[Philippians 3]

You must serve God by your spirit. I remember someone when I was still young and he said that when you start get your word, write, first the introduction, then the body and finally your conclusion. But I to myself, I can never instruct what God has given me. Distraction can come anyhow. Do not allow man to persuade you.

Peter acknowledged when Paul corrected him that he was in error. It is good to know and flow with God in the Spirit. Trust and fall in love with His mighty power. Continue to flame the gracious gift of God – not healing, prophesy and casting out demons but free grace, something that you never worked for. Not the gifts that are obvious which even sinners have.

The gracious gift which you received by the laying on of my hand. When Paul laid his hand, he gave the gracious gift. There is someone who lays his hand on you. Which gracious gift do you get? Get something that will be rekindled to be a fire or flame of fire. I will teach about this next time.

What type of spiritual gift was Apostle Paul talking about? You will receive such grace. No matter what the negative talks can come, as long as you have received the laying of hand from such man. They can never do anything, you will be sustained and nothing can happen to you. You will teach sinners his ways.

The prophet said, I am tired and the moment I try to say I want to stop I found fire shut up in my bones. I have lost the lower life. You can make any decision. The problem is the fire shut up in your bones. Through the laying of hands, gracious gift is given to you

It is like the burning bush. There was the angel in the midst of the flames and also God was in the midst.

He is not God of the dead but the living. I thank God whom I serve like my forefather did. What will bring joy to Paul in Timothy is when he sees what Moses saw in the burning bush

Are you ordained? How do we see that the inner fire in you? Who ordained you? When you were ordained what did they give you?

God did not give us the spirit of fear but He has given us the spirit of power. You can prophesy and heal the sick but without His power you are nothing. Timothy knew the power of God and he absolutely believed in God.

You must serve God by the power of resurrection. I thank God who I serve with my spirit -the spirit of power and lover.

[Philippians 1:12]

Let that love come to full development, so that when you are opposed, you know that it is sign that they will be destroyed. Come with reality from above; so that you may know those who are in error. You will rejoice without wavering.

Have you ever found joy when you look at your sons? You know that no matter what, they will stand. It will be like the Father. The sons and the Father are one. You can’t do anything to them. They are like their Father.

He carries the spirit of the Father. He has absolute trust in what he received – that gracious gift remains flamed in him. If there is no gracious gift coming, pray for God to give you the spiritual shepherds.

He is not God of the dead but of the living. You became a prisoner. When you don’t want to do something, you find yourself doing it. It is like fire shut up in your bones. You are going around with that flame – the resurrected state the power of resurrected. It is not the spirit of cowardness but it is the spirit of power and love.

Let us all move with the same Spirit, absolute power and trust in Him. Wherever you go, they will confirm you because what you carry is not ordinary. He is not the God of the dead but God of the living. I thank God whom I serve just like my forefather did. They are not dead but they are alive.

You may say, “I have a spiritual father”. But is he dead or living? That is where you get the gracious gift that will remain flamed. The cloud is not alone. It is covered by many layers. It is many clouds of witnesses. Jesus laid His hand upon one and it keeps on going from generation until the last and the same power remains. For the one who started the Good work will finish it – I will teach in detail about this.


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