Which Pot Do You Eat From


When you are in trouble or under pressure and you do not see Jesus, there is trouble. Darkness has to be there so that we can see God. [Psalm 139] when I am in heaven He is with me. In shallow places of the dead you do not just lay your bed but He is there with you; in fire, He is there with you; in the waters, He is there with you.


God is wonderful. Many cried and ran away and He said to them, this is my flesh meaning he is dead; what can we expect out of his death? Expect life in abundance! Out of death you expect nothing but the death of our Lord has brought us life and peace. Today we are going to eat death. God is doing something good out of what looks bad, out of a place where there is no hope – He is here to raise us up and to give us life.


What kind of a person qualifies to give us life? When you go through pain or trouble ask God what kind of trouble is this because he is busy preparing you for the better for others. Jesus says if I be lifted up on the cross I will draw to me all man. The word says one grain must die to produce many and go through rough patches. To produce we don’t take what is alive but we take what is dead. If we take what is fresh it will die, but when it’s dead it shall be able to produce. Out of this death we expect everything.


He grew out of the dry ground. There will be a tender shoot. Such a person qualifies to give life. When Jesus tests his disciples; “You give them something to eat.” Did they qualify at that point to give something to eat? When Jesus spoke to Ananias he said, “Go to my servant, my chosen instrument. You must show him how he must suffer for my name’s sake.” Once he goes through death, it is for your own sakes.


He says, you give them something to eat, feed them – With Holy Communion. You might get it from a stranger. It depends on who gives it to you. [1 Corinthians 5] Paul talks about judging those who are inside not those who are outside. He say those who are outside we leave them for God, but those who are in here, we judge them. Meaning you are here and if you take it in the right manner you will die before time because he says “that is why many get sick and die before time.”


If you say this is what we bought from the supermarket that is discrimination. Somebody can be from the outside and just by seeing it in a right way, can be blessed more than the one who is been here for more than ten years – just by saying Father, I thank you. Then how much more about the one who carries it? It comes from the father.


2 Kings 4:37 – 41


Jesu Christ died for all of us and we remain eating the same body and drinking the same blood that comes from him. That is why when people say that man is a satanist, he makes people drink blood. I rejoice because it is the blood and body of Jesus Christ. We can even turn flowers into food. What kind of death is in the pot? This is Elisha with the sons of the prophets and he is training them. Some were sent to go and take spices to put them into the pot and when people started to eat they shouted to the master that there is death in the pot. This pot can be the church; he is the one who is to change what is in the pot.


[2 Corinthians 4] We carry the death of Christ and [2 Corinthians 3] we are ministers of the new covenant and the new brings life, but the old brings death. That death, depends who brought it and that pot can be the church. [1 timothy 5:22] Do not be hasty in laying on of hands lest you share in one another’s sins. In the old when they were supposed to make a sacrifice they would lay their hands on the animal. A man who lays his hands on you begin to share sins.


How much more of a person who gives you Holy Communion because he takes it and says Father I thank you. It depends who gives it to you because you criticize the same thing and you still give Holy Communion. [verse37] Elisha came back to Gilgal during the time of famine and the sons of the prophets were sitting before him. He said to his servant, set on the big pot and cook pottage for the sons of the prophets. One went to the field and went to gather spices. They took what they did not know and put it into the pot.


I cannot teach you what I do not know. When you teach people do not teach them what you do not know. Don’t teach scriptures that you don’t understand, only go for what you know. It is not pick and choose, it is not multiple choice. So they took what they did not know and put it in the pot. As they ate out of the pottage, oh man of God there is a wild vine or gourds in the pot.


Jonah comes and God gives him to the Ninevites, go tell them that I am going to kill them all.  The king heard about the prophecy then he told everyone to fast and pray, including the domestic animals. There and then after that God is moved with mercy, and here is the prophet.

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