There is a man that laid his hand on me and people thought he is dead but he is still alive. He revealed to Maria Woodworth and she started prophesying that in 100 years to come, these signs and wonders will happen. We look unto him and forget about any distraction and focus on God only – for in the last of these days He speaks to us through Christ himself – the spirit of the living.

When they said I must stop, they wanted me to abort the power of God – which is madness. When I am in my mind, it is in total nature. But when I am out of my mind, it is for God.

Total nature is when force of gravity achieves its goal. And pure madness is when you are out of your mind and it is now for Christ.

I want to see bush burning everywhere; so that I can be filled with joy. I want to be attracted to you by it and I will say Hi bush. Look, Paul said to Timothy, fan it to flames.

There are some people that still suffer with the connection that they have and they delay their progress. Even by just speaking, that will lay hand upon you spiritually.

Do not serve God with the gift. Why do you keep on connecting yourself with the wrong people who are speaking badly about the elect of God? Who are you with? Which hand are you receiving from?

It does not matter how the person is close to you or what hand do they lay on you, even the other had have the same thing. And they will take away the gift that is upon you.

If you receive these little ones of mine, you have received me; for they are like me. When the angel for the Lord appears to Gideon, He said to Him, “Gideon, mighty man of valour, the Lord is with you”. And Gideon said, “Pardon me, My Lord. If the Lord had been with us, then why are these things happening to us”. The Lord turned and said, “Go with the strength that you have”.

He is Emmanuel, God with us. If you touch them , you touch me. Gideon did not pray for Him; he understood that if God is with me, then with Him all thing are possible.

Let us all flow with Him. He is not God of the dead but God of the living. The angel appeared to Gideon and the angel at the same time. There are many instructions that direct lot of people to fan their faith, forget about the world, you are of the Kingdom.

During the week God started showing me the burning bush and he said go to [Timothy 1], the angel, me and the flames. When Apostle Paul said to Timothy, fan to flame your gift, he cannot take off his shoes.

There is the holy ground in you wherever you go. I declare greater sight and things. Serve God by his spirit. Be worried when serving God with gifts. The spirit will say I never knew you. But if the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you, it will raise your immortal body to life.

Some people serve forever without growth and it is because of what they are and they’re not giving the gracious gift. Know Him and the power of resurrection. Know Him and not the world. Let us hear from God. Keep on craving for that stage of development of reaching the standard height of God.

When perfection comes, imperfection completely goes. You cannot do anything aside from the Word of God. Serve God with your Spirit. Many don’t prefer to serve God with their spirit. They want to master their gift. You can’t master the gift. Let the Spirit take control over you.

Became the spiritual man and you will begin to do what the father is doing as well, the father and the son will work together.

Receiving a message from God is like receiving the bread and not manna. You will eat the whole loaf and God will still give you more. What God gives you today, use it and tomorrow he is going to give you another revelation.

Use what He is giving you to learn more. When you teach it, you will be evaluated. Just get the teachings and meditate upon them. God will see you through. You will understand who you are.

[John 17]

Father, glorify me so that I might give them eternal life – which is to know God. Know Him and the power of His resurrection.

Paul’s advice to timothy was to rekindle the flame and keep it flaming and it became like the burning bush. Once you do this, you are like Christ. Those who receive you, receive Christ. They receive the same who has renewed you. That is the resurrection state. You are born of God and not by the will of man.




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