We are celebrating the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, not only Him but also us because we were crucified, buried and raise with Him and it should not just be a day where everyone celebrates Him once a year, but see Christ and Him crucified – the wisdom and the power of God.


Apostle Paul fixed it in [1 Corinthians 1:24], “When I see Christ and Him crucified He is both the wisdom and the power of God.” Someone who is not chosen cannot view Him like that, the chosen know where He is and they have come where He is.


Many are called and few are chosen, even those who had the opportunity to view Him like that they still hold on to traditions, the Law, what corrupts – such people are called. Here, we are talking about those who are ankle deep, waist deep, knee deep and shoulder deep the head is not deep in the river – where Christ is, the wisdom and the power of God.


That is why in [Galatians 3] – it says, ‘you foolish Galatians, who bewitched you?’ Christ was graphically portrayed unto you as crucified. Not a picture of Him in a nappy.


When you deal with a graph you reveal what you do in detail; everything.


Apostle Paul said to them: how did you receive the Holy Spirit, was it by faith or by traditions? Any message can come, revealing our Master but when one is holding on to tradition or Law the Holy Spirit does not come.


[1 Corinthians 1:13-17]


We find this in [1 Corinthians 10], this is what the Israelites went through; the Holy Spirit did not rest in them.


Even if you know that God is using you, you have seen nothing because God is still yet to use you. When one operates with gifts you will go on being baptized into the man of God without the presence of God.


However, when you do the work of Christ, Christ is at work. When Apostle Paul preached, Christ was graphically portrayed unto them as crucified, but they failed to reflect the Christ.


He preached but the reflection of Christ was not on them. After preaching, the reflection of Christ must remain with them. Even when He is not there but His reflection must be there. That is what would qualify them to be called the letters of recommendation, to show that you are a letter written by Him.


But there are those who are holding on to traditions, having fear and listening to wrong messages, causes one not to reflect the Christ.


When he came he expected to see the reflection of Christ but he still saw the same people, because of holding on to traditions, the Law as well.


You may think you are with Apostle Paul but you are baptised into him, not carrying what he carries – the presence of God.


People speak about Christ crucified but we do not see the performance of the power or wisdom of that preaching. Once you are baptised into a man you are bound to excel in his gifts, not in the presence of Christ.


Many run for impartation, beware of getting a gift!


[1 Corinthians 2:6]


Here, the wisdom or knowledge of the divine plan was previously hidden, but made known to us by the Spirit. The rulers and leaders of this age are ignorant, they cannot see this power and they are doomed to pass away. They are kept from seeing the power of this age because they fail to see that the book is opened on the cross.


[1 Corinthians 10:1-3]


Here, the Israelites were only protected in the cloud in which the presence of God went before them. They were without the presence of God. They loved to see the cloud and followed it but not with the presence.


You may not experience it (presence of God) because you are baptised into the man of God. The presence of God was in the cloud and not with the Israelites.


You may be with the man of God, living to hear his teaching but the presence of God not with you. They were led by the cloud in which God’s presence was. The cloud led them and they passed safely through the sea. Meaning they are only protected but the presence is not with them.


When the presence of God is with you, there is no need for the water to open and you pass through, but you must walk on the waters and cause the water to behave the way it would not behave. Its nature it is for you to drown but because of the presence of God with you, you hold it.


Even when you eat poison as a believer, you change the mind of the poison; you will not die if you drink it.


A man of God can do so many miracles, beware of being baptised in what he has done. I want you to go and do it because you carry the presence.


[Exodus 14], Moses was not looking backward when Pharaoh and his army was after them but the Israelites were looking. Moses said, “What you see, you will see no more…”


It was not only baptism of the Sea but also in the baptism of their enemies because they believe in their power, that they are coming for them. They were wavering.


You are baptised into your enemy, when you see Pharaoh coming with his chariots, you say ‘they are coming to kill us’.


I never believed that anybody can close this church or they will come for me – I do not believe in them because I am not baptised in their power.


They can talk about me all the time but I am not baptised in what they are saying. I am not afraid of them – they are small boys; I believe in what God has placed in me.


If it is God doing it you will be successful but if you allow yourself to be baptised into a man, you will never be independent in the Kingdom.




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  • Nchidzi Obed Mpayang

    Amen and Amen Papa, it is very true, many of us are baptized into our enemies. This is rightly so because we live with fear, we fear our enemies more than our Father. And because of this fear we end up disobeying God’s command “Love your enemy, bless your enemy and do not curse your enemy”, and the whole thing result in hatred. To God Be The Glory!!!!!


  • Vonani

    How can I leave in the presence of God Man of God? Please help me and my family to experience the presence of God. I really want to live in the presence of God.
    There is no peace and happiness in my family, sicknesses has covered my family. Both me and my wife are sick, my wife is worse I’m afraid she can die and leave our children to suffer with no one to look after them.
    My mother in law died tragically when my wife was only 10 years old, we do not want the same thing to happen to our children. I believe that the presence of God can change our situation.
    What I always pray for is for God to have mercy on us. I pray that the peace of God be with me and my wife, and our children. May God please have mercy on us.

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