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There were two lineages, the sons of God were the lineage of Abel. Those who were not the lineage of God were from Cain.


In [Genesis 6] because they could not make it they saw the daughters of man. She shall be called the mother of all the living, not the sons of God.


God said, “My Spirit will no longer contend with man”. And He reduced their years and His Spirit departed even from the sons of God. They gave both to the Nephilim, they were a people from Canaan and they were like goliath.


When you are a woman, you are a woman who has incorporated everything. If you are a mother, you must be a wife and if you are a wife you must be a woman.


She shall be called a womb man, meaning woman.


Everyone is born of a woman – married or unmarried. He who finds a wife, finds a woman. What is good? A woman.


[The word came upon Mary] and she became pregnant with Jesus Christ. From the time Jesus Christ was born, Mary was mothering Him.


However, at the age of thirty (30), Jesus does not qualify to say mama. God lives in Him and He lives in God. So, when He speaks to Mary, He now addresses her as woman.


The disciples were not yet matured. When he speaks he says, behold your mother. But to me my colleague, woman.


She is the one who caused Jesus to turn water into wine. These people had run out of wine.


“Woman what do we have in common?” said Jesus.


Indeed, they have something in common. For Mary pondered everything [she was told about Jesus Christ] in her heart.


She said, “Just do what He tells you to do”.


Now Jesus performed the miracle because Mary spoke.


You can speak and Jesus will show. That is where we reveal and see the alpha and the omega. The Alpha produced the woman and the woman shows the Alpha.


[Galatians 4:4] – A woman comes at a proper time. When the proper time comes, if you find a woman without a woman, without a good thing – it is not yet proper time.


When the proper time comes, there will be no Law and no rituals. A woman gives birth to a son, not something under. Unto us a child is born and a Son is given, there a difference. For God so loved the world that He gave [John 3:16], meaning that God gave or produced. Born of a woman – giving.


There are people who give birth to children, there are those who give sons. He can be born without being given to you. For Jesus to be born God chose a woman and this woman was not yet married, but she is a woman. Joseph found a good thing – a good thing is a woman. God looked at Mary and said, “this is a good thing”. God chose a woman, if God wants to give birth with a good incubator, a good incubator is a woman. If you are a wife, you will come and ask your husband, why did you ask your wife? Because Abraham found a good thing, when she said get rid of the slave woman and his son, though he was hurt, God came and said “listen to her, because she is a woman”.


If she were not a woman God would have asked, who did you listen to. Because the seed of Abraham was with Sarah, Abraham listened to Sarah. Love is He – the Father, where the presence of God there is moisture. Without love you are nothing. God said to the “disciples, he who loves much shall be forgiven much and he who loves less shall be forgiven less”. He who loves much, meaning a woman. God is love so is he.


A woman comes from love. If one has fallen, she has to be trained. How does she get trained? If you still suffer with respect, you still suffer with being washed. There is nowhere in Bible where it says ‘wives love your husband’ but your actions will prove you are a woman. When God comes, the man as the head; He says ‘Wives be submissive to your husbands as though unto the Lord and in the last verse it says wives respect your husbands’.


When you respect, a man interprets love. Then he begins to love, you are the one to activate that love. You are the one to draw that love from him. The man cannot interpret, he cannot marry if there is no respect. You begin to respect and when the man looks he sees intimacy and now he can release. Why is the Apostle Paul calling them brothers and sisters? Jesus says to Mary, woman and that is his mother. He calls her like that meaning, colleagues. She has incorporated everything now.


Mary Magdalene wanted to touch Jesus and Jesus said, “do not touch me, go and tell my brother that I still have to go to my father their father, my God their God”. There are some of you who are demoralised because of the system. According to the Jewish system you respect all the regulations. Jewish Christians following their Law. There are some people here, you cannot wait for God because you carry a system in your mind. You were married, now you are no longer married and keep condemning yourself – how am I going to serve God. There is no one who will be prevented today as long as I am here with my Christ.

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