Once more I will shake the earth, not only the earth will be shaken but even the heavens will be shaken. The Glory of this house shall be more than, and this Glory shall not go unnoticed. Many will begin to look and say to their neighbour – you deceived me! This is the Genuinity of the Father, the Genuinity of His Presence. Look how many fell and thought they were, and today they are not. Yet the Power, the Presence and Glory of the Father is upon those who looked upon Him. They never looked at man but unto the Father – behold I make all things new.

Many will think it is an earthquake but they will remember the words spoken, someone came from above and gave the Glory. The sceptre has been given and it shall never depart, it will stay, and it will remain. Many will look but they shall never look at any disturbance, they will never look at any obstacles but they will realise, this is the ‘Jesus Christ,’ the Man from above. It is Him Who spoke and His promises are yes and Amen.


This is ‘The Year of Making All Things New’. Behold I make all things new. Whether the body likes it or not, it will accept. The rising and the falling of many continues yet still being a new thing, a new shock and a new surprise. Something never known, something fenced and something hidden but now revealed so all generations may do all things in this book. They will be produced; they will remain yet there is a number I have released. None of those in the number shall be blocked. No mouth, and no tongue shall speak against them. They are the apple of My Heart, My Glory and My Presence. This is the number.


As I have promised, I will shake yet the number that belongs to Me will never be shaken. This one will be called the unshaken from above. The unstoppable. I will shake and continue to shake. The fourth month has come – expect My surprise. Expect the unexpected Glory. Only those who believe; those who believed, those who believe; they shall believe and they remain.

I say all things, not even a thing common shall be noticed, and nothing usual will be noticed. Everything that has been usual and common, they are no more. I say all things new! This is what thundered, many thought it thundered yet it is the voice; it was My Word. Today many will understand that it was a parable to those who did not believe. The secret Mysteries of the Kingdom have been revealed so that you may know Me. I revealed them and all things become new, it is a surprise. Be faithful to the one whom God has set apart. Be set apart for the Gospel, for the Glory. And any relationship with Him which is not faithful will be cut like a branch that does not produce fruit. Those who produce fruit will be pruned, they are pruned because of the Word given already. Every fruit they produce will not be common and many will know that this is new. That which remains shall be called the Genuinity of the Father; of God.


You will remember these words, “Did the Word of the Lord remain with you or you think you are the only one who knows the Word?” You must not forsake the Word, the Divine plan, the Mysteries of the Lord, the Divine plan revealed by the Spirit. The plan holds the Glory, the Presence and the Glory has been revealed. At that time, He shook the earth but when it happens now He also shakes the heavens. As He has promised, it is done.



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