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What God has given today is different. You could even see through the performances here acted by the mothers. They will not get old. We thank God, all of you are so great, you are so beautiful. You are all a blessing to the body of Christ. Someone has to receive now, someone has to go home carrying the Glory.


Blessed viewer God is with you. God is here with us today. We are celebrating women’s day and we are saying, you are here to impact nations. You are blessed with abundant life. God is with you. God is here to bless us together. I want you to concentrate on this; ‘Woman, Wife, Mother’. Get this: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. God is here to bless you.


[Genesis 2] Your name is not of animals. This man carried the book of names hence it says, whatever he named them it was so. He ate the book of names to a point that whatever he says God approves. Nathan the prophet said to David “whatever you think just do it.” When we have the mind of Christ, whatever we say is what He says. The Lord God made a woman, He did not make a wife or mother but He made the one who incorporated everything. You can be a wife and fail to be a woman, you can be a mother and fail to be a woman.


He did not hear God because he was in a deep sleep.  You do not hear God but He called you unto deep. God made a woman, how did the man know because it says, he said this is a woman. God did not make wife or a mother. A woman is someone who incorporates everything. Without knowledge my people perish but knowledge without love makes you to be puffed up. It gives you pride.


That is why the Bible a man will leave his mother and father. Only when you are properly mothered and fathered you are qualified to leave your mother and father. He who finds a wife finds a good thing, a good thing is not a wife. I am crushing religion. He who finds a woman finds a good because this is someone which qualified. This is someone who left their mother and father. Hold on to what is good until I come, so whatever good you hold onto is a woman.


[Genesis 3:2] – This is wisdom from the earth not of Christ. It is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is blessing and calamity. Many run for blessers but they do not see Life. The tree of life, Christ; I have come to give life. You may get a blessing without life. [Verse 8], if you are a woman you cannot hide form God because God lives in you – the Father, the Word and the Spirit are one. When we talk about a woman who is one, ‘a woman, wife, mother’ then you are one with God.  Who told you, you are naked? You know when there is something missing in you.


The women you gave me met with another and the fruit she ate – reality. Here it is the same question Jesus asked the Samaritan woman – where is your husband? It is not only a woman, even a man can go through this. It is possible that when God asks the man, He will say ‘where is your woman’? She is a woman, produced as a woman. [Verse 17], because you listened to your wife, if she was a wife God would not have asked that question. Your wife does not belong to you but if she is a woman, she belongs to God.


There is no satisfaction because she gave those men what causes men to be dry. Where is your husband? You listened to husbands and no one satisfied you and now you are thirsty. When you eat you shall die.


When God produces, He produces a woman and not a wife. He never produced a mother but He produced a woman. A woman has incorporated everything [woman, wife and mother]. We taught about the lioness, the lioness does not have the hair, it is with the lion. But because she incorporates everything, she is able to teach the cubs.


When you see a lion, it was never taught by a lion but by a lioness. You can do all through Christ who is in you. Adam named her woman in Genesis [chapter 2] but [chapter 3] is after the fall of man when he named her the second time. The reality – is in chapter 2. They never fell, she is a woman. There was no need for Adam to name after the fall. Had there been not the fall there was no need for him to name her because she will name where there is a curse. If she was going to be a woman, we will not see children who are a pattern.

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