This is what we do to develop; to help us to know Christ even better. We give to shame the devil and we use our substance to shame the devil. It says “worship the Lord your God with your substance” – [Proverbs 3:9]. There are people with money, and there are also people with substance; therefore, someone may have money yet not having substance. If you have money you may not be able to worship God but with substance you worship God. It is what God knows.


There are people who comes to Jesus and say “I prophesied in your name and He said I never knew you”. Why? He knows the substance. What He knows is the substance it says “worship the Lord your God with your substance”. If there is no substance no worship. God says “I know you as a substance some will come and say we did these things in your name”. What you give let it be what God knows. It does not matter what you have if it is substance it is bound to multiply she gave more than the substance.


God knows what you have to give. It looks like Jesus has no money but Peter went to the fish, substance it is the divine it “I can do all things [Philippians 4:13], because if it is to worship we must give what the Lord knows and shock Him even the more”. Go to another level where you give yourself 10% [ten percent] and you give God the rest. Because of substance such things are possible. You give Him 90% [ninety percent] and you take 10% [ten percent]. God will always say “I owe you and you will say do not rob me”.


There is a credit and debit account but with the substance you reach a level of ‘credit accumulative account’. When you enter into that account it is an account you do know what to do with it. It is above what He can give you the abundance not the credit, with the credit you can think of what to do. I have come to bless you abundantly above your thoughts. Debit and credit I have to do this but with your faithfulness in your thinking it takes you to where you do not have to think.


You are going to do everything without calculating the cost. I came that you may live; a life in abundance, can you finish to calculate? These are bottomless things of God; this is where He say “son what is mine it is yours”. You can say take 90% [ninety percent] and I will take 10% [ten percent]; because your 10% [ten percent] will be enough to sustain. What I am trying to show in that account; you do not calculate it is just life. When you calculate the cost you also have to take out 10% [ten percent] but His side you live above 10% [ten percent].


When you come to substance it is God who know it is the divine. It can do anything if I know you as a substance I know your divine, substance it is not limited, the divine it is found in the Spirit, yet in the soul it is the mind, substance it is never limited. Substance can do anything.


This property worthy a lot of millions but when I started there was no million rand in our account. I bought bricks and spoke to the owners and I said “I am going to pay, today we owe nothing”. We are sitting over 50 Million Rands not talking about movables like the land, studio and other assets. I just said “we are going to build today we owe nothing without calculating the cost”.


This is the miracle of the divine substance. You turn petrol into pineapple juice; it is the divine substance you can do anything and it is just to show how substance works. If you calculate the cost God will not speak to you but money will speak. Do not worship God and mammon – [Matthew 6:24]. Hate money so that it can follow you. You can use it to follow you and to follow God, if you follow money you will make money, if there is a miracle you can do anything and there is no miracle without the substance; it is done by the Spirit. If you calculate, where are you? You end up into debit and credit account. But if you are a substance you do not calculate the cost you are giving from to the ‘credit accumulative account’. [Philippians 4:19] – ‘God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory’’ – it is not money’.


When you want your money you take your bank card and you go to the ATM to get the money according to what is in your account. Some people go to the ATM and say “I am going to get money by faith you put the card so that everybody must not see”. You know you do not have anything it will say “I am sorry there is nothing in your account”.


What are the riches in glory? According to [Romans 1:9] – when you serve God with your Spirit the substance and [Philippians 4:19] – ‘the riches of His glory’; the glory it is the goodness that is your heart, your faithfulness, obedience and all the fruits of the Spirit that is how you will be supplied – [Galatians 5:22].


Go to the glory you will come out with money!


[James 1:1] – it says “consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance”. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be matured and complete not lacking anything.


The testing of your faith develops perseverance something has been developed in your heart let perseverance finish its work whatever you need it shall be given unto you. [Romans 1] – reveal the riches in glory. This is Training in the Matters of the Kingdom. But when it finishes its work you become matured and lack nothing. There are people with money but no maturity and when you are ignorant you follow.


Many people say “give but it says let perseverance finish its work”. During the time of Elijah, why did God chose one widow to welcome Elijah? She did not have money what was left it was for her to eat and die, the other one she did not have a child but the woman and husband said “let us build an upper room for the prophet to sleep that we never had”. This one he has money but no son where there is ‘substance’ God supplies all.


But when the prophet come he said “prepare for me first from the speech we hear substance”. God blessed them the same, money came and the son came. Where there is substance you will never fall. The story of 4 man with Leprosy they said “to themselves there is sickness if we stay here we are going to die they said let us go to the enemy camp; we are going to die anyway when they moved the enemy and saw soldiers on chariot, they saw the substance, what God knows”.


The widow said “what is left is for me and my son to eat and to die let me start with the prophet first because I am going to die anyway”. The same with the woman and the husband let us first start with the prophet and build a room we never had where there is a substance everything is possible. When the enemy saw the man with Leprosy they ran away and they took everything; they also thought of their people they said “let us go and report to our people all of suddenly there was no Leprosy”.


If there is substance with you there is abundance!


We receive grace and it is associated with substance it is above your imagination. Once you reach that level you are a worshiper, a true one; you worship not in the soul but in Spirit. When Jesus speak the word; He word is Spirit and life. In His [Jesus] mouth there is life; if He directs you and say “go to the mouth of the fish there will be something there”.


‘Faith is a Title Deed of a substance of things we hope for’. Once you are still hoping you keep calculating but where there is substance you stop calculating and no longer hope. Hope that is seen is not hope at all, with substance you see the building you do not see the money you have. If you build a mall it is already there before you could build it [you see it first].


God is here to bless us let us get to know what is substance; it is impossible for you be a substance but not being the part of that substance because you worship your God as a substance that is why He say “I know you as a substance”. If somebody want to curse you they do go to your money, your children they speak words upon your life; how much more if you are a substance.


Jesus said to Peter, “go to the mouth of the fish” all of sudden in the mouth of the fish there is a manifestation.


There are people who confessed to me we thought you were just speaking when you say “you are going to buy a land and build the church”. Understand that when you are a substance when you speak, God speaks. I was not speaking from my mind. That was long ago when there was no hope if you carry substance you do not associate with those who hope.


Jesus was not supposed to forgive sins according to our knowledge; it is by His stripes hence we must be healed that is after the Cross. But He knows that [Isaiah 53] it was written in past-tense so it is effective and it is only the report that was written already. Most reports are written for the future and for the present but ‘Isaiah 53’ was only the report written in the past yet it is still relevant – it is done you are blessed, it is over. That is why Jesus had to do it before the cross but He knew the report has been written that is why also Isaiah say “Lord who believed our message it is not Him alone – the Lord message but it is our message”. He was crucified before the world began.


You have been raised up together with Christ so that you can experience the powers of the coming age; we must understand giving, it is worship. So far you know what prevents people from worshipping God but we will come with substance, the Lord is worshiped.


Do not worship God and mammon, worship God only. Can you imagine money following you? What you worship you follow but if you worship God it will follow you. Let God give you according to the goodness that is in your heart.




  • Samuel Chiyanike

    Every time I read or listen to the Man of God,my spirit is awakened.Though I attend Christ Embassy,Prophet is one of my favourite if not the best.I have never attended his service but I always follow him on facebook. And last week I started partnering with Rabboni Tv thru your Standard bank acc showing on your page.If it’s not the right one let me know.I would like to receive his teachings of course I will pay for them.I believe and trust that by studying his teachings and at the same time applying the anointing oil by faith.I will come back with a testimony in Jesus Name. Yours Cordially,

  • Shelton Sanyikosa

    Professor Lesego Daniel,what a humble spirit he possess, the man of God has made me to understand a little bit of what manner the man of God,Apostle Paul was like. I went to Rabboni Centre Ministries twice in Pretoria just to experience and hear a man God has graciously given such awesome and great revelations through the gospel of the Kingdom. Believe,I have sat under many men of God through their teachings in literature, DVDs, taps,books etc…I know the man of God does not know the this,but Professor Lesego Daniel is my precious Spiritual father,I passionately follow my papas teachings and I practising them vigorously. Thank you Father Lesego for your great humility.

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