revelation 21:1] “I saw the new heaven and the new earth. For the first heaven and the first earth had passed away… I saw a holy city Jerusalem coming out of heaven from God” – Immanuel! God with us.” When you have such anointing, God lives in you. God is in you and He stays with you. You cannot receive such a Revelation without God living with you.


Many confuse gifts with the anointing. Hence we see man worshipping man without identifying the Presence of God. The Presence of God means God is present with you. We are a generation of this and that anointing, but there is no anointing besides God’s anointing. They flow with a gift, there is one anointing – the Holy Spirit, God Himself.


When such comes, do you know how God addresses you? Keep this in mind, what we are teaching today. When you receive it, do you know who God calls you? Acts 19:15 “Paul we know, Christ we know…” – they could never know Paul without Christ and they could never know Christ without Paul.


When demons see Christ they already know about Paul. When they see Paul they already know about Christ. It is time for anyone on earth, when they see Christ, Christ reminds them of someone. It is a sceptre that will never depart. People see gifts and they never see Christ.


Demons know that God exists and they shudder. With this kind of anointing, it is not intimidation, because Christ we know and Paul we know. Where there is no obedience, such anointing is not there. What is the use to see gifts when the place is full of pride?


Isaiah 45:1


This is the scripture that was most criticised. Many thought they were criticising me but I was found in this scripture (Isaiah 45:1-3). They said “How can you call this treasures of darkness?” It is God Himself. The Lord cannot subdue nations without holding Cyrus. You can never say you are anointed and no one is holding you by the hand.


There is some kind of obedience there. If you are anointed, you belong to Him. Thus says the Lord to Cyrus His anointed. Peter was supposed to be like this but he failed when he was with Jesus. He came temporarily but he left again, and Apostle Paul had to come and put him on track again. Jesus comes to him three (3) times, do you love? Paul prayed three times for a thorn to leave him. There was no need for God to come to him three (3) times.

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