As Christians, as people who are being chosen by our Master, we need to reach the unreachable. We need to see the invisible. He is the God who wants us to know what He knows. He is from above and you also must be from above. When you are from above, no one can discredit you. No one can come and argue with you when you are from above. No one can argue with what you are doing or saying, you basically have to give confidence and remain in Christ.


He is here, raising us up for His own glory. The generation He is raising today shall continue to be unique and remain. There is a voice in this generation, let us go down and confuse them. You do not possess ordinary wisdom. Your maturity will give you an opportunity to receive a higher wisdom. There are things that people do not just get or receive, until they reach maturity stage.


When you reach that stage, God will truly impart higher wisdom. When we meet each other we do not impart what we usually impart to those without knowledge or wisdom. Jesus has become our ‘wisdom’ from God. If He has become our wisdom from God, we do not speak earthly wisdom, it is painful to see yourself ministering with gifts and when you try to speak it is earthly wisdom, meaning it us under the sun. A human mind should be totally destroyed.


You find a person saying “but we are only human”. I am not going to degrade myself, I am not human. It is lower class speaking against what is from above and I will not even defend myself when such speaks against [Colossians 3:2]. You cannot be matured and still carry human mind. As long as you still carry human mind you see what God is doing as witchcraft. People have been indoctrinated with witchcraft and whatever they see they immediately say “it is witchcraft”.


Many are taught but they do not see what they are taught about. Though I am not eloquent in speech, but you will see what he is teaching about. I do not believe in teaching and it does not happen. If it does not happen it is not from God, you are speaking in the air. The one from above speaks from above and the one from below speaks from an earthly point of view [John 3:31].


The one whom God sends speaks the word of God, the word that God speaks is alive and active so you cannot speak such word and you do not see what is active – action. There is the Spirit we have to possess, the ‘Spirit without measure’. If there is still human mind there is no wisdom. How do we have wisdom? You cannot look for greater knowledge without the fear of the Lord, ‘the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’ – [Proverbs 9:10]. If you fear God, you truly have wisdom.


There are people who speak as if they do not fear God!


Be careful, if I come and say, Peter do you love me? It means you are not in the will and you will find yourself crying. When you are young you dress yourself and you go wherever you want to go. When you are matured, someone dresses you and you go where you do not want to go. People who are matured reaches an early stage like a child, they stretch their arms to their master. The master takes him by the hand like a child and takes him to where you do not want to go. ‘A person who is not matured has a human mind, no one takes them by the hand, teaches them or even instructs them’.


If wisdom comes to a person, the human mind gets destroyed completely!


Everyone who possess wisdom has come into the family of God, but without wisdom you are not part of the family.


We teach reality, we do not just talk about wisdom when you are not part of the family. If on earth, according to the earthly point of view you are part of a family we see you by genes. A certain family might excel because we find doctors, or gardeners, or even teachers – according to their genes. I want us to understand what is wisdom. If you do not have wisdom stop counting yourself in the family because every family has what they excel in. [John 1:12] – it is not by the will of the husband, the human mind. It is not by the will of a husband but they are born of God.


What God is about to impart is higher wisdom and it can only be imparted among the family. You might find a family of doctors but they do not even have a hospital, they work for a government and they do not open their own in the morning. You cannot be that and go into someone else’s house – go into your house. In my Father’s house, there are no many houses but mansions.


From within the house there are mansions. Mansions are in a house!

[John 14:2-3] In my Father’s house there are no many houses but mansions. From within the house there are mansions. Do not be troubled when I say I am going to prepare a place for you.


If you have wisdom you will not be troubled. Do not think he is still going to prepare a place but he prepared already. He prepared a sacrifice and after that, everyone can come and enter. He was going to the cross. When he said it is finished, he finished preparing. What is he preparing now, because it is done – it is finished?


1 Corinthians 2:6


When we are among the full grown, spiritually matured Christians we impart a higher wisdom. Some run for impartation and they do not get what they run for but what they deserve. There are some impartations, when you come among them you will not receive simply because there is something wrong with your mind. If you do not understand the mystery of Christ or any miracle, do not worry, you have what you deserve – gifts.


Where there is no wisdom you heal the sick in his name. You prophesy in his name, you cast out demons in his name, which name? In my name ‘Jesus’ you will cast out demons and heal the sick. You are not included in the family. ‘


God’s intention was to develop, there you do not heal the sick in the name of Jesus but the spirit of healing takes over because you are found in Christ, in the family. You heal the sick in his name but you are not found in the family. I have never knew you, you evildoers. [Matthew 7:22-23].


I only know those whom I could swallow and they are now found in me. The miracles, signs and wonders in the name of my Father, what did he not say in my name? When are you going to enter and come into the father’s presence?


This man always talks about power, let me tell you “I was not called Baptist but to preach the gospel, I am not here to empty the cross of its power. When I see him crucified he is both the wisdom and power of God [1Corianthians 1:17, 24]’’.


If there is no such gospel then there are just gifts and not wisdom. They are hard hearted and stiff necked. Those imparted with a higher wisdom, when you speak about them you even judge yourself, I am stupid. Because I speak yet I cannot explain what I talk about.


During the interview ‘’Doctor what are you saying about this? When you drink such liquid like petrol and the doctor explains everything. What happened there? There I do not know. Do not allow them to call you into their studio to become the, “I do not know category”. We cannot just read about this and not know anything about higher wisdom.


Every day you look for impartation, man of God impart. God knows your humility, “Jesus was a king himself but he stripped himself of his royal dignity. God knows your humility. “Because he humbled himself God exalted him’’. God knew who are his. [Philippians 2:6-7]


Wisdom helps you to know how to humble yourself so that God can impart a higher wisdom. You need this family, you cannot do without this family. This family makes all that makes people excited to cease. This family exposes. We do not just talk. The knowledge of the divine plan which was previously hidden, many do not get it because it was hidden. “I am giving you the manna which your forefathers knew nothing about [Deuteronomy 8:16]”.


When God brings something new, someone who is experienced says, this is not from God. Let me give you advise, those with experience remember God can give you what you do not know. This causes you to rely on God. Walk in love and you will not offend God.


Imagine your forefather coming and finding you eating what he never knew? This is for cows! I want to teach you maturity family. There was no family in the Old Testament hence God alone took the king and caused him to eat grass but in the new check who causes people to see visions, who takes people to heaven and hell, and who makes people to eat grass. Understand maturity, those who are ripe receive a higher wisdom.


Ephesians 3:8


If you are not the least, you are not born of the family. What did Jesus say? Who is the greatest? The greatest in the kingdom shall be your servant. I want you to go to the least. Jesus said the least and Apostle Paul says, though I am less than the least.


There are people who reveal the riches of the Christ, they used his name but no Father. I want to find out what this arrogant talk is saying, because arrogant talk, talks meaning arrogance but power meaning the father. There are many teachers with talk, arrogance but there are few fathers [1 Corinthians 4:15 – 20]


There are those who are baptised in the name yet the Holy Spirit is not in them. [1 Corinthians 10:2] There are those who were baptised in Moses. The cloud, the sea and whatever they wanted they went to Moses. When God answers it was with a limitless because of god performed fully they would have died. They walked in dry ground but when you are matured you walk on the sea like your master. God answered them when they were murmuring. When you are matured you just say Father we thank you and there is no limit when God answers. They went where He multiplied bread and when they found Him they said we want the bread. What did they eat? They were not ripe in what Jesus was doing. Show us the bread, I am the bread.


Moses, ripe in understanding, when they said manna Moses said the bread. Storm riders ride in the storm. They hid when they saw a dark cloud, looking for safety. But when you go there, [2 Corinthians 4:17] the momentary afflictions produce for us an eternal weight of glory. Know your Father. Many do not get what is happening now, they limited God from performing. They saw a pillar of cloud and the angels but in [Revelation 22:9] John tried to bow before an angel and the angel said do not bow before me – we are in the family. Even some angels have to ask for permission from God to speak about certain people.


We are above angels; they are here to assist us. You are weak, angels take instructions from you. What kind of a Christian are you? Which family do you belong to? The best way to explain a person who has not reached maturity is, you are luke-warm. You are not inside of Him; I am found in Him. [Philippians 3:8] I consider everything I have, rubbish. The most important thing is that I may be found in him. Some are in a family of houses, cars, and all those. The most important is that I may be found in Him – family. I consider everything mere rubbish, [Matthew 6:33] I seek first the kingdom and its righteousness and all these things are added. I am in front of them, they are not in front of me. These signs and wonders shall follow them that believe.


People are ready to preach about rubbish. You talk about rubbish and call it prosperity. Christ has been sent to this world to save His people and not give them rubbish. Paul comes and gives rubbish to everybody but the moment you get this rubbish; I am going to teach you the gospel so that this rubbish does not change you. Many are ready to stand with rubbish; what family is that? Let us hear from the mind of God. There human beings do not exist. Everything I have, I consider it rubbish. The best thing is that I may be found in Christ.


I cannot develop you without maturity or else there is no development but society – association. We need to understand what God wants us to be. [1 Corinthians 2:6] However, we impart a higher wisdom among the matured, those ripe in understanding. You might preach what Christ comes and say, you have misled my people with your teaching. The best thing is that I may be found in Him.


[Ephesians 3:8] Though I am less than the least among God’s people, amongst those reputed to be pillars in the church but the secret things of the kingdom were given to me. The secrets, wisdom hidden in the past age were given to apostle Paul. I am giving you what they never knew. If you are genuine in the Lord, you try to develop yourself financially yet Christ develops you. When it is not smooth do not cry or complain. To you lives the plans of your heart and mind but when you present them unto the Lord, God weighs the motives. God also takes what is good. You come and say here is a plan, [Proverbs16:2] He removes what is wrong and gives you what is right and somewhere He might deal with your character because He wants the character of Christ. [Hebrews 1:2] Do not find someone speaking to you like you are a forefather; God wants you to know what He knows.


[Hebrews 1:2] He speaks to us in the person of the Son, you might speak to people while you making them forefathers. But when He speaks to you in the person of the Son, welcome to the family.


[Hebrews 1:7] Ministering servants flames of fire, I am not a flame of fire. But to the son, when there is a but, to the Son God throne oh God – family. You are a Son; He rebukes those whom He calls sons. The Son does what the Father foes, he does not depend on His own name but on the name of the Father. The son does what the Father is doing. Who is busy planting rubbish? Who is busy nurturing people with the spirit of Christ?


[1 Corinthians 2:10] We declare mysteries among the matured. No one has seen or eye heard what God has prepared for those who love Him, do you love Jesus? If you love Him, have you seen, have you heard what He has prepared for those who love Him? If you have never seen or heard you have never loved Him but you loved rubbish.


Ephesians 4:12


There are people who knows the apostles, prophets and pastors but when you stand as a man of God, preach and let them know Christ. [Hebrew 1:1] In the last days he speaks in the person of the son where there is no human mind.


When I stand and speak it is no longer I, so there, there is no mind. You find people speaking about manhood but if it is not matured it is not matured, it cannot function because you touched the anointing in the wrong manner. So that I may be found in Christ.


Are you the family?


Do not worry what is happening to me, it is an honour. Where there is no human mind we declare the mysteries among the matured, there we are ripe in understanding. If you do not understand you are not in the family. This plan was kept hidden but when it is revealed we are raised together with Christ and we are able to impart a higher wisdom.


You are looking for gifts, man of God if you come into my house I will do anything! Are you even matured to be in that house? To the believing Jew, if you hold on to my teaching you are really my disciples, he whom Jesus sets free is free indeed. He said you sought to kill me, it means he gives them the word and when he comes there is abortion.


The son abides in the house forever but a slave does not abide forever so you can come to the house but as a slave. The son knows the father’s business. You come in the name of who is the greatest.


1 Corinthians 15:51


We will not all die but we will all be changed the same. You say people are dead and they have changed but what is happening with you? You have not changed? It means you are not part of these mysteries


[Colossians 2:2] I tell you a mystery, Christ is the mystery and you must be found in the mystery. No one knows the mystery until they are matured. Some can die, and they can go and be changed. Same family in heaven and in earth. It is the appearance of Christ on earth because we shall not all die but we will be changed the same.


If human mind is totally destroyed you stand a chance to impart the unknown, what others do not understand because they are not ripe in understanding. If we will all be changed why are you not changing?


You say you dreamt your grandmother yet there she is not your grandmother but we are all brothers and sisters. You call her by the revelation of Christ, sister.


Have you changed?


When higher wisdom is imparted we have changed. Human mind is no longer there. I knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb, you were born sinful. You were in a spiritual mental hospital; the doctors could not see that you are mad because they are the same like you. What your spirit comes up with is folly, madness.


When you are compared to someone in a mental hospital you look normal. When someone comes and says, you are not ripe in understanding, you are in trouble. When I am out of my mind it is for God so when I am in my mind it is for you. Some things that you do God says yes. Someone can come and says you are mad.


[1 Corinthians 1:18] Our message to Paul and Silas has always been yes to Christ, so Jesus looks at you and says yes. Not a yes that is later a no, if so it means there is a problem. You are mad and before the doctor you are normal. The one who is mentally ill is better than you because they can take medication and they will be better but you need the word of God.


The moment you were born you were mad because you did not know the plan. When you have children you must know their spirit. When a mind of a man is totally destroyed, you are now out of your mind and it is for God. God is not a man that he should lie nor a son of man that he should change his mind. When he plans to do something good he does it without repentance.


Why do you change your mind? Are you a son? Today you love that person and tomorrow you do not love them. It means you saw legs. David was in battles but he saw legs, that is how Solomon was born. And when Solomon came he saw many legs.


We need to be matured. We are a generation that no one can stop; this is spirit giving birth to spirit. It is the divine plan kept hidden in the past age and it is revealed to those whose minds have been destroyed completely.


The new comes and makes the old obsolete. When we eat, we eat the new. The new destroyed the old. You can be a forefather, thinking you are drinking Holy Communion whereas it is from the supermarket.

We impart a higher wisdom to those who are ripe in understanding. You are not ripe in understanding yet you will not even confirm. The father confirms the son and the son confirms the Father. “You are the Christ, son of the living God,” afterwards Jesus confirms, “You are Peter. The father testifies on behalf of the son and the son testifies on behalf of the father.


We must suffer together, do not blush, do not be ashamed to testify about me or even Christ. You come in secret and you cannot even testify about me, you are ashamed, you blush. You want to come and receive in secret but you cannot share in my sufferings. [Romans 8:17] – share in my sufferings so that the gospel you preach may expose you but you cannot be exposed because you do not share in my suffering. It must confirm you as well, so that you may do it in the Power of God. They complain about God but that is what we preach.


Ephesians 3:8


Jesus wanted us to know more of the Father. You have to know more of the Father, Christ is the mystery of God. If we are one, we are a family. You look at Jesus and you are brothers because He became the first born among brothers. We have a friend who is closer a brother, somewhere He is a friend. Brothers and sisters are believers.


[Genesis 11:1] You evildoers, whatever they think they do “let us build a tower.” And because they use their minds nothing can be impossible for them. God said let us confuse them.


Meditate about this, I am teaching about this to develop you. A higher wisdom is imparted among the matured, those who are ripe in understanding. Now you understand. I am praying for those who do not know, touch not the mystery of God.


From now on let no one cause me trouble for I bear on my body the marks of Christ Jesus – [Galatians 6:17]. They are never the marks of Paul but they are the marks of Jesus Christ because he is found in Jesus Christ. Before touching Paul, you have to touch God, then Jesus and then Paul.


This is a secret design which was hidden. Daniel tried to cry for it but they said “Daniel close the book”. He cried, when will that time come? It was about what we talk about – old prophets longed to see and hear these things. You are blessed because you can see and hear it. It will be for three and a half years, the duration of the ministry of Jesus. Get the Son, the exact same imprint of the Father. The Spirit of excellence, let me show you the most excellent way.


I cannot show you the excellent way and not impart the Spirit of excellence. Love is a dimension above every gift. God is here to raise us together and to bless us. God is here to reveal Himself.


I have higher wisdom to give and minds to destroy, killing everything. If it is the wrong gospel you have been taught, I am assigned to kill and to destroy. Get the simple truth from above. Get the divine purpose from above. Purpose was before the world began, God chose you with a purpose. God is here to bless us together and let us be found in Him.


You cannot look for what you can get from me without me. Human mind is no longer in control because higher wisdom is given. When you receive this and nothing goes right, try to go with the character of what you have received.


Some deliverance do not need someone to pray for you but it goes with what you carry. If you do along what goes with Me, I stay.



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