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1 Corinthians 9

No one must judge you. Abraham said, “she is my sister,” when they tried to take Sarah. When the King said, why did you lie to me? He said, No, I did not lie because I took her from my Father’s house. So sisters and brothers because they are believers.

1 Corinthians 7: 15

If you stay with someone who is not a believer it says, “do not seek divorce, how do you know that you can deliver him or her. The unbelieving wife can be sanctified through the believing husband; the unbelieving husband can be sanctified through the believing wife.

We have the right to take the believing wife. If the unbeliever leaves, the believer is not bound. She is a believing sister, so he who finds a wife finds a good thing [Proverbs 18: 22].

She is a woman because she is believing.

What prevents you from working for God? God has called us to live in peace. When you enter the house that does not deserve your peace, shake the dust off and go to another house. Many were told, women forgive easily and you just go in. You are a believer, you still remain a good seed, a good thing.

There are people who are divorced but still remain a wife, they are good. Do not be bound by regulations. What God joined together let no man separate. Wives be submissive to your husbands, they are wives. It is home affairs, what God joined together no man can separate.

She is not a woman yet but she is still dirty because it says, “He gave Himself for the wife, the church.” When she is washed He presents her to Himself. Without presentation you are a wife but not washed. He presents her to Himself and God enters.

If there is still submission problem, God has not presented her to Himself. What God joints together no man can separate. After all, everyone marriage must save you. But how come many are not saved when they are not married?Those who marry must be in the Spirit. True worshippers worship the Father Spirit and in truth – [John 4:24].

God makes them one because He is one. God presents you to Himself. If you are one He makes them one – believing wife and the believing husband. When the unbeliever leaves the believer is not bound because the believer is presented to God Himself.

There are those for whom it is difficult to serve God because there is a previous life. When God presents her to Himself it is without spots, wrinkles and blemishes. She is one with God. Apostle Paul explains it clearly, this is a profound mystery, I am talking about Christ and the Church but, however every man and woman should live the same.

This is not a license to sin, or to do what is wrong because when you do what is wrong you are an unbeliever. A believer will always do right to prove that they are a believer.

Who is a woman?

When Mary was told about the child she was going to give birth to, when they said the child is of the Holy Spirit, she pondered everything in her heart. Behold I stand and knock on the door of your heart, and when you open I will come in and dine with you.

Mary opened her heart. [Psalm 24:7] Lift up your heart O you gate [woman] and let the King of glory to come in and out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks – they ran out of wine. What do we have in common? It is in her heart.

Do everything that she tells you to do, because she is a woman. He named her woman and God created a woman out of his rib. When he woke up he said, she is woman, she will be called a good thing – woman. God said to Adam, because you listened to your wife. Did he listen to a good thing?

He who finds a wife finds a good thing. What is a good thing? Woman. You are a woman because you incorporated mother and you have incorporated wife. If you have incorporated all, springs of life can be revealed, they can come.

Many think that God cannot use them because of what they have been through, where they come from. You say, ‘I am a widow, I have never seen a widow doing this’. It is because you are under those rituals. When you get married you have a child and because it is under a law, we can see that this one has a child [they do not cover her face with a veil]. You are under a ritual but we can see.

Wear that white dress because you are forgiven; but the problem is that people keep putting a mark. Put the mark of Jesus Christ. God forgives those who are dirty, not those who are clean. God is here for the dirty and not for the clean. Father, Word, Spirit are one. Woman, wife, mother are one.

You can be a mother and fail to be a wife. You can be a wife and fail to be a mother but if you are a woman you have incorporated everything.

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