[1 Corinthians 10:1-3]


What caused the Law to come? Were they free? They were not free.


The presence of God was in the cloud but why there was no such freedom? It is because they allowed themselves to be baptised into Moses in the cloud, they were still bound. They were under obligation to Moses and the Law came because there was no freedom.


Where the presence of God is, there is freedom.

They were baptised into Moses and they were under obligation of the Law. I hate regulations. I do not want the Law. No one can regulate me because it is the Spirit who leads me.


If you do not see the cloud, there is no confidence; that is if you are baptised into the cloud.


We find the mystery of the cloud in [Numbers 11:16]. When God instructed Moses to choose leaders to assist with the Israelites. He said, ‘I want them to help you in the burden you have and I will take some of your spirit.’ God said some of your Spirit, not your Spirit, not the Spirit upon Moses but some.


As a result, they did not qualify to go to the mountain like Moses, there was no freedom, because they received only part of Moses spirit.


God said, take them out of the camp. The cloud came down and they began to prophesy. If they were not in the cloud – when the cloud was lifted up they could not prophesy anymore.


They were other two in the camp, the ones whom Joshua found prophesying; they did not depend on the cloud, but others when the cloud was taken up they stopped.


When Joshua spoke to Moses about the two, Moses said, “Are you Jealous of them.” My desire is that all Gods’ people can prophesy. Not your old man, your son and your daughters but all man.


I say to you today; my desire it is for you to carry the fullness of God!


You can see a man of God being used, we know of many whom God used in the past and they were gone but we do not see any trail of them. They were baptised into. Leaders are measured by their absence.


Whatever you do, reveal the Christ and Him crucified through the preaching, so that the cross of Christ may not be emptied of its power. If you fail to reveal it is like Christ died for nothing. You may find yourself preaching yet only emptying the cross of its power.


The presence of God was not ‘in them’ but ‘with them,’ they were only protected. If one protects you, when they are gone you are in trouble, you are not protected, you must be left with the weapon-the power of God that is mighty to save.


Those people were not free, when you are not free God leads you with the cloud yet you are not in the cloud.


Many people eat Holy Communion but do we see God breaking through? They all ate Spiritual food. What they eat, they ate but the Israelites were prevented from seeing. They ate not in the presence.


When you are in the presence you will not call it manna, you will recognised the Christ. He was crucified but you do not have an answer of who He is.


No one was aware that the rock was accompanying them. They could have drank from that rock the moment they left Egypt. They could have eaten the Bread-Christ the moment they left Egypt.


Moses said without your presence we cannot go. The presence was in the cloud and the people only following it, it was useless. You are more important than the cloud carrying the presence.


When the prophets of Baal made an altar, Elijah told them to pray, and maybe their gods are still sleeping. Who is important? It is you. Elijah prayed the presence came. Solomon built a temple with a Holy place but it needs the presence, when he prayed the glory of God.


Fire is to come down but Solomon had to pray and what he built finds favour. You are the one carrying it. You will carry what will never depart from you. You will go with what will never depart from you.


When one carries the presence of God even when you die your body still carry the Spirit of Life. Take for an example with Elijah: when Elijah died, they throw a dead corpse in his grave, the dead corpse raised – it is the Spirit of life.


Do not come here to be baptised because of what I have done. As I teach you, what you can do is to become as I am.


Whatever you have seen or learned from me, put it into practise and the God of peace will be with you. Not living in the cloud or baptised in me and He will be with you. God’s presence meaning, God is present with you.


When the sea opens you go through because there is no presence. But you do not have to convince the Son of God because he just walks on the water.


When the bread came everyone said, “….Manna!” You are limited if you are baptised, you are limited from knowing fully and understanding. But if the Gospel of Christ is preached unto you, the Christ is not limited. The cross is not empties of its power.


Once you eat from this table, as you take it, is now opened, the glory has to come and dwell in you. Who is important? It is you. It was not important when it was in the supermarket, but when someone touches it and says this is the body of Christ, it brings life.




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