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[1 Corinthians 7:15]


A brother and a sister is someone who believes. A good thing is someone who believes. These signs shall follow them that believe. A believer is someone who has been presented to God Himself. It is by faith that you can please God. If that faith lives in you, the Apostle Paul would call you brother or a sister, because you are a believer.


The believing brother, the believing wife, the believing sister – the one with faith. The one who pleases God. Faith causes us to be pure before God. You were saved by faith. You can see clearly in [Galatians 4] that this is a woman.


Many women cannot breakthrough because they are under the law. I am not saying control yourself but I am saying come out of bondage and be a free woman. [Galatians 4:21] A slave woman will give birth to a slave son but a free woman will give birth to a son from above. The woman represents two covenants. If you are a woman it is either you are the New Covenant or the Old Testament. If you represent the old you will not be free and display the greatness of God.


When Jesus says eat My body, it is not the head but the body, representing the woman. He who finds the New Covenant finds a good thing but he who finds the old. Adam, why did you listen to the old covenant? Jesu meets with the Samaritan woman drawing water from the well of Jacob. Our fathers drew from this well, and Jesus said it is not in the mountain nor in the city, it is in Spirit and in truth.


There are many women who are not pushed in truth but pushed in slavery. Where do you sow you seed, where do you give your peace? Where is oneness of the Father, Word, Spirit – woman, wife, mother? Otherwise if you have children here you must not serve God.


You are under a Jewish ritual but I am here as Lesego to set many free.


Hagar stands for Mount Sinai – it is not in the mountain nor in the city. This woman who is a slave represents what? The city and the mountain. She is in slavery with her children. Woman where is your husband? The woman has a husband but this one has a husband from above. She had husbands, she was not blessed and she could not produce.


Barrenness in the Spirit must be experienced by everyone in the Spirit.


Blessed are you, barren woman, your children do not come by the will of a husband. The Father produced. When John the Baptist was supposed to be born, Zechariah was told by the angel that he would have a son. His argument was, Elizabeth is of age. If you refuse the name, Zechariah got sick.


Everyone argued about the name when the son was born. They said by tradition it is the father who names the child. He wrote the name down and the name saved him. He got healed.


The father produced what is genuine and a woman can carry that Spirit. Let the King of glory come in. Ponder everything in your heart and when you speak it is the New Covenant. Which woman are you? The one who speaks the Old Covenant or the one who speaks the New Covenant?


There are those who represent the Old Covenant. Do you know that you are a builder? You can build. You are a developer, you can equip. [1 Peter 3] without words he changes, who built him?



When they see how you conduct yourself, woman. [1 Peter 2:21-22 & 3:1] If it is the same way, you qualify and you are a woman representing a New Covenant. It is easy to win a husband, go into the New Covenant. Represent the New Covenant.


[Galatians 4:26] The one who has a husband, the birth of their children is by the will of a husband. Those who are born of God are not born of the will of a husband. Woman where is your husband? Because everything that has been happening in your life is by the will of a husband. A will is opened after death. Sarah’s womb and Abraham’s loins were dead. Where there is death something will be opened.


Your children are not born of natural descent but by the Spirit. God will help you get rid of that woman. Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman’s son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman’s son. We are not children of the slave woman but of the free woman – the New Covenant. You will not teach the law but you will teach freedom because you are a woman of the New Covenant. Whatever you speak shall be through the Father.


When the lion is not around the lioness will do everything as if the lion is there. There is no lion that hunts without being taught by the lioness. It was taught as a cub by the lioness.

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