Just say, ‘I am blessed above all!’ Do not come to God and remind Him of what He said. He knows what He said and He does not change!

How about you come to a prayer room thank Him and you mention words of blessings?

When you remind God of what He said, how much more if He comes and asks, ‘Am I not faithful, do I forget?’ Know that you are who God says you are and believe that all these great promises are yours.

When you are in agreement with God, that agreement remains faithful, sealed – it is done!

[Psalm 139] – When I am in heaven, He is there with me. When I am in Sheol, place of the dead, He is there with me. When I am in the waters, He is there with me.

I do not have to pray myself out, I do not have to say: ‘God take me out’, for there is already an agreement: I will never leave you nor forsake you. An agreement that will not cause you to be swallowed by a big fish.

It was not God’s intention for Jonah to be swallowed by a big fish. Like Jonah you are where you are because you were persecuted first, you were crucified. On the third day you come out of the heart of the earth not because you prayed yourself out, because it is what God permitted they will come to honour you.

When you pray go to your most secret place and pray to your Father who is unseen and He will reward you in the open. No matter what people say about you, you belong to the Messiah even in that challenge.

God does not call you for you to remind Him. If you call unto Him, you call and He will show you great and mighty works.

Remember, an agreement is a Testament, it becomes active at the death of a testator. When the testator dies it is given unto you.

Jesus had to die for us to get this will. Before your parents die they write a will, a testament that is given to attorneys and it cannot be opened unless they die.

At the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Body, meaning the Book [Bible] was opened in order for us to receive every blessing in it. Let it not be that Jesus died for nothing in your life, let that Book be manifested in your life.

All these great promises are ours, the blessings that are mentioned in [Ephesians 1:3] that God has already blessed us with all spiritual blessings. He has blessed us; He is not yet to bless us but has already blessed us.

When you know you are blessed, you pray with joy and not murmur. What shows that you agree with Him is joy and confidence in Him – you have to trust in Him. We have been raised up, we are not going to be raised; we are being raised together with Christ and we are seated with Him on the right hand of God.

Some preach it this way: ‘when we die we will be seated with Him,’ No! Be seated with Him before you die and enjoy being seated with Him.

[Psalm 23:5] says, “Thou hast prepared a table for me in the presence of my enemies”, eat because it has already been prepared for you.

Understand the type of agreement you have entered when you said, “I receive You, as My Lord and Saviour.” That Book was opened to everyone who says, ‘Yes to Jesus Christ!’

They write the will in their hearts, for God so loved the world that He had to give with a Testament – The Son, Jesus Christ Himself; he came and died for us so that His body may be opened for us, and we are blessed because His body is opened.

Count yourself blessed to be this generation, do not count yourself to yet be blessed. Jesus said to his disciples, blessed are your eyes and blessed are your ears because they can hear and see these things; old prophets longed to hear and see these things but they could not.

Elijah could not see and hear these things and Daniel just saw a glimpse of the Book, he was anxious when told to close the Book and said, when will that time come?

For three and half years that the ministry of Jesus lasted on earth. They did not understand the mystery of three and half years.

Prostitutes, harlots will go ahead of you in the kingdom, whilst they believed in John’s light for a while and when John died that light was gone but prostitutes and harlots were not in John’s light but in the one whom John spoke about, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Salvation was found among the Jews but Jesus uttered these words: I have never seen such faith even in all Israel. Prostitutes and others were able to tap into the mystery book, the agreement book, before He went to the cross.

[We found people performing miracles in your name and we forbade them and Jesus said, “no one will do a miracle in my name and be against me.” They are with me, they were able to enter the book and unlock those mysteries.


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